When not policing your own creates problems in society for others

I find the biggest proponent of helping people who suffer in the world is an unwillingness by groups and people to call themselves out.

In wake of the recent tragedies with the heinous brutal rapes & deaths of an South African girl (ANENE BOOYSEN) and Indian girl, its clear that we need more MEN willing to take a stand in the world and fight for their daughters, sisters, mothers.

Men lose out when they refuse to stand up b/c they ignore the women in their lives and the possibility that in societies where crimes against women are prevalent, it is not women who can make the most impact but men.

It takes MEN to police MEN and WOMEN to police WOMEN.

Not sure if its just human nature, but if more people were willing to look at those they share likeness with and similarities with and called them out and/or stood up against them (even though they are the same in some ways) we’d see a lot more done in this world. Because when people are on equal levels it makes it a fair fight. People are more willing to listen to and work with others more similarly like them.

Instead, people are more concerned with protecting their “group” by deflecting and making excuses and/or simply IGNORING. WHY? Because people in general as I always state, usually do not like to have to look at themselves and those like them as needing to be fixed when it comes to actions that are detrimental to others (not like them) or even themselves.

It kinda reminds me of the Black people who continue to turn a blind eye to the self destruction committed towards each other by their own, because they are so focused on being victimized by other races.  YET the stats and everyday occurences in Black communities clearly show that it is Blacks who are more victimized at the hands of other Blacks than any other groups. But why is the focus on never “fixing” these Black male criminals and terrorists who are terrorizing their communities, women and children? Because no one likes to confront themselves or those like them to fix the root and/or bulk of the problem. Instead its easier to focus on others different from you “victimizing” you.

Like the non racist Whites who sit by quietly and idley watching the racist of their groups do all kinds of questionable and unfair practices against minorities. When these Whites do not say anything b/c they do not want “to stir trouble” or be looked down by their group they are apart of the problem that enables certain bad behaviors to continue.

Like the greedy business men who know that their partners are committing financial atrocities against innocent unknowing people. They don’t want to call themselves out    b/c that would require self reflection and a willingness to “fix” yourself or that “group” you are associated with in likeness.

I could go on.

That is why in my posts I am constantly telling women to reflect where they can make the most impact in improving our lives as women – TO POLICE each other.

In my previous post I wrote about an article that received so much pushback from other women that the author was personally attacked b/c she dared question the actions of women and how these actions have hurt us overall in the relationship/sexual place.

But if women are not willing to have women who question, call out, the behaviors of other women that may be harming themselves or others, b/c no woman want to hear about it, then how can women work to improve and challenge each other to get better?. Instead the deflection goes back to the “evil male” and what he is doing to women. never though, women willing to look at how they hurt each other and create all kinds of obstacles for and by each other.

the same applies to MEN when it comes to making safer societies with crimes against women and children very low.

Once again to feminists, WOMEN AND MEN ARE NOT EQUAL. Women are vulnerable compared to men in society b/c they are physically stronger. If we were equal would you see as many crimes against women? That is like saying children and adults are equal b/c we are all human beings that bleed?

This is another reason feminists need to realize they need MEN to accomplish their goals. And another reason to understand and stop promoting this idea that men and women are THE SAME. Once again I ask, if we were, women would not be so abject to such brutal PHYSICAL violence from men as they would be able for the most part to physically handle men in these situations?

If women and men were EQUAL would so many African women in South Africa be raped and brutalized at the rates they are? NO? Because they’d be able to defend themselves.

Women can equally fight against women with each standing a fair chance at winning. Of course there are exceptions – this discussion is not about exceptions and its about the rule.

the only time a male is at a disadvantage against another male PHYSICALLY  is when one of them has a weapon (like a gun) or when there are a group of men against one. Other than that its fair fight.

In wake of the recent tragedies and brutalizations against women in South Africa  (Anene Booysen)  & and in India where both women were brutally gang raped by a group of men SAVAGES who also MUTILATED and tortured each victim (ripping out their intestines in both incidents), it is clear that in order for women to get the proper protections and rights we need MEN willing to stand up and police men much better than what we are seeing now.

ALl the female feminist marches in the world will only accomplish half of the task in getting women to no longer be subjected to the vicious senseless violent crimes against her as a woman – that being rape including torture and mutilation  and other forms of physical violence which is clearly a case of savage men who HATE women and want to inflict the most harm and pain on vulnerable innocent women and kids.

Men are ONLY ABLE to  really make the most impact on other men and reducing these crimes. That is b/c men have traditionally upheld and created the laws and institutions that hold criminals. MEN have and are really the only ones who can police other violent and potentially violent men with the he goal in mind to offer the most and best protections for women and children. That is b/c men are working on equal footing with OTHER MEN especially physically. That is why law enforcement is mainly composed of MEN. They have the strength to handle violent male criminals and take them on.

Women cannot police men physically & protect themselves against men in almost any society. Unless every woman has a weapon (like a gun) this task is impossible. It is ALWAYS other men and men in general who can offer the physical protections women and children need. Not only that it is men who (when they are legit) can use the law and their physicality to uphold these rights for women &  children.

A woman has very little chance of being raped or brutalized by strangers when she is in the company of a male. WHY IS THAT? Is it b/c criminal minded men generally are seeking a person (a woman) who is at a disadvantage to fight them? the possibility of him being harmed or taken on by another male on his level reduces the probability that a man is going to committ violence against a woman when in the prescence of another male.

Of course in the Indian rape case a male was present, but he was against a group of 6 men. But we are not talking exceptions.

Even in places in America and communities (HELLO AVERAGE BLACK COMMUNITY) where the men both young and old are terrorizing and brutalizing women and children at higher rates than other communities, you see a complete NEGLECT of real strong men in those places willing to put themselves on the   front line to protect their communities, women, and children.

Not only that a lot of these “terrorists” in societies where women are more likely to be abused, raped, brutalized and killed, many of these young men have no real male father roles and are often being raised by women. Women cannot raise men to be men. Look at communities where the majority are women raising boys by themselves and these boys are often menaces who kill each physically harm each other and especially women.

So the moral of the story?

MEN need to police MEN. We need more strong men willing to stand up against atrocities that we see in so many parts of the world where helpless women are victimized and brutalized and murdered by MEN. No amount of feminists marches will make real impact until we as women and men realize we need BOTH genders to fight against this, with MEN upholding their duty as such to police and  tear down the savages amongst them who use their power and strength against women in the  world in the most unhealthy ways.
Women need to understand that shutting all men out, or calling all men the enemy is not going to improve this situation. Men do not need to be emasculated to understand , protect and fight to protect women and children who are most vulnerable. Men need to be MEN (ethical with integrity) and use that masculine energy to repress the savages in their group who commit atrocities against vulnerable women and children in societies.

Until FEARLESS decent, quality, ethical MASCULINE MEN with integrity in the world who can make the most impact in this arena, really stand up together, will as a world will forever be battling this issue.


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  1. Neecy
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:52:43

    Also i want to add. That if women policed women more and encouraged each other to take better measures in who they have children by, these problems would reduce as well. Because for every young male terrorist running around in communities, usually he came from a woman who chose a man who was either the same way or a man who she knew was least likely to stick around and be a PARENT and positive male role model to his son.



    • neurochick
      Feb 10, 2013 @ 12:58:43

      This is VERY true, especially your last comment. Women need to tell their friends, “don’t go with HIM, he’s trash because…..” Yeah, sometimes they don’t listen to you, but it’s my experience that when you put something into someone’s brain, they remember it.

      The sad truth is that if a man isn’t told by his father or father figure, how to be a man and how to and how not to treat women, he won’t know. I know some people will tell me that “single mothers are just as good…” but in many cases there is a father figure somewhere, maybe an uncle, grandfather or a step father who teaches the young boy how to act.

      But you are right, it’s men who have to teach other men how to and how NOT to act and women have to do the same for women.



    • Elegance
      Feb 15, 2013 @ 12:21:56

      Beyond Black and White has a new post from Christelyn you might like 🙂 It’s about attractive women having less partners than unattractive women.



  2. Dani
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 19:43:55

    “It kinda reminds me of the Black people who continue to turn a blind eye to the self destruction committed towards each other by their own, because they are so focused on being victimized by other races. YET the stats and everyday occurrences in Black communities clearly show that it is Blacks who are more victimized at the hands of other Blacks than any other groups. But why is the focus on never “fixing” these Black male criminals and terrorists who are terrorizing their communities, women and children? Because no one likes to confront themselves or those like them to fix the root and/or bulk of the problem. Instead its easier to focus on others different from you “victimizing” you.”

    100% Truth



  3. Omerta327
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 22:54:46

    Happy Valentines Day, everybody.

    This song may be kinda corny, but I’ve always loved it.



  4. Omerta327
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 23:36:29

    …and for those of you on the other side of the fence, I give you the almighty Zeppelin. One of the most passionate, torrid songs ever.



    • Omerta327
      Feb 13, 2013 @ 23:46:31

      …especially Jimmy Page’s guitar solo and Robert Plant’s vocals at 6:15. Brilliance. NOBODY today can match this.



      • Ray
        Feb 14, 2013 @ 02:58:16

        Just out of curiousity, did you see their induction to the Kennedy Center Honors? That’s the classiest award show on television! It’s hard to see my rock heroes age though!



        • Omerta327
          Feb 14, 2013 @ 22:27:29

          Nah, I work nights so I didn’t get to see it. I saw the ads for it on TV. It is pretty damn cool to see a band like that get such recognition. I’ll look it up on youtube – hell, everything else is on youtube so why shouldn’t that be?

          Yeah, it’s kinda strange seeing Jimmy Page with white hair. Although I gotta say it’s funny that the only guy in Zep w/o a full head of hair is Bonham’s kid.



        • Omerta327
          Feb 14, 2013 @ 23:01:02

          Just watched it on youtube. Holy sh!t that was so friggin’ cool.

          I loved how Jason Bonham and the whole choir wore the Clockwork Orange porkpie hats that John Bonham used to wear during Stairway.

          Led Zeppelin – the most ALPHA band ever. This band changed my life in so many ways when I was a teenager I can’t even explain it.



    • Marellus
      Feb 15, 2013 @ 18:51:36

      When it comes to Led Zeppelin, Ten Years Gone will always have a prime of place for me. I love love love the melody. So melancholic.



      • Marellus
        Feb 15, 2013 @ 19:00:45

        Going down a dirty inner city side road

        I plotted

        Madness passed me by, she smiled hi

        I nodded

        Looked up as the sky began to cry

        She shot it.



      • omerta327
        Feb 16, 2013 @ 13:12:56

        SIBLY is my all-time favorite Zep tune, but TYG I would probably put at #2 or 3. Just a brilliant song. Love Page’s solo starting at 2:30.

        Throw in The Rain Song, The Lemon Song (pretty much all of Zep II), In My Time of Dying, How Many More Times, When the Levee Breaks, Out On the Tiles, In the Light, Four Sticks, Hots On for Nowhere, Dazed and Confused from ‘the BBC Sessions’…eh, you get the idea.



        • Marellus
          Feb 16, 2013 @ 18:50:54

          The other memorable song of them, for me that is, is this one. One can interpret this song in so many ways. Either a breakup … or a rage against dying …



  5. Marellus
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 18:13:42

    You know what Neecy, I’m gonna write something that’s gonna piss off quite a few MRA’S …

    Fuck ’em.

    Ever heard about Genie ?

    Well here are the juicy parts :

    Genie is the pseudonym of a feral child who was the victim of one of the most severe cases of abuse and neglect ever documented.

    She spent most of her first thirteen years of life locked inside a bedroom, strapped to a child’s toilet or bound inside a crib with her arms and legs immobilized.

    Genie’s abuse came to the attention of Los Angeles child welfare authorities on November 4, 1970.

    Now why in the hell would I mention Genie in a thread like this ?

    Because of this :

    However, she showed no signs of attachment to anyone in particular, including members of her own family; she paid no attention to her brother and only briefly noticed her mother when they visited her.

    At first, Genie would not allow anyone to touch her, quickly shying away from any attempts at physical contact.She had no sense of personal property, frequently pointing to or taking something she wanted from someone else.

    Initially, she was almost entirely mute, understood only about 15-20 words, and had an active vocabulary of just two short phrases, “stop it” and “no more”.Although she almost never vocalized,

    Genie continually sniffed, salivated, spat and clawed. When upset she would spit and scratch and strike herself, never crying or making any noise; some accounts said that she was unable to cry at all.

    Nonetheless, hospital staff hoped to nurture her closer to normality.

    So let’s summarize that paragraph into these statements :

    1) No parenting.
    2) No sense of attachment.
    3) No sense of property … meaning no sense of boundaries.
    4) No language … meaning simple words … meaning simple thinking.
    5) Uncivilized behavior i.e sniffing, salivating, spitting and clawing.

    Here’s the rub though Neecy. Genie was a girl. And however hard one can argue against genetics and personality, one must admit that the feminine is not that aggressive.

    Now apply that bullet list (in a less virulent form) to any overworked underpaid single parent household.

    And imagine that some of those children were boys.

    1) You’d still get minimal parenting.
    2) You’d still get a minimal sense of attachment.
    3) You’d still get a minimal sense of boundaries.
    4) You’d still get pidgin language.
    5) You’d still get a modicum of civilized behavior.

    And what happened when Genie had personal troubles Neecy ?

    Besides dealing with these problems, Marilyn also found the need to teach Genie unconventional lessons.

    Despite what Butler had said about getting Genie to stop harming herself,Marilyn observed Genie would still act out her anger on herself; to counter this, Marilyn taught Genie to direct her frustrations outward by jumping, slamming doors, stomping her feet and generally “having a fit.”

    When Marilyn noticed Genie’s eagerness to be complimented on her looks, to further discourage her, Marilyn began painting Genie’s fingernails and telling her she did not look good when she scratched and cut her face.

    Here is a fundamental difference between men and women Neecy :

    When men get upset, they don’t hurt themselves; they hurt others.

    I’ll say it again Neecy :

    When men get upset, they don’t hurt themselves; they hurt others.

    This Neecy, is the reason why you see losers going on killing-sprees in movie theaters and schools.

    And I’m willing to bet that those tragedies in India and South Africa, fit these profiles.

    The dirty little secret about parenting is this Neecy :

    Boys need parenting a lot more than girls. They really do. Because if they don’t get any, you’re gonna end up rearing a little mass-murderer-rapist-maladjusted-little-shit.

    If it’s a girl you’re getting a self-mutilating-drug-using-single-mother … and she can be saved.

    But not that mass-murderer-rapist-maladjusted-little -shit.

    Are there exceptions ?


    Bill Clinton grew up in a single parent household.

    But what about the rest ?

    What are the numbers for the winners and losers ?

    I don’t know Neecy.

    I just read the crime sections online.

    We are heading into a future where feminism will breed more single parent households. breeding more maladjusted boys, whose violence will beget even more feminism, breeding even more maladjusted boys.

    For the first time in history Neecy, the barbarians at the gates, will be rejects thrown out by the city, because they can’t be left inside.

    They’re too dangerous.

    There will be shortage of “good men” Neecy. And hence Neecy … of fathers.

    They say that after 2030, the world population will decline Neecy.

    And that will be because most men are howling like wolves outside the gates … while the women mutilate themselves inside.



    • omerta327
      Feb 16, 2013 @ 12:55:09

      😯 Jesus H. Christ. What a horrible story.

      But there’s no need to overthink this, Marellus. The bottom line is some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Genie’s dad just sounds like a complete crackpot, and she was the innocent victim of his instability.

      And then he has the audacity to leave a suicide note that says “the world will never understand”. Like he’s a victim in all this. Wrong, you piece of shit. I understand – you were just a batshit crazy fvckin’ asshole. Rot in hell, douchebag.

      altogether now – “C’mon Omerta, tell us how you REALLY feel!!!”



    • omerta327
      Feb 16, 2013 @ 13:01:25

      …and the part where they moved into his grandmother’s house and he closed off her room as a “shrine” to her? That’s the movie ‘Psycho’!!!



  6. Ray
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 03:56:04

    Marellus! What the hell does feminism have to do with single mothers? The overwhelming majority of single mothers exist because of sperm donor abandonment! I doubt if you’ll find one single mother that is in her situation by choice (unless the bum that knocked her up is abusive)!
    It’s about time these boys (Real Men aren’t obssessed with creating a multitude of baby mamas) grow up and either use self control or condoms, and if not, take responsibility for their actions! These children are growing up to be juvenile delinquents because their worthless sperm donor fathers are not sticking around to teach them morals and ethics! It’s time to stop shifting blame to everything and everybody else from the true culprits!



    • Marellus
      Feb 16, 2013 @ 20:22:03

      How does one turn a sperm donor into father ? It’s not about what’s inside … it was never about what’s inside.

      It’s about the recipe.

      And there are not enough cooks to make enough of this dish.

      So we resort to MacFatherhood.

      Sad really.



  7. Neecy
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 23:13:47

    I miss you all!!! 😀



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