Attention Ladies! Put down the Kool-Aid and pick up the Coffee…

American Women –  Its time to STOP being STUCK ON STUPID!

I have self appointed myself to be the Ambassador of the  “Wake the EFF UP!” campaign against western women . Our Mascot is …COFFEE. Yes the Kool-Aid man has left the building scalding from our powerful mascot COFFE MAN!

Kool-Aid man before his smackdown from Coffee Man

Coffe Man after his victorious smackdown of Kool-Aid man


*Neecy standing on her soap box podium with her bullhorn*

Ladies of the USA! I now hereby direct you to put down that Kool-Aid you’re drinking and expeditiously get your hind parts to the nearest coffee shop and stay there until I have instructed that you may leave the building! If you see a member of the male species on your way there, DO NOT stop, DO NOT pass GO, DO NOT collect $200, do not give him a blow job b/c he is hot, do not make out with him – b/c he is hot, and do not have sex with him – b/c he is hot! Head straight to the coffee shop! Once there, I demand that you binge on extensive, substantial, considerable, large amounts of coffee drinks and expresso shots until further notice. WHY? Because you need to wake up and SMELL  DRINK, QUAFF, INHALE, SWALLOW, SWIG, DOWN, SOAK UP, GULP,  the coffee!

Enough is enough. The sky is falling and instead of covering our heads, we’re opening our legs.

Ladies – what’s the deely? Seriously, its time we have a come to Jesus talk with each other about the role we play in the sexual dating/mating arena and why today we are missing out. We can sit and quip about and to the fellas about things like:

“All men want to do is have sex and not commit”

“Where are all the good men at?”

You ask – Where are all the good men at? Looking for a good woman and not washed up skanks who have slept around with a bunch of doods most of her life and now want some good ole boy to come and sweep her off her feet. Did those bad boys and doods you gave it up to so quickly have to sweep you off your feet to get it? (NOOOO I’m not talking about literally picking you up and carrying you upstairs to the bedroom and plopping you down on the bed honey).  But the good ole boys should be there to do the sweeping up?

At the end of the day the saying goes:

BEHIND EVERY GOOD MAN IS A GOOD WOMAN.  (DO NOT ask me where that came from,  I just hear a lot of Black people saying it. lol)

So my point is this. If women today want good men, then its time to woman up and realize that you first need to be a good woman. How many times do I have to have this discussion that women control and maintain the sexual market place with the snap of her finger opening/closing of her legs?

Ladies, YES, if you keep your legs closed for half a millimeter of a second, guess what the domino effect would be? Men would keep their penises in their boxers for that same amount of time! IOW’s a man can only have sex with the amount of women that are opening their legs for him. If women kept their legs closed, more men would have no choice but to heed to the desires of women who wanted committed relationships FIRST.

Nowadays it’s a sex free for all b/c Western Women want to have their cake  penis and eat it too!


Oh no you don’t. I’m just as freaky minded and horny as the next woman. YES! women get horny;  YES!  women desire to have sex; YES! women get gina tingles; YES! we fantasize about being passionately taken and ravaged by:

somehotstudwithwidebroadshouldersandthevshapedthingythatleadstowardshispelvicregion! *whew that was a breath taker sentence there. fanning self and taking a swig of cold water*

Its natural ladies. In an ideal world we could partake in all of the hot studs, bad boys our bodies so desired and still come out unscathed, happy go lucky gals still able to be solid partners for the right guy. But we don’t live in a utopia. We live in a world with consequences based on actions. We live in a world where we have to practice discipline and control for a lot of things that are hard. I struggle with this daily in some parts of my life but eventually I will reach the promise land. Sacrifice is not without merit, it just takes a long frigging time to see the rewards sometimes.  So I get it b/c I am a woman too. Its natural to want to give into your physical desires. But what is *NOT* natural is sleeping with every Tom, Dick, Harry; Tyrone, Ray Ray, Leroy;  Chang, Chong, Chin;  Jesus, Jose, Jorge’ (pronounced whore-hay);  Deepak, Habeeb, Kumar (I think I covered all the races here?);  that crosses our path!

And b/c  life isn’t fair its women who needs to be the gender that practices more self-discipline and self-control in the types of sexual encounters that we engage.  Men are only going to do what we allow them to when it comes to how we treat our bodies and value our sexuality as the more discerning/choosier sex. If we have free for all sex with no commitments or strings attached, better believe the fellas will follow suit. If we have “you aint getting any until you have proven your worth or until we are in a relationship of some sort” sex, the men will follow suit and do so graciously. How do I know – they did it back in the day, and they will pretty much do anything to get sex from women without having to go out and pay for it. Women today have turned One Night Stands into regular hook ups. WTH? Its like today if a woman is not engaging in one night stands and random frequent hook-ups with strangers then something is wrong with HER.

The NY Post just ran an article called “CHEAP DATES” that covers dismal dating market out there today. They also inform us of how the value of sex has dropped considerably b/c YES, ladies we won’t keep our legs closed!


Let’s face it. The value of women and womanhood in general today is at the 0 decimal heading straight down the negative side of the number line. Men do not really have to *value* what a woman is anymore b/c everything is so easy to get for them. Whatever mystery there was to women sexually is NO MORE. When the value of women drops in society, so does the value of committed relationships, marriage, stable and healthy families. Appealing to the most primitive aspect of a man’s nature is not getting women ANYWHERE but being rode hard and put away wet with a bunch of sad, confused feelings to clean up afterwards. The fact is women cannot sleep around like men and expect to come out on top *metaphorically* (pun intended).


Society today is full of liberals who paint casual sex as some new aged progressive train that women should jump on b/c we just CAN. The liberal society full of crazy feminist loony extremists never really gives women the full or whole picture on the consequences of being a hoe “sexually empowered”.  Instead they want to have “slut walks” to proclaim their rights to be.. sluts who get pumped n dumped by doods. *in the famous words of Buckwheat* O TAY! *confused face*.

I’m not so sure that the founders of feminism had that in mind when they were fighting for women to have right’s. I could be wrong, but I highly suspect many of them may be turning an doing backflips in their graves as I speak watching the residual effects of some feminist loonies who have taken feminism as their banner to SLUTHOOD FREEDOM and   to be the most undesirable attention seeking women walking the earth.

Just b/c you *CAN* do something doesn’t mean you *SHOULD* do it. I can go jump off of a cliff easily. Should I do that? DO NOT answer that honestly. Thank you:)


Women today have sex with various men most of the time b/c they feel this is the easiest quickest way to a gain man’s affections and heart. RIGHT – about the quickest and easiest way;  WRONG – about  his affections and heart. Plainly and simply put Sex is the easiest quickest way toooo? gain a man’s penis! Nothing more and nothing less. It is what it is.  Also, many women buy into the whole crapola slogan about female empowerment being able to be sexually promiscuous and do what the boys do without consequence. Sorry ladies there ARE consequences to sleeping around – what are they?  The value of sex being close to ZERO to most men. And when the value of sex drops considerably, so does the value of women and commitments to women.

A woman’s ability to bond with the right man is also tossed away when you sleep around with a lot of men. We all know why Oxytocin is a very powerful bonding chemical that is released by females during intimacy, childbirth, breastfeeding. ITS CHEMICAL LADIES. You can have all the slut marches and walks proclaiming your rights to have sex with a billion men a month, but you cannot fight mother nature who will always WIN over human craziness!

SO many women are desperate to one up another woman they deem may be getting more attention from a man that they will drop their panties to “get him” and keep his attentions off another woman. Women today are so lacking self-value that the only way to feel in control and powerful is to use the power her body has in attracting males.

There is no art of winning over a man anymore. Well I guess if you consider dropping your drawls within a millisecond of meeting a guy art then….. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or maybe it does these days) to understand this. Some people accuse women like myself who are  more traditional of being prudish, outdated in thinking and somehow placing women in little boxes that inhibit her sexuality. I’m not saying don’t have sex! I’m saying have it with the right person deserving of your body and freakiness!  believe the best way to be a freak and fulfill all your sexual wants, needs and desires as a woman is NOT to sleep around with a billion strangers and men, but to find ONE GOOD GUY that you can unleash all of that on and still know at the end  of the act he loves you and wants to be with you as his companion and partner – not his booty flavor of the day.

I’m telling you that being  a HOE  “sexually empowered” is not progressive or going to get women anywhere.  The numbers and dismal dating market in which women who don’t put out within the first hour, are  tossed aside like last week’s nasty moldy left overs is further proof. Scour the internet and you will find tons of articles of “new age women” complaining about the lack of quality men out there who don’t require sex on a first date. The same women who bitch about not finding quality men are the same women opening their legs on DATE 1 of  meeting a guy.

They sit and ponder why it’s so hard to find a GOOD guy who is not looking for sex within the first hour of meeting them? HELLO – GULP DOWN THAT COFFEE GIRL. Its b/c when the majority of women drive down the value of sex by making it so easily attainable by virtually any man with a penis, then other women who refuse to drop the panties at the passing of a male species will suffer.


You’re a woman, you have a vagina, and dammit you deserve the best guy and relationship that life can offer! RIGHT?


WRRRRONG answer! 

By virtue of being a woman, does not grant you the right to have a good companion if you made stupid choices in your life. Western women have it made. We don’t have to really depend on men to live and carve out a decent life for ourselves. We can pick and choose who we want to be with. We can get jobs, careers, houses and everything else needed to survive. We can also choose to be slutty or modest in the way we carry ourselves and our sexuality. With all those things we have we still want the other big piece of that puzzle – MEN. We still want, need and desire men for intimacy and companionship (at least many of us still do – others have just given up thanks to the SISTERHOOD  SEXING ANYTHING THAT MOVES).

With feminism telling women they can do whatever they want, be and act like a man b/c we’re “EQUAL” yada yada many Western women feel the ball is always  in our court no matter our actions. And any consequence of our actions is a result of everyone else doing us wrong and not seeing the value in WOMANHOOD.  

How many countless women today reward men who are simply out to use them for sex and with no intent on committing to her or even treating her halfway decent?  Women feel it’s our right (and it is) to sleep around with any guy that gets us going b/c we can. YET we also feel that after we have been used up and tossed aside like today’s garbage, that some other good guy with resources to make our lives better should come along and pick us out of the dumpster and make us his bride and mother of his kids or long term companion that he should love, adore and be proud of. SORRY LADIES, that frame of thought is INSANE!

No quality man with any resources wants a reformed HOE  “sexually empowered” woman who sexually rewarded jerks and losers b/c they had a six pack and wide shoulders. Actually, there are guys who want this or don’t mind this at all. Go seek them out b/c no man of quality wants this in a woman he settles down with or loves.  The jerks and bad boys got the milk for free and  the good quality guys feel they shouldn’t have to pay for it either and be stuck with your old tired worn ass later. Sound harsh? – it is b/c frankly women need to hear it. Women do not hold themselves accountable for half of the issues we come against in which we contribute a higher percentage to our own lack of getting what we want out of relationships.

The relationship market today for women is BAD b/c its women who refuse to hold themselves accountable for their actions. The constant burying the head in the sand and believing some high quality man is going to appear at the snap of your finger when you decide  REALIZE you no longer can compete with the other up and coming  hoes  “sexually empowered” women is not how it works.

This whole idea that “I deserve love” that so many western women have is utterly ridiculous. It’s as if no matter how much of a skank, hoe or sexually promiscuous lacking self-discipline woman you are, you deserve to find a good quality man to love and cherish you. Here is my take on that – TOO BAD SOO SAD. People who make bad choices in life and who are sexually loose should not be rewarded with quality mates.

Its like anything in this world. If you want the best you need to be the best to get the best. IOW’s as a woman, if you choose to be a sexually loose girl who has been passed around by many men during your time, then NO you are not deserving of a quality man. YES I SAID IT! Stick with the men who shared your lifestyle and who will most likely be more forgiving for your sexual promiscuity & the mental and emotional drama that comes with that.

And one last thing – stop driving down the value of women and our sexuality by listening to extremist loony feminists who are only giving you half of the story!

There is nothing wrong with sex. But like with anything, privileges can be turned into consequences if you abuse them. And right now, women are abusing the sexual market with their inability to see the forest for the tree.

Now go sit in the corner, DRINK THE COFFEE and don’t come out until you WAKE THE EFF UP!


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  1. Mindful
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 12:03:24

    You are on a roll eh? Can I sum up your post by saying, “if more women would sit down and be ladies, more men would stand up and be gentlemen.”


  2. Firepower
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 12:33:57

    girl, you are some finished chatterbox – that PROVES you really are a black girl


  3. Jake
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 15:18:46

    I got my ADD under control and read all of that.

    Even though I’m getting the f*** up out of the U.S. for a while, to enjoy some non-consumerist culture and women who aren’t hypergamous slutty whores, you’re giving me one little second of hope.

    Hopefully your girl friends are listening, and I’m telling the guys not to be boyscouts about dating:


    • Neecy
      Sep 27, 2011 @ 16:15:37

      Hey Jake!! Thanks for stopping in and “getting your ADD under control” to read my novel. LOL! I just can’t seem to figure out how to make my point in a short concise way.

      I’m positive its just as tough for quality men these days to find a quality woman. I do wonder what percentage of men these days are just tired of seeing women act this way vs. the men who enjoy having such easy access to women who no longer have standards. It seems men in the past enjoyed some of the mystery (or the thought of mystery) that women had sexually. Now women just let it all hang out like its nothing. The most frustrating thing of all though, is that women keep believing that its men who are really the problem. USA women never want to hold themselves accountable for their destructive habits.

      Also i think expanding the dating circle out of the USA is definitely in order for both men and women tired of the crazy dating/mating scene here in the USA. I see the women in other countries seem to have more class femininity and standards than Western women. I’m not sure what its like in other parts of Europe but I certainly hope its not this bad. It seems no one has any standards anymore.


  4. Emma the Emo
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 15:18:46

    I agree with most of what you’re saying, but not sure about this at all:
    “The value of sex being close to ZERO to most men.”
    I don’t think it’s to most men. It’s to those men who have that many options. And many men just don’t…


    • Neecy
      Sep 27, 2011 @ 16:27:17

      Hey Emma,

      Sex is so cheap that researchers found a full 30% of young men’s sexual relationships involve no romance at all — no wooing, dating, goofy text messaging. Nothing. Just sex.

      the value of sex is being driven downward simply b/c men these days don’t have to do much to get sex from women without having to make any kinds of committments. Sex used to be something that two people actually saw as special connection between themselves – which meant that males worked harder to show a woman she was worth his time and efforts and the women conversly did the same after the guy had proven himself to also be worthy of her time and body.

      Nowadays, its not special if you are sleeping around with a ton of people you barely know after a couple dates.

      Although there may be many man without the options to sleep with as many women as some others, this leaves quality men out who simply want a nice decent woman to settle with who ha snot been around the block and back sexually. So guys who actually want to get married and start families are losing out to b/c of the lack of quality of w0men. Also a lot of the guys who can’t or aren’t getting laid are the guys who should be getting laid.


      • Emma the Emo
        Sep 27, 2011 @ 17:51:48

        I’m actually kinda confused about this quote. How did they measure this? If it’s an average, it might mean, for example, than 30% of the men are having all the sex and the rest are having much less of it (and they’d commit to you just to get a steady girlfriend to have sex with). That’s what I heard might be happening. This is why I say than I don’t think MOST men can get sex so cheaply. Not to mention that getting one-night-stands is not always a sign that you just want to sleep around. A guy might go for them if he’s constantly getting friend-zoned, thinking that starting with sex would help him avoid this problem, while his goal is really to get a girlfriend.

        And I know there are decent men out there who want to commit to one woman and perhaps start a family. I have no idea if they are rare or common, but you won’t find them among the so-called “top” men who can have any pretty girl they want and can afford to be very picky. Those have no incentive to give up their good life.
        But I think there are many good men who want to have a relationship, and they would be looking for women who want the same, and who are not “alpha’s leftovers”, so those people should just look for each other, right?


        • Neecy
          Sep 27, 2011 @ 20:25:59

          I think where the rest of the men who are not represented in that percentage are, is some of them may already be dating or in relationships and others are still single b/c they are trying to go after the girls out of their leagues (8-10’s).

          If they weren’t it would be safe to assume that they would have found decent quality girls to marry and date – although these women may not be 8’s-10’s on the looks scale. It seems men today are primed to go after a small percentage of ideal women, who are most likely galavanting and dating and sleeping with the top percentage of “alpha” type males.

          The rest of the single girls who are not hot enough are going dateless b/c the good guys don’t want them. They are holding out for a hottie that all men are after.

          Just my opinion. I think the game sites prove this as well. most of those guys are not looking for women on the same attractiveness level. All you hear them talking about getting are women in the 8-10 range in looks. they are seeking a small percentage of women to bed and date and thus a lot of them will go sexless b/c they are comepeting with a boatload of other experienced naturally alpha males who are snatching up most physically hottest women.

          I agree that people would be more successful in the dating arena if they sought out people on their same attractiveness level. American men also seem to feel entitled to go after women who are out of their leagues and get stuck on the idea if they can’t get a super hot girl, then they are going to overlook all the good women who are on his level of attractiveness.


          • Mark Slater
            Sep 27, 2011 @ 23:29:51

            My goodness, I go out of town for a couple of days and find your hackles up. Something about you losing your cool on Heartiste.

            Two things: I am probably the last person to lecture anybody else about losing their cool.

            Secondly, it would do no good to lie to me and pretend that those remarks didn’t hurt. No one likes to be insulted.

            “If they weren’t it would be safe to assume that they would have found decent quality girls to marry and date…”

            I know that my Neecy isn’t suggesting that “men of a certain age” who are still unattached are all oddballs.

            “I agree that people would be more successful in the dating arena if they sought out people on their same attractiveness level.”

            And just how are we supposed to know what our attractiveness level is? I would wager that most men pursue women (for reasons both honorable and ignoble) because they *like* them. The thinking process of “Well, I’m a 6 and she’s a 7.5 so I guess I’d better not make a run on her” just doesn’t enter most men’s minds.

            Great post, as always. I think all of your fanbase appreciates the fact that you really put your heart into these. I can only hope that more women begin to understand the truth as you have outlined it.


            • Emma the Emo
              Sep 27, 2011 @ 23:56:44

              Don’t mens’ standards get lowered after they fail with 7,5s after a while? Or do they keep going out of their league and go sexless for years? I think some men do actually do that, but many say they end up lowering their standards and still fail. It’s a pretty common theme I keep hearing, how guys lower their standards since they are not supposed to be hypergamous, and girls don’t… So how does it work, exactly? I always want to hear more experiences and opinions.


            • Neecy
              Sep 28, 2011 @ 00:07:55

              Hey mark!

              Yep I lost my cool on Heartiste and frankly, I don’t feel one ounce of guilt for it. B/C I can and do often put up with a lot and I have a very good sense of humor. But when I have reached my boiling point, the wrath comes down and its not going to be NICE NEECY. I try to take a lot before I get to that point but I’m human and have a right to defend myself when I feel I am wrongfully targeted. Not to mention I have been sick the last couple days so i’m sure that played a part in my response.

              Anyway! Hope you had a nice trip wherever you went and welcome back COWBOY!!:)

              I know that my Neecy isn’t suggesting that “men of a certain age” who are still unattached are all oddballs.

              OH NO! Actually I was just referring to men in general – including the young ones etc. I find that many guys today simply have their sites set on the small percentage of women who are at the top tier of the looks hierarchy and ignore and feel that women who are average or slightly above average are not good enough for them. So many guys spend time and energy trying to get women that MOST guys are going after and whom may be out of their leagues, instead of focusing on attractive available women they’d have much more success with but who aren’t who an 8-10 in looks. As a result of course you will have a lot of single sexless men if all they are focused on is a small percentage of HOT women that they are competing with guys who may have better looks, resources etc. to pull these kinds of women a lot easier.

              And just how are we supposed to know what our attractiveness level is? I would wager that most men pursue women (for reasons both honorable and ignoble) because they *like* them. The thinking process of “Well, I’m a 6 and she’s a 7.5 so I guess I’d better not make a run on her” just doesn’t enter most men’s minds.

              Hmm I think a visit to any male blog or game site proves this wrong. Many men want the top notch women even if they can’t have or know the odds of pulling such women are slim to none. A man knows his SMV and how it will correlate to the kinds of women he will MOST likely be successful with. I do believe that men judge women on how hot they are and seek out the HOTTEST most sought after smallest percentage of women. When they are not successful, they claim all women are hypergamous etc. Well yeah, If you are going after women with very high SMV’s they will be hypergamous b/c they can be based on the options they have in gaining access to males with equally high SMV’s or more experienced practiced alphas who can woo these women easily. Meanwhile the cute but not as hot girl next doors are being left out b/c they are not 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.


          • Emma the Emo
            Sep 28, 2011 @ 00:20:36

            Well, I know one guy who kept trying to find a gf for years and never got past a one night stand, and I saw the girls he was with, not 8s or 10s at all. Kept lowering his standards as low as they could go. Not a repulsive guy himself, just poor. I wonder if other men have the same experiences.


            • Neecy
              Sep 28, 2011 @ 00:28:14


              This is where I agree that learning some of the game techniques will work – for the guys you described. Sometimes, its just a matter of tweaking his demeanor or traits a bit to be much more successful. And many times guys who fail with women do not have to be ugly or even losers. they just need to learn better social skills when it comes to women to be more successful.


        • Mark Slater
          Sep 27, 2011 @ 23:14:46

          “And I know there are decent men out there who want to commit to one woman and perhaps start a family. I have no idea if they are rare or common, but you won’t find them among the so-called “top” men who can have any pretty girl they want and can afford to be very picky.”

          That’s not exactly true, Emma. There are many “top” men who are commitment/marriage oriented. They go quickly.

          Case in point: Probably the most Alpha guy I know is my brother. He was NEVER without a very attractive steady girlfriend. This in addition to a seemingly endless host of lesser orbiter girls. He wed at 20.


          • Emma the Emo
            Sep 27, 2011 @ 23:43:00

            Ok, I’ll give you that, there are “top” men who are commitment oriented. But they appear to be few or already taken, or else we wouldn’t have women complaining how nobody wants to commit… It’s just that I hear about this a lot, how beautiful educated successful women can’t find their match (beautiful successful men), because these matches are too busy enjoying all the free sex. So you can’t blame me for being a little pessimistic about finding a relatively successful traditional masculine man who will commit. I met one of those in my university, and he’s already married at the age of.. 23? It makes me think that all we’re left with are less than manly betas, creepy omegas and slutty alphas. But you’re right, there are alphas who would commit. Like my dad:)


            • Neecy
              Sep 28, 2011 @ 00:15:03

              I agree with you both.

              I look at someone like my dad. He is a very attractive alphaish guy with beta traits as well ( a nice mix) who could pretty much have many women he wanted. He was also a committed husband despite being very good looking, having a decent job, tall, athletic , family oriented etc. So yes there are still very good attractive men out there, but as Mark said they are snatched up fairly quickly.

              I think Emma what we are left with is not so much the undesirables, but rather guys who simply feel they deserve only the top hottest women and thus ignore all of the available average or slightly above avergae women out there who would make great partners.


            • Firepower
              Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:16:26

              Emma the Emo

              a relatively successful traditional masculine man who will commit. I met one of those in my university, and he’s already married at the age of.. 23? It makes me think that all we’re left with are less than manly betas,

              when you sex him up you must be prepared for him NOT to leave his wife. its expected that lots of girls go to university to get their MRS degree.


  5. Marellus
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 15:39:20

    Good post Neecy. Keep it up. As for myself, I’ve withdrawn from the dating market until my studies are done, and I have a good job …


    • Neecy
      Sep 27, 2011 @ 16:29:28

      hey Marellus! Gooid for you – did you just start school or something? What are you studying?

      I think its a good idea to not put too much on dating when in school, but you can still hone your skills and still go out every once in awhile with a nice girl you may meet at school. Just don’t totally pull yourself out of the market. There is a good woman out there deserving of a good guy like yourself!😉


    • Emma the Emo
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 01:10:40

      I’m not perceptive enough to know what my classmates really are after. Norwegian guys aren’t very open and seem almost asexual to me, unless they get drunk. Maybe they just don’t like me and you’re right (that they are after the hottest girls), but even the hottest ones don’t seem to be hit on, so my guess is that unless they are drunk, they just don’t approach. Which is bad news for me, because I don’t like drunk hookups.


      • Neecy
        Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:02:30

        Hmm Emma. I believe that in the Nordic countries there they have quite a huge presence of feminism correct? I’m wondering if the guys (like the ones here in America) are very hands-off with approaching women b/c they too have been affected directly by feminism. I find in cultures where feminism is strong, the men take approaching and going after women very carefully even sometimes to the point they are completely hands off about it. I’m thinking this may be the problem. Especially if the top tier girls are not even being approached.


        • Liza207
          Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:24:08

          “Top tier” women don’t get approached that often for the most part because they tend to be very intimidating to most men. It’s called the “Carol Effect”.

          Another thing, men who are of low quality tend to focus more on a woman’s looks because they don’t know what other good qualities to look for in a women due to their own low breeding.

          Real men of quality who possess intregrity seek more in a woman than just her looks.


          • Neecy
            Sep 28, 2011 @ 18:27:57

            Another thing, men who are of low quality tend to focus more on a woman’s looks because they don’t know what other good qualities to look for in a women due to their own low breeding.

            Real men of quality who possess intregrity seek more in a woman than just her looks.

            Excellent point Liza!


      • Firepower
        Sep 28, 2011 @ 10:46:06

        it will pass emms, in college, i was always suspicious of the russian girls who hit on me, i always felt they were spies or looking for citizenship. plus, i was wary of girls who could outdrink me by a quart of vodka. i was scared of daterape


  6. Emma the Emo
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 02:00:43

    Hmmm.. about men only going for the top women and noone else. That’s more or less the opposite of everything I’ve heard. What I read about is that men don’t care about their looks as much as the woman’s, so they often go for women hotter than them (as the woman’s looks are more important to her attractiveness anyway), as well as women on their own level and sometimes below if the woman is still attractive enough to them and they have noone else availible. They have a cutoff point below which they don’t go, but it’s not usually as high as 8.
    Found this article:
    Says how physically unappealing men go for supermodels, which makes sense (you might as well try, there is nothing to lose), but it also says they ask out A LOT of women on dating sites (which is I guess to make sure at least one responds). It doesn’t say anything about guys going ONLY for the hottest women though… But if you have some experience/article/study that tells you men in general have a cutoff point at 8, show me, I really want to know about this.
    Of course men want to date the hottest girl they can get, but I’m not convinced that a typical male 6 will remain sexless unless an 8 agrees to screw him.


    • Neecy
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:25:47

      YAY EMMA! Thanks for helping me with my next post idea with that link!!:)

      Actually the article proved what I said – that men typically go after and desire more women who are out of their league or above them in attractiveness. Which as I said would leave a lot of women on the same attractiveness level as they are out if they are not being pursued. Which also (as the article pointed out and that I said) leaves a lot of these guys realizing that they have slim chances and b/c of that they will contact more and more women to have the odds work in their favor.

      So that goes back to what I said. A lot of men will be dateless and sexless solely trying to go for women way above them in looks our who are out of their leagues. They would be spending insane amounts of time trying to get with and around the more attractive women than possibly being with a woman on his same level of attractiveness. Also, the article pointed out that most really good looking people prefer to date and be with other good looking people.

      Regarding the numbers in terms of women’s looks I wouldn’t really rely on that too much. I just use that as an example of what most men consider to be in terms of the hierarchy of looks – they use numbers (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest in range). But the key is one man’s 8 may be another man’s 10 or 6. So its not so much the numbers that are important as the reality that MOST men will seek women out of their league of attractiveness – HIGHER. And thus they will have a much HARDER time in the dating arena doing this bc it will take and require more work and competition from guys who will have a HIGHER SMV than they are and who will have first pick at the most attractive women. Since most women and men are average in looks, if you have men going for highly attractive small percentage of women, then you will also find a lot of dateless/sexless men and average/slightly above average women b/c men feel they deserve a woman more attractive than they are.


      • Liza207
        Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:33:26

        If you listen to the men on the PUA blogs, it’s women who are trying to punch above their station when it comes to men looks. I always laugh at this and how they try to convince themselves that women don’t care about men’s looks–completely delusional.


    • Neecy
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:30:36

      I keep reading how men are so huge on a woman’s attractiveness b/c women have babies BALONEY. Bullshit. A person’s attractiveness level does not determine if they can have healthy kids or not. It may possibly determine if they will have attractive kids. But if this is the case, why would a beautiful woman want to have a baby with an ugly unattractive man? The ugly guy feels he should have an attractive woman b/c the kids may be better looking, but did it occur to him that the attractive woman may not want to risk having kids that looked like him? LOL


  7. Emma the Emo
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 02:16:18

    Just to mention this: I know there are some incredibly picky guys out there, but they don’t seem to be the majority. At least not when it comes to sex (average guys can be pickier when it comes to relationships).


    • Neecy
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:31:39

      Emma you are right. Most guys are not picky when it comes to who they will sleep ith. but who they date and pursue for relationships are quite diferent.


  8. Liza207
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:47:26

    I find that really good-looking men don’t obssess over a woman’s looks as much as less attractive men. If you look at some really attractive Hollywood actors their wives aren’t the most attractive women sometimes.

    Here in NYC, I see guys who are 9’s and 10’s with women 7 and lower all the time and I’m like what’s up with that. I think less attractive men have something to prove that’s why they are so obsessed with having a beautiful on their arms while good-looking men don’t. Oh yeah, they pacify themselves by claiming the good-looking guy with an unattractive mate is probably gay because in their minds this guy should or could attract a much more desireable partner. He just may be a guy who isn’t shallow and has a lot of integrity.


    • Neecy
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 18:26:41

      Liza I agree. i find good looking people in general typically don’t have those hang ups on needing the perfect best looking partner. This seems to simply be something that the most unnattractive people demand. But what kills me is when men of a certain attractiveness look down on the women in their same attractiveness level as not “good enough” yet expect women way above them on the attractiveness level to overlook their attractiveness. LOL

      The most successful relationships IMO are when the couple is close to the same level of attractiveness.


  9. Zorro
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:59:49

    A successful woman blogger makes a very valid point about keeping your blog successful.


  10. EV
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 23:56:17

    Great piece!


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