I Just can’t fake it anymore!

Ok dammit. I just have to be true to myself.




PHEW. That felt good.


Even as a kid I hated  it – yes even the sugary ones with strawberry fruit at the bottom. I remember trying to get the strawberry filling out without the yogurt. Lol


so in my quest to get more protein and eat well balanced, the rave is all about yogurt. Greek yogurt especially.


So I say now I’m an adult and I can add things to it to help me get through it. I go to whole foods buy a big container of Greek non fat yogurt. Stock up on granola, strawberries and blueberries and fix it all up this morning.


I just couldn’t!! I tried. I looked like the kid who was forced to sit at the table and eat their veggies. You know small bites, long pauses in between, picking out the fruit and wiping off the yogurt, picking out the granola, making faces.


So I just have to accept I hate yoghurt even though is supposedly awesome for you and gives great protein.


Does anyone else hate yogurt? Ironically, I do like frozen yogurt.

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE — How to not be DUPED as a Black woman into being the active recipient

First they Ignore you,

Then they laugh at you,

Then they fight you,

Then you win




I was perusing and catching up on some of the other sites I visit and came across YET another “study” done in the form of a buzzfeed informational vid (lol)  on Youtube that looked into the racial dating preferences of people online.




*YAWWWWWWWWWWWWN* Are we there yet? LOL Apparently not, because they keep rehashing the same tired idiotic online dating surveys and studies. WHY? What’s the goal? Mission?


Obviously mission 498573465834658734 has not been accomplished so we have yet another one to add to the files to get people either feeling like they are the shit or that they are just….shit.…But we all know feelings don’t mean shit at the end of the day. REALTY is the real shit.




I had to laugh because they tried to claim this was “another online” study done of (2.4 million people – LOL yeah cause that covers the entire gamut of human beings and their thoughts on certain things) when the reality is, its clearly the same idiotic study that OK CUPID did 5 years ago in which they kept hammering on about how Black women were least responded to of all races and where BW responded the most to others. IOW’s, “nobody wants Black women and Black women are so desperate they reached out for interactions with any and every male that contacted them compared to others races”.




If online dating “studies” is all it takes for some to feel good about themselves, then I’d say they are in the same boat headed up the same shitty creek without a paddle as the people who internalize the negative “results” of these “studies” and base their self worth and “LACK” of potential on these studies.


I asked myself, why on earth do these dumb ass online dating “studies” keep popping up in various forms and articles. What are they trying to accomplish by posting so called “stats” on what race and gender receives the most “love” online and in the dating world and which race and gender seems the “least” love.


There is never really any insights onto what the studies reveal other than what they reveal. Meaning, there is never any “helpful” discussion into WHY and WHAT drives these perceptions and actions online. Like negative and positive perceptions based on SUPERFICIAL means.


So in essence these “studies” keep popping up to drive a message to many different audiences intended to receive it.


My concern is simply for Black women since we are ALWAYS the intended recipients of the “YOU SUCK AS HUMANS AND WOMEN” messages.


And what I realized is, this propaganda in the form of “studies” is simply TEXT BOOK non-creative Psychological Warfare. Nothing more, nothing less.


To most people, though, they will look at these studies and internalize it based on what the intended message was for them. Some people will believe the dating world is their oyster, while others will believe the dating world is the be end all end to their existence. And if they are not at the “top” of the online dating preference based on race and gender, they should just crawl away in a corner and die.


Move along, nothing to see here sistas! Its the same ole same ole tired tactics used to influence and reinforce certain attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, actions and emotions in the intended targets.


The unfortunate thing of it all is Black women keep falling for this nonsense and keep using these blatant attacks on our humanity as women as a measuring stick to our potential, existence and abilities.


Yes the name of that tactic used to keep BW in our place is:




Let’s get some facts on what PSYWAR is:



psychological warfare




psychological warfare – the use of psychological tactics to destroy the opponents’ morale



psychological warfare


The use of various techniques, such as propaganda and terror, to lower an enemy’s morale.




Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including Psy Ops, Political Warfare, “Hearts and Minds”, and Propaganda.[1] Various techniques are used, and are aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.


Yes Yes Black women need to be consistently reminded of this very common tactic used to keep us in our place.


Most people believe PSYWAR is only used in political and military situations. But its not. As Wiki pointed out PSYWAR is used in various different ways and methods and is used on various different “audiences”.


In the case of the endless barrage of IDIOTIC “online dating studies” and other similar studies that seek to inform the world of what race and gender is faring the WORSE, & that seek to discover which races and genders are most sought after and least sought after, the “intended” audience is Black women and everyone else who needs to feel some sort of way about US compared to them and all others.


We are the intended “recipients” of such blatant anti Black woman propaganda that keeps TRYING ( I say TRYING because they obviously haven’t achieved much success overall thus why they keep pinching off the original OK Cupid study and creating additional same like studies with the same results).


Anyone with a clear head, whose brain is working clearly understands that basing such worth as an individual on these kinds of studies is ludicrous. But most people are just sheep easily led to the slaughter based on simple, frivolous, meaningless information being fed to them.


Black women need to learn to stop being “active recipients”. If one chooses to read and internalize, then hopefully Black women can get to a point where what they are actually internalizing is not the message but the *REASON* for the message. I now read these articles and view these you tube attacks on Black women from a different place than the average unknowing Black woman or girl who actually believes this garbage. I see it for what it is and understand WHY it is.


Once you are equipped with the knowledge of what is at play, you can actually sit back, laugh and shake your head at the DESPERATION of it all. While the message is trying to make BW feel & look desperate, I can clearly see the desperation lies in those who keep making these studies and anti Black woman declarations. They see something they cannot change, so they are fighting back desperately with pathetic, laughable and questionable “studies” to keep certain groups in their place – be that at the top or bottom.


The bottom line is, Black women are waking up and moving into the global arena and folks are just flat out SCURRED! That is frankly where all this overdrive of “BW are least married, least desirable, etc” stems from. They believe the more they keep saying it, that it will stop BW in our tracks. Well its not working so they keep having to rely on the most idiotic of studies and “research” as their weapons and arsenal.


I am not saying there are no challenges that BW are going to and do face in the world when it comes to dating. But if Black women keep simply relying on these studies to “tell them their destiny”  and to guide our lives, you will surely not have a life.


The key is Black women in America *DO* have a lot of work to do when it comes to improving our image and perceptions. But that still does not mean that every damn male on earth uses those generalized perceptions as their measuring stick to love. There are simply SHEEPLE PEOPLE and men in the world WHO.GET.IT. They understand you cannot judge someone simply and solely by the group and race they belong to. Leave that to the simple men and sheeple. They deserve everything they seek and get (or do not get).


There is a saying which I ADORE. It is coined in many different ways, but the message is clear:


— The grave you dig for someone else, just may be your own.


— If you dig a hole for others, you’re sure to fall in it yourself.


Black women need to as OLS from notyourgirlfriday.wordpress.com has said “REMAIN NEUTRAL”    and watch the feathers fly and fall. In due time they will. And we will be left standing as that wonderful and true quote from GANDHI so eloquently put it.



Let them have the battle. What we want is to win the war. And the only way to win the war is to understand the tactics used to defeat us. Do not let Psychological Warfare defeat our missions as Black women.



Once more –  WITH FEELING:


First they Ignore you,

Then they laugh at you,

Then they fight you,

Then you win












Hello everyone!!


yes I am still alive and in good health lol.


i just haven’t been able to post because I was having issues with my computer in January in which I dropped and had to get it fixed. And then I had it stolen in February and I just got a new one. UGH!! so I wasn’t able to post because I don’t like using my work computer for personal stuff online.


but I got a new computer and I’m back in biz!!


i missed y’all!

Just a friendly reminder………



In case you needed to be reminded – Black women. You are a chair, a non human, a THING to be used as a prop for the so called “oppressed” White woman to smugly sit atop.

All the *WOMEN* are *WHITE*


All the *BLACKS* are *MEN*

Mosey on over to Not Your Girl Friday wordpress site and she outlines this so very eloquently. Here are a few links to get you started.




In the meantime and in between time let’s discuss……

Hold on ya’ll! I hear something in the background.

Is it a BIRD?

Is it a PLANE?


Hmmmm. Nooooo.

Wait, is it the sound of the CALVARY coming and consisting  of:

  •  White feminists decrying such blatant misogynist imagery? …….(against Black  women)




  • Black men denouncing such blatant racist imagery?…… (against Black women)



  • Sister Soldiers battle crying of such anti-Black imagery? …..(against Black women)



  •  The Black community marching for the support of such racist imagery? …(against its Precious Black Queens mules, workhorses, mammies)?




Then what is that sound?

OHHHHH! I’ve managed to finally make it out. It’s the sound of the one group of people _______ BW can always count on to speak out on our behalf!


Yes CRICKETS! CRICKETS  CHIRPING IN THE BACKGROUND is what BW can expect when yet another PRIVLEDGED group (i.e. White women, Black males, White males, etc.) gives us the middle finger and then apologizes afterwards. LOL

Granted this story was posted on Huff post and people of all walks of life came out to denounce the pictorial. But we ALL know two things:

(1)   No white woman editor of any mag would ever green light such a photo depiction if it were a White woman as the chair

(2)    if this had been the SAME pic of  a WHITE MAN sitting atop a plastic strapped mostly naked White woman with her legs in the air this would be all over the media and World news tonight. The White feminists would be running story after story, blog post after blog post, tweet after tweet, Facebook group after Facebook group of this ATROCITY against *WOMEN*.

But when the sentiment is “all the Women are White and all the Blacks are men” Black women get the shaft once again.

Now Let’s take a quiz. Just to keep our brains and minds refreshed of what is really going on and why Black women need to be aware and start creating our own calvaries for US.

It’s going to be multiple choice. If you get the answers right, consider yourself an enlightened BW who sees the shit for what it is. If not, keep reading my blog and other BWE blogs to gain better knowledge.

1.)    White feminists today:
(a)   Care about issues affecting all women

(b)   Are full of shit

(c)    Are aligned with Black women in the sisterhood for equality

(d)   always quiet when one of their own gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar

(e)   A & C

(f)     B &C

(g)   ALL of the above

True or False.

2.)    Racism only matters to the average Black person (especially Black MEN) when it comes from WHITE MEN.

(a)   TRUE

(b)   FALSE

3.)    In the eyes of society and “certain groups”, the most and only oppressed groups are:
(a)   White women

(b)   Black men

(c)    Black women

(d)   Crickets

(e)   A & B

(f)     C&D

4.)    If you are a Black women who feels todays feminist movement is full of shit and narrowly focused SOLELY on the issues affecting White women then you are:

(a)   Jealous of White women

(b)   Bitter against White women

(c)    Just stupid

(d)   Very aware and enlightened about the term “RECIPROCITY” and refuse to support movements and groups who do not reciprocate


(f)     D & E

(g)   A, B, C

5.)    In the eyes of society and “certain groups” all of the:

(a)   Women are White, and all of the Blacks are Men

(b)   Women who like bright rep lipstick are frisky!

(c)    mainstream TV shows and movies featuring Black women are to increase positive perceptions of Black womanhood and women.

(d)   Issues affecting Black women (like sexism AND racism) are the top priority of Black women “ALLIES” such as:  Black men, the Black community, Sister Soldiers and White women.

(f)     C, & D

(g)   All of the above

6.)    That disgusting picture was done to promote and bring light to:

(a)   The social and political racist power structure in society

(b)   How HYPOCRITICAL & FULL OF SHIT White feminists are

(c)    how It aint just White men who are racist and sexist!

(d)   Black blow up dolls

(e)   Why Black women need to wake the hell up and stop aligning with groups of people who DO NOT GIVE A SHIT about you or *YOUR* struggle

(f)     A, B, C, E

(g)   All of the above

7.)    The only “privledged” group(s) in the world, society etc. are White males?

(a)   TRUE

(b)   FALSE

Where there is smoke, there’s fire! Don’t get gaslighted!

Where there is SMOKE, there is usually a FIRE!

Happy New year everyone!! I know I have been gone a minute but with the holidays and moving and my computer still not working right, I didn’t  really have the time to devote to the blog in the later part of last year and first part of this year. I really do miss blogging because you know this is my passion. So while I may have dropped off, I am never going away because this is my HEART. Sometimes othe things get in the way, but I will never abandon yall! LOL

Anyway, I want to start my first post of the New year on something extremely important for intelligent and progressive BW to be aware of and to focus on. GASLIGHTING.

Black women have to be verrrry careful these days because there is MAJOR Gaslighting attempts to keep Black women in their place. And those gaslighters are of the same hue and race AND sometimes GENDER. Many are Black women who are still holding onto a wing and a prayer  STRING and a HAIR, on the idea that because they know a ton of intact and functional whole Black people, that this zeros out the  extensive dysfunction faced in the BC which Black women and girls are often the unfortunate beneficiaries of.

I have yet to see any other group of women be so blatantly against seeing themselves as a collective prosper than Black women. It’s really disheartening! I mean you have so many BW who are just stubborn and refuse to wakethehellup because of their own lack of critical thinking and being able to think outside the “BLACK BOX” that they will do any and everything to harass, demean and bemoan anything a Black women does that is not within the realm of FREEDOM FIGHTING for her race and people or MEN.

Remember folks: it has ALWAYS and will ALWAYS  be the male of a culture and community and race (in FUNCTIONAL communities and races – key word FUNCTIONAL) who is left to uphold and fight to retain his race by protecting the women and children of his communities. Once the male of a culture and race has LEFT and has no desire to do such and expects the women to do it, IT’S A WRAP! You can keep on fighting, clawing, and doormating yourself till death do you part, but you will NEVER EVER see any real results of improvement of progress until the MALE of a race or culture has it in his groin, abdomen, heart to fight to protect and uphold the goodness in his women and children and communities.

Examples of gaslighting Black women who keep holding onto a wing and a prayer STRING and a HAIR are Black women who:

n  Use purple unicorn incidents of non-dysfunction in the BC as examples of why BW should ignore BWE and others who are telling them to look at the BIGGER PICTURE and common dysfunction in the BC that are affecting BW near and far and ESCAPE.

n  Use their own personal lives as some sort of example or PROOF that BW should not fret nor worry about those talking about the overall dysfunction and dangers of remaining in a community that neglects the needs and safety and progress of its women (i.e. “There are no single parents, dead beat dads *IN MY FAMILY Or SOCIAL Circle* THEREFORE, all that other dysfunctional stuff people are talking is just because they don’t have what I have!

n  Focus on the 1-5% of Good BM who raise their kids, don’t have baby mommas and who love them some “dark skinnded sistas” as some sort of reason why BW should not expand their options because they know of several good BM who fit that profile (of course that means the majority and therefore many BW should ignore the obvious large percentage of BM who are not quality mates or fathers and focus on the 1-5% who are probably already married and in functional relationships). LOL. Oh wait, Black women looove man-sharing their KANGS!

n  Black women who keep coming up with REASONS EXCUSES to keep supporting, throwing their money, resources, time and support into Black men preying on the ignorance and non-critical thinking of the majority of BW by selling them books about BLACK LOVE (yet traveling the globe on expensive vacays with Non Black girlfriends and wives( LMFAO *Hill Harper you devil you!* :twisted:    ), movies and plays that are basically giving them the finger, by supporting networks, TV shows and entertainers who are using BW for net gain and then dumping them alongside the road with the rest of the roadkill once they get what they needed from BW.

n  BW who keep thinking that if they go out there and sister soldier & MAMMY for the Black community and Black men that ONE DAY, the favor will be returned.

n  BW who LIE and try to use progressive BW’s messaging as some sort of insane irrational exploit because “we don’t know good Black men or people”

The list goes on but I will spare you further headache.

But the bullet points are CLEAR examples of the typical gas lighting that so many other clueless non critical and COMFORTABLE in the PIG SLOP BW will give and use to tear down a BW progressive message that tells BW  *WHERE THERE IS SMOKE, THERE IS USUALLY FIRE.*

It’s easy for me to sit here and talk about how much of a decent life I have had. How I came from two loving parents and a whole family (although my parents divorced young, my dad still played a major part in my upbringing and life with his love and many contributions materially, emotionally).  I could go on and on about how I have not experienced the pain and dysfucntion that many other BW have. I can go on about how I never experienced rejection from Black men because I fit the “color spectrum” of what they tend to desire most.

YES we get it. There are plenty of Black women and people who did not grow up in or apart of the typical Black community dysfunction, who may not have dealt with the unfortunate end of colorism, who are not single moms,  who are not products of single parent homes, who have wonderful Black fathers and men in THEIR fAMILY!  But just because you didn’t grow up in or around it, didn’t experience it, doesn’t mean you are not affected in some way.

I’m of a lighter shade. I don’t know what it’s like to be put down for my skin shade as a darker hued BW may have experienced. Or being rejected by my own race of men due to my skin shade. But does that mean as a BW I shouldn’t CARE!??? Just because it may not affect me directly, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me as a BW indirectly. I could have a child with a Non Black man who may take the skin tome of my mom or some other dark skinned woman in my family. Maybe my mother is darker than I and I do not want anyone putting down dark skinned BW because they are in my blood line and life. Or maybe I just think its FUCKINGSTUPID and SHITTY and INSANE to base beauty of a damn skin shade!

 I can come up with a whole host of reasons why just because something doesn’t or hasn’t affected you DIRECTLY doesn’t mean you cannot be affected INDIRECTLY in some way. And even if you may never experience another person’s pain or suffering, some people are just BORN to give a damn and want to make a difference no matter what kind of good life or great life they have and have had!

Example. Many of the BW in the BWE movement are mainly educated and many come from non-dysfunctional environments. Many had loving Black fathers and Black men in their own families and personal lives. Many have no OOW kids and are not single mothers and therefore have not struggled like the average single Black mother has financially or such. Does that mean we cannot look at THE BIGGER PICTURE and see what is going on outside of our lives and want to try to help other BW get to greener pastures and safer pastures and rational and non dysfunctional pastures???

The point I am making is, just because someone doesn’t experience something DIRECTLY doesn’t mean that shouldn’t care about those who are experiencing something negative directly or even acknowledge how not addressing a larger phenomenon can and often does seep into the lives of BW as a whole no matter how good of a life they had growing up or are currently living. No matter how educated they are. No matter how loving and whole of a family they came from.

We see every day the remnants of what happens when BW do not address critical issues and problems affecting us collectively. I have a great life and have been very blessed. But I also feel the pain and struggle of being a BW in America who as a collective is often seen as invaluable because of WHAT I am and not WHO I am. 

When the studies come out of Black women this and that, those studies are looking to BW as a collective. When we see young Black women not succeeding, being used, abused and kicked around, it may not directly affect me or Black women as a whole, but indirectly all BW suffer when we are not seeking to improve our collective agenda and lives for ourselves, the current and future generations.

When we continue to allow colorism to prevail (in which BW are usually the biggest sufferers), BW to be demeaned in media and public, to be shown as one dimensional, ALL BLACK WOMEN LOSE. No matter her economic status,  skin shade, education or lack thereof!

So this is why BW bloggers like myself, Khadija, OLS (not your girl Friday), Christelyn (Beyond Black and White), Evia and a host of other BW bloggers seek to reach out to Black women FAR and WIDE and encourage each other to do whatever they can to make the best lives for THEMSELVES.

And for us critical thinking BW that means REMOVING THYN SELF from dysfunctional people, communities and thinking. Because the more BW doing what is best for SELF, moving away from dysfunction and crabs in a barrel mentality that holds them back as an individual and person,  means more BW doing better COLLECTIVLEY, which means more BW able to counteract the negativity and BS that we are constantly bombarded with, means more Black women and girls living better more prosperous and SAFE lives.

You know I always think about that motto – “TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”. Let me be clear. I have no interest in standing with clueless, careless, sister soldiers, hateful, jealous, idiotic, racist, Black women who are happy to continue to try to put sugar over shit and pretend that all is really well with Black women and Black people. That may be true in other parts of the world, but here in A-MER-IC-A – Black women have a lot of work to do for ourselves and our collective to prosper better than what we are doing now. And fortunately or unfortunately, (depending on how you look at it) it will be the critical thinking BRAVE, out of the box thinking Black women who will make that difference!

The  problem is many Black people don’t like their dirty laundry aired and when they see BW like me or BWE bloggers doing just that, they get pissed! That means they gotta actually take a look within and cannot point the finger to anyone or any other group like WHITE PEEPLES and play the victim.  When they aren’t doing that, they start their gaslighting BS talking about the purple unicorns and RARE examples of goodness as a way to DEFLECT from the major issues nad problems that need to be addressed head on.

Self relflection and improvement is a hard thing! And Black people got it BAAD. Well I dontgiveashit, I’m calling a spade a spade as are many growing CONCERNED critical thinking BW who want to see our collective PROSPER and stop regressing!

The  way the world works and how things improve is not by people sitting on their own hind legs and asses waxing poetic about how *THEY* don’t know dysfunction because they haven’t been personally exposed to it, and focusing simply on the life they have had and the people they know and using that as some measuring  stick to flick away obviousness of WHERE THERE IS SMOKE, THERE IS USUALLY FIRE.

GOOD and positive change comes from people who no matter their experiences, are willing to try to do their part in helping others – be it opening their eyes to things that are dangerous, non-progressive or physically stepping in and making a difference. For some of the BWE bloggers and BW TRYING to do their part in reaching and throwing a life vest to BW, simply using the internet as our voice is how we are trying to combat and do our part. Others may get in the trenches and physical go out and help unfortunate BW.

I dontgiveafuck how a BW does it. Anyone doing their part to help BW be it verbally or physically is MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

GASLIGHTERS can consume themselves in their own flames but I’ll be damned is I sit by and allow them to try to take the rest of us with them!


For your reading pleasure:


I’m Back!

Hi All.

Sorry I left without notice. But I dropped my computer and wrecked the harddrive so I had to get it fixed. Not to mention the holiday, work etc.

Anyway, i will have a post up tomorow and try to get back into the groove of things.

This month will be slow at the Nest as I am quite busy trying tie things up before the end of the year, but just keep your fingers crossed and prayers for me – I can’t tell you why now, but if it works out I will tell you :)

Anyway i hope everyone had a great holiday!!!

Look who was just crowned – MISS ISRAEL!!!! :)




Yityish Titi Aynaw


This must be her MAN?? He’s handsome!!!


HOLON3_g DANIELLA4_g yatishfriend_g

WHy do people continue to encourage BW to not give up?

Even when its in our own best interest many times to walk away from harmful things and situations???


I don’t get it.


When I look at Asian women, they decided they were going to live life for SELF and not simply their communities. SO they started dating WHOEVERTHEHELTHATTHEYWANTED and making their own ways based on their own NEEDS and desires and not those of their men and communities. People constantly talk crap about Asian women dating out of their race/culture and communities in high numbers. But many Asian women will tell you that a lot of them leave because they are tired of the traditional roles that are expected of women int heir culture. Roles that put them LAST.


And do we se other Asian women standing no the sidelines belittling their Asian sisters choices? NOOO. They mind their damn business and either stay in their communities and with Asian men or they simply do not say anything at all!


Maybe because like all other women on this planet, they are not expected to be the sole backbone and workhorse for their communities and therefore when they date out, marry out and generally seek the best lives for themselves, their communities don’t give them SHIT for doing so.


YET, here we have Black women who are constantly given the guilt trips when they are finally saying “to hell with a community that does not value me or the women and girls”. Suddenly everyone wants to keep serving “helpful reminders” that its our job to fix what is horribly wrong in our communities?? Or the the “helpful reminders” of one or two good things coming out of the Blakc community as a way to encourage BW to not give up.



LOL I really feel for Black women sometimes. No one (not even our own) wants to see us be free and happy. We always gotta be out FIXIN shit that is long beyond our control to fix and even when it burdens  us even more.


To any Black woman out there who is TIRED of having to burden herself with FIXING everything wrong wight eBlack community, please do not allow others to guilt trip you into feeling that because you have decided to leave and look out for numero uno, that you are being irrational and not “REALISTIC”.


You have every right like every other woman on this earth to seek your own BLISS without feeling you gotta FIX and carry the burdens of your “community and race”.


Black women have been doing that nonsense for CENTURIES with NO POSITIVE RESULTS whatsoever!


The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results.



Why Black women in America cannot “ASSUME THE POSITION” of Non Black women

This post and vid are addressing the case of Renisha McBride and Glenda Moore.



Renisha McBride was a 19 year old African American young woman looking for help in the middle of the night, after having been in a car accident.


Her only real misfortune(s) in this incident was that she was (A) A Black woman (B) A Black woman in need of help (C) Assumed being a woman, that someone would help her.


So she went through a Dearborn Michigan neighborhood hoping that a good Samaritan would at least assist her since she had been in an accident, was alone and had no cell phone on her (reports said her cell battery was dead and therefore she could not call for help).


Because Renisha did not have long flowing blonde hair, White skin, she was automatically assumed to be a criminal by some lunatic who decided to open his front door and SHOOT HER IN THE FACE !


*sarcasm on* because criminals that usually commit grand larceny in people’s homes tend to be young 19 year old Black women who ring your doorbell alone *sarcasm off*


Instead of the racist lunatic (1) not answering his door (2) calling the police if he felt he was in danger, he decided to open his door and shoot her in the face and later claim it was an accident.


You know that whole “shoot & kill  the Black person first, then ask questions later”


You can read more details if you wish on Google.


But what  matters & the point  is a 19 year old Black woman in need of help was shot in her face and killed because she was *ASSUMED* to be a criminal.


We all know how this would have played out if Renisha appeared on the front porch of ANYONE’S door in America with White skin and blonde hair. She would have been swept up off her precious feet by  said lunatic, offered hot chocolate, a blankie, some cookies and the whole neighborhood would have come running out to her aid. Then the news outlets would have been there harrowing over said lunatic as a HERO for saving a young  “blonde beauty”  in need.


If by chance the lunatic shot her in the face (either by accident or on purpose) his ass would be sitting in a jail cell until the facts were sorted out.


Renisha’s only real misfortune was not the accident she was in, but the color of her skin.


Glenda Moore is another case in which a Black woman in red was shunned away because of a fear she was going to “hurt” the person whose door she knocked on for help when her two baby boys were whisked away in the storm of Hurrican Sandy.

If anyone still has any question in their mind on whether African American women in this country are not seen as HUMANS and WOMEN, just look at stories like this where a young Black woman in distress is assumed to be a criminal who is shot point blank to her face.


The good thing is: We do see her family and the Black community *GASP it’s gonna snow here in Los Angeles this week* taking to the streets and protesting answers from the police and prosecutors  in looking into her death. We need to see more of this kind of organizing for our women and girls.


The fact is, until a community respects, loves and honors its women AS WOMEN, no other and no other communities will either.


Black women cannot afford to assume the position of a White woman in lots of cases here in racist America. That goes for most things. How many times have BW tried to do the things WW have done only to be more harshly punished?


Black women have to think and act differently in certain situations as to make sure we protect ourselves from lunatics and Black woman hating idiots. In other situations Black women have to be very pro active about avoiding things that tarnish our reputation. We all know Non Black women can do all kinds of questionable things and come out unscathed by their bad choices. And in many cases will be rewarded for their bad behaviors.  This society does not value Black women  as true women deserving of protection, the benefit of the doubt and a right to LIFE.


So in the future I would advise Black women always be sure to have a charged cell phone on them at all times, so that you can call friends, family or public safety (such as police and paramedics) when you find yourself in distress. Do not depend on your fellow American civilians to treat you as a WOMAN  or as a HUMAN BEING as  they would a NON BLACK WOMAN and seek to help you. If they do – GREAT, but do not DEPEND on that.


Then people wonder why Black omen walk around hardened, defensive, with an attitude? Everywhere we turn in this damn country, we are faced with the realities of being seen as LESS THAN HUMAN with little to no value for our lives while we watch the world fall over themselves to defend, protect and give the benefit of the doubt to other races of women with Whiter skin.


This is just more reason why Black women need to organize and start making noise for our own rights.


I must say however, that I am pleased this story is making national news and Black men and women are standing solid in fighting for justice for her.



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