Ok,  after that last post I thought why not lighten the mood by posting some items/products I have recently purchased and LOOOOVED. So much that I want to share with the ladies here, in case you want to try for yourself. Its pretty random but i was just thinking, WOW I love these products so much it would be a crime to not at *LEAST* share them.


Ok. These bad girls are prrrretty expensive for a pair of underwear/thongs.  Tehy’re called HANKY PANKY and they are sold exclusively at Nordstrom’s.

But I am TELLING YOU, ladies they are the most comfy things you will ever put on and in your buttcrack!! I had received 2 direct reviews from two friends who are wearing them and I decided to splurge and try them. AAHHHHHMAZZZZING!!! Worth every penny.

As we all know thongs can be very uncomfy – especially if you have booty. They tend to ride up your crack giving you the feeling of having a permanent wedgie. NOT THESE.

You get what you pay for ladies!! Treat your booty and buttcrack right and  treat yourself to some Hanky Panky panties!!!


OMG. This is the Clarisonic PLUS. I bought this EXACT one that you see int he pic. The clarisonic is well known for its facial cleansing benefits in helping to remove your make up and keep your skin and its pores in check. It removes, dirt, oil, blackheads like none other and I have seen an amazing POSITIVE difference in my skin since using it. I use twice a day and my skin is amazing.

Once again its pricey, but I’m sorry at  some point we as women have to invest in ourselves.

Its worth every penny.

This particular clarisonic is also for the body as well. So the handle you see in the pic is a body brush handle that you can use, to help you reach areas of the body that need exfoliating with the brush. Great especially for summer time and spring when you want smooth flawless looking skin on your back, legs, arms etc.


I just bought this cleanser and Man oh man is it the BOMB!!! This stuff is so amazing at not only cleansing the skin well, but *NOT* leaving you with that tight dry feeling afterwards. This was a major problem i was experiencing in trying to find the right facial cleanser.  When a  cleanser strips your skin of oil you skin over produces more oil to compensate for the loss. This causes bumps and pimples and Blackheads. So if you have oily or combo skin, don’t think drying it out and stripping away the natural oils with a cleanser is going to keep you from having breakouts. it won’t. It will contribute to more pimples.

Also, i find my skin looks Brighter and clearer after using it with my clarisonic brush.

If you like your soap to lather, this one doesn’t have much lather to it. Its more of a lotion like cream and I believe that is why its not drying although very cleansing. Anything that soaps and lathers tends to have agents like SLS which help with lathering. But as we all know SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) can and is very drying to the skin and hair.

sephora brush

If you are a foundation wearer you gots to get this brush. Its a sephora Brush #55. Its a foundation brush that gives an airbrushed looked to your make up. Pretty pricey at $34 but worth it. I used this with my foundation and my skin looked airbrushed! No streaks, lines etc. And this brush can double as your liquid foundation brush AND powder brush. Its really soft and worth every penny.




I’m a HUUUUGE fan of Jessica Simpson shoes. I love them! They are sexy yet almost always comfy. These are a very popular shoe in her collection called the WALEO. I don’t care what online shoe place you go to, to read reviews, these shoes ALWAYS have high ratings. I bought 3 different pairs in 3 diff colors. But the platform makes these so easy and comfy to walk in. PLUS they are sexy and can also be worn casually with jeans to dress them up a bit or worn out with a dress for the night on the town.

You can pretty much buy them on Amazon, Macys, Nordstroms, ebay anywhere. that is how popular they are. And they come in so many different  fun colors


That is all for now!!!


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Integrated Memoirs
    May 05, 2013 @ 12:18:52

    Love Hanky Panky, and I can’t live without my Clarisonic. Also, you can find Hanky Panky at Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. I mostly shop at Bloomingdale’s and Saks, so I get mine from there. Hanky Panky has a beautiful bridal collection. My bridesmaids surprised me with the gift, and I was super elated. It’s the best.



    • Neecy
      May 05, 2013 @ 12:30:05

      Hi Integrated!!

      Yes aren’t they amazing! Oh I wasn’t aware they were sold at other high end stores. Good to know!

      I like Nordstrom’s b/c they have a rewards program where if you sign up for their debit card program you get points for all your purchases. Once you reach a certain level of points they send you dollar certificates that you can use.

      Congrats on you’re marriage! I’m sure the hubster enjoys them too. 😉



  2. n/a
    May 05, 2013 @ 21:52:15

    Between those thongs (heh) and that smooth, black skin you pamper so well, I have to say, damn, it must be a very good thing for a man to walk into your bedroom, following you from behind, and softly closing the door. Click.



  3. roslynholcomb
    May 06, 2013 @ 10:33:02

    Nope, not wearing a thong or heels anytime soon, but I am a Philosophy stan. Try the microdermabrasion scrub and the vitamin C powder. Your skin will freak. Olay has a significantly cheaper version of the scrub which is almost as good, so I alternate depending on my royalties. Thinking about getting a Clarisonic, but it’ll be a minute.



    • Neecy
      May 06, 2013 @ 14:08:23

      ROZ I SWWWWWEAR they are the most comfy panties you will ever wear. Just buy ONE and try it. LOL

      Ok I will let you slide on the Jessica Simpson heels. But you gotta try the Hanky Pankies.

      And thank you for the Philosophy scrub reco. I am defintiley going to give those a try since I am into exfoliating and scrubs.

      I think the Clarisonic will be a good investment b/c it really does remove dirt and oil that you simply cannot pull out of your skin with your hands or wash cloth alone. Its great. Plus it allows all of your other facial products and creams to work even better b/c they can penetrate the skin better.



  4. roslynholcomb
    May 06, 2013 @ 14:21:55

    I might get it for Mom’s day. Last year I got a machete. Might get something more girlie this year.



  5. omerta327
    May 06, 2013 @ 19:34:53

    Uh oh. Neecy’s showing us her panties. You know what that means. She wants to get RAVISHED.

    She’s looking for some hot, sweaty, passionate, bed-shaking, nipple-hardening, hard-thrusting, goosebump-inducing, squirting orgasm sexcapades.

    She wants it. She NEEDS it. She ACHES for it. Her loins drip with CARNAL DESIRE for it. Don’t deny it Neece. 😎



  6. Days of Broken Arrows
    May 06, 2013 @ 21:57:25




  7. Ray
    May 22, 2013 @ 03:12:48

    Those are some sexy shoes!



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