RIP – Private First Class LA VENA JOHNSON: A TRUE American Military Tragedy

Why On God’s earth would any female join the military especially with all the reports of cover ups, rapes and questionable “non-combat” deaths is beyond me. Truly, this is not a place for women.

And if White women aren’t even being treated humanely, Black women can forget it.

Sorry guys, I hate to depress you with these stories, but the reality is, these women need voices since they are ignored in MSM. We need to be able to publish and share stories like this, b/c maybe just maybe it will encourage someone to come forward and tell the truth and help victims like La Vena and her family get the justice they deserve. if we ignore these stories, we are doing our sisters a disservice. These women *are* us and could easily be us, and we’d want the same acknowledgment as well.

Anyway on with La Vena Johnson’s  story:

lavena 1 lavena_johnson_graduate lavena-and-daddy lavenamommy lavenas-pix1 lavenaspix2

She was 19. She was petite, bubbly and happy. She was always on the honor roll. She played the violin. Wanted to eventually go to college to become a Movie producer and director.

But before heading off to college first (her parents urged her to skip the military and go straight to college) she decided to enlist in the Army to help with college tuition. She didn’t have to join, but being a 3rd generation (in which her father was an Army vet for 20 years) and wanting to go to college to eventually study film and be a film producer/director, she thought it would be a good idea although her parents didn’t.

Because she and her sister both were wanting to attend college, she wanted to lighten the financial load off her parents of having to pay 2 college tuitions for she and her sister. So upon graduation in May 2004, she decided she would enlist in the army to get money for college, travel and experience life.

She graduated high school in May  2004 and enlisted in September of 2004 into the Army.

After enlisting she was in training in Kentucky where she received rave reviews from her commanders. They felt she was both mentally and physically prepared for her deployment that May of 2005 to Iraq. Once there, she was able to work in the communications area in which allowed her to send emails and speak with her parents and family on a daily basis. She calmed her mother’s fears once her mother saw that her daughter was always in good spirits and felt safe. Her father being a psychologist also felt good b/c he saw no signs of stress or fear in his daughter when speaking to her – something he is trained to do as a Dr. and psychologist and something he knew he wanted to check out having been in the military for many years himself.

Unfortunately, her parents worse nightmare and fears came true On July 18, 2005.  La Vena’s body was found in a pool of blood in a contractor’s tent – dead.

Based on the condition of her body it appears very clearly that La Vena had been brutally tortured, beaten and murdered execution style and *DRAGGED* to that area in where an attempt to burn the tent and her body was unsuccessful. A Contractor had heard a gun shot and went to the tent where he discovered La Vena’s body.

The Army ruled her death a suicide. 🙄

Apparently, earlier that day, after class friends say La Vena changed into her work out clothes and planned to meet with friends from another area on the base to go jogging. Just hours before she was murdered, she had gone to the military store and bought M&M’s, a pack of soda and lip balm.

*NEECY: Of course because before you go to kill yourself you are going to go and buy some candy, soda and lip balm – right? :roll*

Two female friends who saw her hours before she was murdered said she also had quite a bit of money on her. It was also reported that she had gone to the store with an a unnamed male friend.

La Vena was just  8 days shy of her her 20th b-day. She had spoken to her parents just the previous day saying how she was just fine and would be coming home for X-MAS (her favorite holiday) to spend with her family. The next day she was DEAD.

HERE ARE THE FACTS of HER DEATH based on the condition of her deceased body:

She was raped, tortured, beaten, executed with a failed attempt at burning her body. They poured lye  or some kind of acid in her vagina to remove DNA evidence. She had bite marks, scratch marks all over her tiny 5 foot 100 lb. body. Her shoulder was dislocated, she had a broken neck, a small bullet hole in her left temple, cracked mandible, her teeth were smashed in, her nose was broken on both sides and concave from being hit with a blunt object in her face. Her mouth had cuts and tears, her vaginal wall was hanging out with numerous tears.

Despite all of this evidence on her body, the Army classified her death as – WAIT FOR IT – A SUICIDE!

This is something the military is notorious for when it comes to suspicious deaths of female soldiers. Its always “suicide”.

Yes. 5’0 100 lb. La Vena managed to shoot herself on the wrong side of the head with her M16 rifle (her father says it was clearly a hand gun based on the size of the hole), and then bite herself all over her torso, bust her teeth, tear her vagina up, break her nose, pour lye acid her in genetalia, light parts of her body on fire and then try to burn down the tent??????  YES. That is what the Army and its superiors, investigators and autopsy “specialists” would have you and her parents believe!   They have concluded that La Vena committed suicide – case closed.

What am I getting at? This is a clear case of a cover up. Not only that the cover up goes as far up the ladder as you can imagine. A male friend of La vena’s had contacted her father after the incident and said that she was murdered and the Army had admonished the person but was still covering up for this person. Also two of her female friends informed her dad that she had a great deal of money on her. And when he confronted the Army about that, they said nothing. They never even looked for her debit card she used that evening (it was never found). I can go on!

Well when her father received the body and looked at it, he immediately knew it was no suicide by all the bruises she had, how her teeth had been smashed in.  It was clear she was beaten and tortured. Whoever murdered her, they dressed her after the fact but her clothing showed no sings of being burned compared to her body. They also strategically placed her body in positions that were contradictory to her injuries.

They also sent him doctored photos in Black and White  xerox copies that conflicted with her actual body. He had to go through all kinds of loops and hoops to get the original CD that contained all of the original photos taken of La Vena’s body after her death. And it was absolutely mouth dropping what he saw.

Plus he knew his daughter well enough and spoke to her often enough to know. Not only that, he received a letter from one of her commanders saying she was always happy and in good spirits. AND *Neecy interjection* SUICIDE by gun is just not something women and especially BLACK WOMEN do. Black women (ironically with all the bullshit they put up with in this life) rarely kill themselves (there are stats to prove this).*


He had an autopsy done himself in which an xray showed that there had been surgical alterations done on her body as well before they sent her body to her family. They removed part of her tongue (where the bullet was to believed lodged which would have shown it was a HAND GUN that killed her not a m16 rifle). They also removed part of her anus and vagina.


And all this happened to her where? IN the army where she was stationed in Balad, Iraq after having only been there for 8 weeks. In a place where she should have felt safe. In a place where she *should* be able to trust others who were like her and wearing the same uniform. In a place where this should have NEVER happened – THE ARMY.

She was murdered by her own kind – someone on that base; someone in uniform or a contractor with the military.

Witnesses also she she was not murdered in the contractors tent they found her, she was placed there (there was a trail of blood leading from her tent). Maybe in an effort to make it seem like a contractor did it.

But the even more tragic part of it all is – despite the sadistic SICK sociopathic lunatic(s) that did this to her, the Army would rather cover up for this person(s) than seek justice for La Vena and have such sick individuals removed from the Army and away from HUMANS forever. They refuse to get this girl the justice she deserves.

Not only are the details of how this young 19 year old Private First Class Army angel La Vena Johnson, gruesome and heart wrenching, but the way in which the ARMY, and its commanding officers all the way up the chain of command to the Congress handled it is absolutely DESPICABLE, EVIL, ATROCIOUS, UNETHICAL, INHUMANE and outright CORRUPT.

La Vena is apparently not the only female in the military whose death has been treated so atrociously and insulting. This is common practice apparently based on reports, in which cover ups occur all the time to protect the male soldiers and officers in command and to keep the military’s image clean. PSSSH!

I will place numerous links below if you care to read all of the stories with the deets, you tube vids which interview her parents etc. But simply do a google search and you will find many *BLOG* articles and you tube vids on her story. Notice I said *BLOG* and *YOU TUBE* That is because the main stream American media has ONCE AGAIN let down The American public, American citizens, WOMEN and as always – Black women – and refused to report this story.

To be fair, ABC, 60 minutes, and CBS were set to run this story and  were highly interested in getting the facts of the case. They even offered to do thier own independt autpsy reports. Suddenly her father said, they stopped showing interest.

Come to find out they were halted by the Military threatening to remove all of their military ad dollars from their networks if they ran this story. Essence magazine – yes a MAGAZINE *supposedly* dedicated to and targeted to African American women, was also set to run the story on la Vena Johnson and was also threatened with removal of military ad dollars if they did. So what did all of these media outlets choose?

They choose ad dollars from the MILITARY over reporting not just the brutal, heinous attack on a female soldier, American citizen who enlisted to serve her damn country, but they also choose ad dollars over putting the military’s corruption on blast in where this poor young woman, and family had to endure being INSULTED by the military and higher ups all in the name to keep a “clean” image for the military. GOD forbid the American people really know what goes on behind closed doors when a young 19 year old female American citizen and soldier is:

Beaten to death

Raped viciously



on Army soil on a base with her colleagues and others she should have been able to trust.

Of course her being a Black Woman didn’t help poor La Vena or her family’s cause, since not giving a fock is par for the course when it comes to Black female victims of any crimes anywhere.

But I will say a LOT of blogs did talk about the story and try to get the information out there. I applaud them. Its just so F*CKING sad, that Black American women can barely get any kind of MAINSTREAM support in cases like this – in America. That’s how invaluable as humans and women we are to this country. SAD!

And the worse part is BLACK COMMUNITY continues to let down its women by ONLY caring to focus on stories in which Black males are so called VICTIMS of injustice in the forms of brutality and murder from WHITE MEN.

F^&%^$ Black women! WHo cares??

Also to be fair. This happens a lot to White women in the military in where their rapes and deaths are covered up and declared suicides. Its a damn PHENOMENON at this point. So if WHite women in a place can’t get justice, Black women can fuggetit!

Based on recent political attempts to deal with and address the abundance of sexual assaults that happen to women on military bases (especially over in war zones) its a serious problem. But i highly doubt any case has been as brutal as La Vena’s which is why she should be the face of what goes terrible wrong when the military continues to cover up and allow such vicious attacks be done to women – all in the name of saving face. Or maybe its just outright HATRED of women so none of them care????

These women are going over to help fight wars and they are dealing with  terrorists on the same side and in the same uniforms as they are! I cannot fathom why any woman in her right mind would jeopardize herself and enter into the military. Especially when stats say 1 out of 3 women will be sexually assaulted in the military. I can bet the recruiters aren’t letting young women and their parents know this are they?

I’m just going to post this you tube vid of a short documentary done with her parents and RELENTLESS father to let the world know what happened and how they were treated by the military in regards to this. This case happened in 2005 and nothing has yet to be done- it is still closed as “suicide”.  That means the sicko(s) that did this are still roaming freely either on military bases somewhere or on American citizen soil.

Be forewarned. There are some parts in the video that actually show La Ven’as deceased murdered body and the condition it was left it. It was hard the first time for me to see it but it needs to be seen just to show you how DESPICABLE the Army was in adamantly telling these people that their daughter committed suicide with her M16 rifle.

If you don’t wanna view the images of her body then close your eyes starting at

2:24 until the father says “I don’t know what happened to me then”…

Also, close your eyes especially at 4:24-4:45 where they show several pics of how her body was found and how it looked upon retrieval after the murder.

They did this mainly to show that it is IN-FREAKING-POSSIBLE that La Vena could have killed herself with the kinds of injuries she had on her body.

Below is a link to numerous you tube vids on this story as well in which many are interviewing her father and some discussing how women are treated in the military in regards to sexual assault and cover ups.

Here are just a few articles that cover her death and this story as well. Unfortunately many were not mainstream enough to get any real action or pressure on the congress to re-open the investigation and find out what *REALLY* happened and hold everyone accountable as to who did it along with the evil bastards that signed off paperwork and investigation and autopsy reports that say she committed suicide. Its just INSULTING to the intelligence of ANY parent, ANYONE with a damn brain cell and America citizen what they have managed to pull off in the name of covering up for themselves.

You may be asking why I even care about these stories since they don’t affect me directly? Because WE SHOULD.  If Black women cannot depend on the MSM to deliver our stories we have no choice but to get the word out the best way we can – on our blogs.

La Vena and/or any other Black woman whose tragic stories have been ignored, could have easily been ME or any of my close friends family members as these victims. Yes they hit closer to home for me because it could be ME. And the thought that my story would go ignored b/c I’m not deem “saleworthy” enough “WHITE” or valuable enough b/c I’m a Black woman ticks me off. So as the say, “the sisters have to do it for themselves!”

And to the sick sadistic bastard(s) that did this – probably rejoicing in the fact they have gotten away with such a disgusting inhumane act, I hope they die a very slow painful tortuous death like they  inflicted upon this innocent angel La Vena. They  and all who have covered for them  will suffer in due time. Karma has its way of taking care of the evil.

La Vena keep giving your family the spirit and courage to keep fighting for you name and justice. God knows and in due time I pray these savages are brought to justice and that those who covered for them are also held accountable.


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  1. foosrock!
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 16:25:34

    It’s hard enough being in the corporate world as a female, so I can’t imagine why any female would want to join ANY army!!!.

    May her soul RIP and her parents find justice.



    • Neecy
      Jun 13, 2013 @ 16:29:40

      I KNOW! Seroously I understand a lot of poorer women rely on the military. but why would women who do not have to join – JOIN? Its obvious the amount of HATRED towards women is allowed to run rampant in the military. And obviously they are not looking into everyone’s mental capacity if they can committ such an atrocious act like this.

      i know there are decent and good men in the military, but sorry one has to wonder that when more rapes and assualts on women occur int eh military than on civilian soil, one has to wonder!

      And then to pour LYE ACID into her vaginal area? To hit her so viscoously in her face with (what they believe was her M16 rifle) that would crack her jaw, smash her teeth loose, crack her eye skull, break her nose on BOTH SIDES!). That is pure sociopathic and female HATRED.

      There is no way I would encourage any female I loved to enter into the military – AT ALL.

      I pray her family get the answers they deserve.



      • Deniece Williams
        Sep 15, 2013 @ 19:33:55

        Hi Ms. Neecy,
        What happened to this young woman is horrendous and just outright sickening!!! However, I have never in my 16 years of active military service experienced the “hatred towards women” that you speak of in your post. As an African American female soldier who has served proudly in the US Army for 16 years, I must say that the Army is not as bad as you are describing it to be. You stated that ” poorer women” join, well that is not always the case. I was not poor when I decided to join, nor am I at any cost poor now. In fact, joining the Army was the best move that I ever made. Nevertheless, I pray that whoever committed this horrific crime against this beautiful young woman is made to pay. In addition, i hope the military leaders involved in this case have no peace until justice is served..



        • Neecy
          Sep 15, 2013 @ 19:38:52

          Hi Deniece,

          Thanks for your input and I am very glad that you have not had the same experiences that other Black woman Like La Vena (and even many White women) have endured in the armed forces. But the facts are the facts. The armed services for the most part is not very “woman friendly”. Hence all of the cases of “unsolved” murders of women serving and all of the women coming forward talking about how inhumanley they were treated while serving.

          As you can guess, it just isn’t a good image to the civilians like myself who are constantly reading stories like that and La Vena’s.

          I am glad however that you were blessed to be okay while serving.



  2. Neecy
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 16:27:00

    Its been 8 years at this point and the story has pretty much gone cold. At this point I don’t even think justice is going to happen, but hopefully it will. I can bet there were MANY witnesses that knows who and what happened. How can their not be?? Come on! And I wonder if the military is covering b/c maybe it was a higher up that was responsible for the incident.

    There is a reason they are working hard to cover for who did it and/or what happened.

    My guesses are either:

    (1) It was a high chain or superioir officer that did it and he has major connects.

    (2) It was someone she may have rebuffed in terms of coming onto her and she brushed them off or told them she wasn’t interested and they “wanted to show her”.

    I mean its obvious whoever did this HATED her. They didn’t just rape and kill her, they viciously beat her and tortured her like they had something against her.

    This story has just broke my heart over anything I have ever read or heard in terms of victims. She didn’t deserve this.



  3. Neecy
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 18:08:42

    Also one thing I was pleased to see was her father doing his best to find the answers. Had she been one of the likely statistics of black women who have no fathers around this story probably wouldn’t have been known.

    THIS is why it’s important to have loving caring fathers in every woman’s life. Because some things they are just better equipped to handle and do. Her mother said she couldn’t and wouldn’t have the strength and I’m nit sure I would as a mom gave the strength to do the research her father has.

    So another loss for the single black mom supporters. We need strong fathers to help raise our daughters and fight for them like REAL MEN do.

    I have to say mr. John Johnson is a rare breed in the black community and I thank god La Vena has him to fight for her justice.



  4. Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 06:25:58

    MY God…This is sick



  5. Lili
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 08:30:36

    This story just broke my heart. Whoever did this is a savage, evil monster AS ARE those who support him/them by covering up this crime.
    BW- protect yourselves, you come first. We need to do the homework to ensure that we surround ourselves with only supportive networks, clearly the Military is NO place for any BW, full stop.
    Yes, children need good, strong, loving father’s in their lives. I abhor single parenthood (except in unavoidable cases- divorce, death etc); why would you set yourself up for the incredibly hard and responsible task of bringing up a child alone?



    • Neecy
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 11:46:15

      Absolutely Lili!

      Black women need to be very aware of the places and things that are truly compromising to her health, safety and life. The military is *NOT* a place for any woman let alone a Black woman to be. White women don’t even get treated well there! What does that tell you? Anywhere White women are typically mistreated would be a death zone for any other women especially Black.

      And you can bet the Black male soldiers aren’t going to fight and stick up for Black women. Some of them may also be apart of the abuse as well.

      I also believe a lot of racism is behind La Vena’s case and possibly they are adament about covering up for her b/c maybe it was White officers who had done this. Or Black soldiers in where the Black superiors are covering for them. Its one or the other. Of course this is just speculation on my part, but one has to wonder why they would blatantly IGNORE the obvious to cover up?

      There are *some* sociopaths of the worse kind running rampant in the Military and the chain of command is also full of them b/c they would rather cover up for murderers and rapists, than do the right thing and protect the women who enlist.

      This story of La Vena just goes to show you how misogynist and racist the military is.

      La Vena is not HUMAN to them so they can easily write her and dump her off and let a sick murderer continue to roam free on military grounds and civilian soil. That is the DEPTH of their woman hatred and racism. Disgusting!



  6. neurochick
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 10:52:16

    The sad thing is, this does NOT surprise me. You might be too young to remember the Mei Li massacre in Vietnam in 1970 I think. I remember that. See back then, a lot of young men who got into trouble in the US, would go in front of a judge and be told, “you can either choose prison or Vietnam.” Many of them chose Vietnam because they wanted to kill people and were told the women were easy.

    My point is that back then as well as today, many of the young men going into the military are, criminals. Now I’m NOT saying all of them are; I went to a college near West Point and I have respect for what those guys go through, but the truth is, a lot of the young men in the military are not the best of the best.

    What really makes me angry is that so many young people go into the military in order to pay for college. That didn’t happen too much when I was eighteen, but back then a middle class salary could pay for a college education; in fact my starting salary as a low level clerk was the same as a year’s tuition in a pretty well known private college in NYC. Today, so many young people graduate in debt and are really forced into the military. That’s sad.



    • Neecy
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 11:52:06

      WOW so they gave actual CRIMINALS the choice to join the military or go to prison? yep a recipe for disaster. During those times, since women were not apart of the military ranks, these crazies would take their misogynist hatred of women and killing nature out on the enemies women and children. Now they are taking their anger and sickness out on female American soldiers who they should be protecting.

      And do they really get *that* much money for college? I can believe this is something the military definitley uses to recruit – especially women. That is how they recruited LaVena. They were allowed to go on high school campuses recruiting young men and women with the bait of being able to pay for college, travel.

      its disgusting to see how awfully racist the military has been in treating La Vena so inhumane as if she is just some flesh to be tossed aside and forgotten about.

      Karma will definitley take care of all of those sick bastards that have signed off on La Vena.

      Also, i cannot understand why her parents would bury her in a veterans grounds or in her uniform. If the Army treated my daughter the way they treated her and insulted me the way they did, I would NEVER bury her with any remnants of the military.

      I don’t know if her parents really took all the proper channels though, to secure La Vena’s case. Did they call the FBI? Why didn’t they hire a private investigator or a private attorney?

      There is no Facebook memorial of LaVena. i know she has a sister close in age. No way to contact them. they haven’t updated her page.



      • neurochick
        Jun 16, 2013 @ 13:40:22

        If you can still find it, M. Scott Peck (who wrote The Road Less Travelled) had a tape called “Evil,” where he gives his theory on if evil is a mental illness or not. Apparently, he was the psychiatrist the army called to investigate what happened at Mei Li. One of the things I remember him saying was that many of the soldiers came from poorer families, that a lot of them had gotten into trouble with the law, and were given a choice, jail or Vietnam. He was trying to explain how the soldiers could have killed the villagers and what was in their heads.

        The interesting thing was that he said the military basically squashed the report.



  7. Kia
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 22:21:59

    I don’t know why any race of women in this decade would ever join the army, military, air force, marines etc. Women who join are being tortured, raped, or killed by their own army people without fear or punishment. When other blacks have all the time in the world to rally for black men like OJ simpson, trayvon martin, Oscar grant – his killing being turned into a film, Rodney king, etc – except for OJ – all black men abused or killed by racist whites.

    But are silent with the black on black on violence in their own communities, or when black girls or black women are abused or killed by black men. I will never expect whites to start caring for any black women or men who are the victims of crime. Because white people have treated black women and any black people this way for centuries – sometimes whites were the ones abusing or killing black people back in the 1950’s and still today!

    I think black women should start their own ‘America’s Most Wanted’ for black women only. Which would also give black women the power to sue anyone that doesn’t investigate or cover up crimes properly. That’s the only way that black women will have ever have justice, because black men, the black community, and the white people who control the media will never care. And I know not all white people are like this with black people, just the racist ones.



    • Neecy
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:01:41

      Yes Kia any woman who joins the military in this day in age is signing up taking a risk on her life and sexual well being. That is one of the last places left in where misogyny is openly tolerated to the point of abuse and murder of female soldiers.

      However, I can guarantee you even in this case if La Vena was a 19 year old WHite girl and she had been murdered like this and GOD FORBID any signs a Black male(s) soldier(s) did it, this would be all over national news and the military would have a jolly good time prancing the Black man before the world.

      My gut tells me they are covering up so hard b/c it may have been WHite officers and that would definitely cause a major backlash if it were found out. Just the way in which she was beaten and handled screamed in huamne and hatred. They didn’t just want to rape her and murder her, they wanted to TORTURE her and treated her like an animal.

      I just can’t see them covering up for Black male soldiers like this unless the superiors are Black men themselves who don’t want any of the black male soldiers images to be tarnished- either senario is possible. Its definitley ONE or the other for sure.

      Another fact I found interesting in one of the you tube vids in which her father was interviewed, he pointed out that a handgun was used to kill her. And he stated in his experience the only people on military bases that carry handguns are the military police, the military EMTs (i think he said) and the high ranking officers.

      So the regular soldiers like La Vena don’t even carry hand guns they carry rifles.

      And yes Black women are going to have to create their own network (possibly starting on youtube) to report and discuss all the crimes against Black women and demand investigations and such. We need our own sort of Nancy Grace for Black women victims. 
      We cannot keep BEGGING the MSM to see us as women and human beings worthy of justice. We just have to do it ourselves.

      There is no reason why the Quiana Pietzraks and LaVena’s of the world cannot get any attention for their cases. They were YOUNG, doing the right with their lives and should be recognized.



      • neurochick
        Jun 16, 2013 @ 13:49:45


        It would not have mattered if she had been a white woman. Believe me. The military covers up for itself. It always has and it always will.

        How long did it take for Pat Ryan’s family to find out what happened to him? That he was killed by friendly fire? And he was a young white man.

        Heck, if La Vena had been white, the military would have said the Iraqi’s killed her.

        Think of the military budget. If these women all got together and started suing, it would be like the Catholic church, when all these adults who had been molested as children started suing. People would demand that the military is held accountable and maybe their budget would be cut a bit.



  8. Erin
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 22:55:50

    What’s really sad and ironic is that her parents never wanted her to join the military. They wanted her to go straight to college. But she wanted to ease the financial burden for her parents. And her life was probably taken by someone or people within her own platoon – another American soldier(s). Neecy, you also said that she had a large amount of cash on her right before she died, and that her credit cards had disappeared. So maybe this was a case of her turning down the advances of a man, and she was tortured and raped as revenge, combined with her money also being stolen. ALL WOMEN – ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN – should put the word out to not join any military or army type organization. Because they will be targets for rape, abuse, and killings. THEY WILL NOT BE PROTECTED from these types of crimes.



    • Neecy
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:09:13

      Hi Erin.

      Yes my spidey senses tell me one of three senarios took place that led to LaVena’s murder. Since it’s a FACT she was murdered with a handgun, her father said the only people on military grounds who carry handguns are superior officers, military police and I think he said medical techs? Anyway, that means it could have been a soldier in her platoon, but I feel he is of a higher chain of command and thus why the intent to cover up her murder and protect this person(s) is so strong – even her father said this is what he thinks.

      The military even defines any kind of sexual relationship between a higher chain officer/superior with a subodinate as RAPE. YES that is in the military handbook. So its againt ilitary policy for any high ranking officer to have any kind of sexual relations with his subordinates. but of course they do it and get away with it.

      I’m gonna list the only possible senarios as to why laVena got killed and why there is a over up:



      • Neecy
        Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:19:18

        SENARIO ONE: Most probable

        I believe La Vena turned down one too many sexual advances from a superior officer(s). Its common practice according to many female officers who have reported being sexually assualted, for higher up the chain commanders to attempt sexual relations with young female enlistees. Because of the power of these men, the women either do it and if they don’t do it they are targeted and mistreated.

        She was only there for 8 weeks! She was young, fresh out of high school, petite and I am sure the men there were trying to get her.

        In La Vena’s case, she may have turned down advances on many occasions since she was there and They were pissed about it, they coerced her to come somewhere alone to speak with them (after hours) and they killed and beat her.

        Now. I do not believe LaVena was traveling alone. It was reported that she was with a male friend when she made her purchase at the military store before her death. I believe Military policy states that all women soldiers have a BUDDY system in which they travel around the base with at all times. In her case that night, she did. But it could be that she ended up alone somewhere with her murderer(s) b/c a superior officer requested to speak with her alone.

        So either he or they called her to come to a place they were b/c that is the only time a female soldier would go alone.



        • Neecy
          Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:29:31


          I say this b/c of the fact that soldiers on her level don’t carry handguns and could never get away with moving her body around to areas like a contractors tent, which was pretty much off limits. They just don’t have the freedom to roam grounds like that beyond a certain hour.

          One guy reported on one of the youtube video comments that he remembered being on post at a dining hall that night and hearing the shot but not knowing that this story was that actual incident. He said it happened right at midnight when he heard the shot. But said he couldn’t see anything from where his post was.

          Plus based on the pictures of where her body was found, it was clearly late night when this happened.

          So in this case LaVena may have very well been on her way back from seeing friends from another area – ALONE (which would have been a no no), but who thinks they are gonna die on a military base with all kinds of police roaming around?

          She obviously had placed on one of those belts that they wear at night so that she could be seen (like irridecent belt of some sort), and they just ambushed her in a location where no one else could see or hear the rape taking place. Then afterwards they dressed her back up, dragged her to the contractors tent (there were trails of blood) and tried to set her on fire. But they didn’t stay around long enough to make sure the tent or her body burned.

          In this case it simply could have been a case of they saw a young petite female traveling alone and just couldn’t contain themselves.

          And I believe LaVena fought back and that also could be a reason she was beaten so horribly – because she dared to fight back.



        • Neecy
          Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:36:16


          I read that the contractors there on military bases also have problems with an abundance of sexual assualts on the females in their organization. The actual contractors there at the time was KB (something) apart of Haliburton which would have been under Cheney at the time since it was one of his companies that he had contracted there.

          Its also reported that these contractors get away with murder on military grounds and often act like they are above the law in many cases.

          This is a probable senario that someone from that contracting company took notice of her and saw her traveling alone and ambushed her. Or had been making advances towards her since she had come to Iraq and he just stalked her until he found the right opportunity to prey on her and rape her.

          Also, the use of lye a corrosion acidic material is something they say only the contractors would have a hold to. This was placed in her vaginal area to cover up the DNA.

          The fact that the military went to great extremes to deny the obvious makes me wonder if it was someone from Haliburton and b/c of the power of Cheney at the time (Bush was still in office) everyone with any kind of power and connections covered this up so that it would not come back on Cheney.

          Either way its SICK that politics and pride and prejudice took precedent over simply giving this woman the justice she and her family deserve.

          But they will pay one way or another – for sure.



  9. Shannon
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 02:39:48

    This also goes back to when – don’t remember which war – when blacks were asked to go to war by whites back when there was still segregation between blacks and whites. When black people had to endure all types of discrimination from their fellow white soldiers. But said that when they encountered the ‘enemy.’

    How the enemy treated them nicer then their fellow white soldiers and whites back home. And then you have now, over 50 years later. Black women being abused or killed, probably by their own soldiers, or by local men in the area where the girl was stationed. With the military falsifying or covering up their deaths, so the military doesn’t look bad to outsiders.

    With no one in the black community caring, because other blacks are too busy destroying their own people and community. Except when black men are the victims of racist whites, suddenly they have all the time in the world for protest, and aren’t scared off by losing ad revenue. As white people continue coddling their own race when they commit crimes, as they have been doing for centuries.

    And continuing to only report victims of crime when its white women, as they have also been doing for centuries. Which is why as Kia said, black women should form their own network of support that is specifically designed for helping black women that have been victims of crime by any race of person that refuses to investigate or falsify crimes committed against black women.



    • Neecy
      Jun 15, 2013 @ 12:45:42

      I agree shannon. its utterly disgraceful at how invaluable the life of a young Black woman is to almost anyone.

      How could THSOE PEOPLE (yes THSOE PEOPLE) with good conscious look over that woman’s body and injuries and insult the intelligence of anyone with EYEBALLS and part vision by saying she killed herself! THAT is the utter contempt that so many people hold for a Black woman, that even when its right before their eyes they will deny it!

      And another thing I think her father made a bad decision. He said that he called one of the top autopsy specialists int he nation who just so happened to be in Misouri (his name is listed in one of the articles) to perform the autospy of LaVena to prove what the military had told them was a lie.

      Do you know that BASTARD flat out told Mr. Johnson “well the person who did the original autopsy report at the military is a close friend of mine”, so LaVena’s dad asked him “AND, so what does that mean?” and he responded “well you are free to get another person to perform the second autopsy” (NEECY: IOW’s he was not going to throw his good friend under the bus even if he did lie and cover up her death as a suicide – CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!). So Mr. Johnson responded “welll you are saying that you cannot perform an unbiased professional autopsy on her”, and still PAID this main $400 to perform another autopsy on LaVena. WHY?

      Of course his “findings” said he could not say whether it was a murder but it “looked” as if there was a possible suicide.

      LOL Can you believe this shit!

      Why on earth would her dad play a crooked piece of shit like that man who flat out told him (without telling him) that he was NOT going to contradict what his good LYIANG ASS CORRUPT friend did in terms of declaring her death a suicide when it obviously wasn’t based on the condition of her body!

      How can he look over that girls body and not see the Black eyes, the broken nose and limbs, the vaginal tears, the bite marks, the scratches!???

      People are just EVIL. From the bottom of the totem pole to the TOP!

      her father should have NEVER used or paid that lying unethical bastard to perform her second autopsy.

      he had a 3rd autopsy done that revelaed in xrays that they had removed part of her tongue, anus and vagina before sending her body back tot he states. Now why did they do this? YEAH b/c they knew he’d get another autopsy done which would have proven a MURDER and RAPE.

      They are all low life evil pieces of SHIT!



  10. Kiwiwriter
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 17:03:39

    This case stinks on ice, and I have no doubt that she was brutally murdered.

    This is what happens when you send good kids to find in a bad cause (Iraq). Since the cause is immoral, they become what they behold. The result is Abu Ghraib, sergeants killing civilians, and increased cases of suicide.

    One of the many manifestations of this is soldiers sexually assaulting their comrades-in-arms. I HAVE seen, from personal experience, a negative male attitude in the military to women. In the officer corps, adultery is a game. The guy in charge of sexual harassment training in my command in New Zealand was nailed for what else…sexual harassment.

    Interestingly, a lot of female military are SUPER TOUGH…harsher than males. And the Marines have, since they brought in more women, had an increasing problem with lesbianism.

    Our best blood is being destroyed, both physically and mentally, by this war.



  11. KimP
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 11:08:57

    I feel so ignorant that I had no idea about this story in spite of the cover-up. I was only a few years younger than La Vena when this happened, even though I’d never enlist, this could be me or any BW if something horrific like this happens. God bless this angel and I pray the fury of hell haunts the person(s) who did this and everyone who had a hand in covering this up.



    • Neecy
      Jun 19, 2013 @ 09:07:30

      Hey kim! Well It looks like his case is getting some traction again. i just spoke with Sen. Gillibrands office and they are very interested in speaking with her family and getting tot he bottom of this case – especially since it coincides with her efforts in getting criminal investigations out of the hands of the military for obvious reasons and to protect the rights of victims and their families.


      I am so elated right now!!



  12. Neecy
    Jun 19, 2013 @ 08:56:27

    OKAY so I had sent an email to Senator Gillibrand’s office regarding this case. For those who don’t know Senator Gillibrand is now in a battle with military in trying to have sexual assault and criminal investigations in where military women are violated moved out of the hands of the military and into the hands of outside investigators. *DUH* I thin this one is a no-brainer as to why this should be considered.

    This is obviously to keep the military from continuing to cover up the ruthless crimes against women and then letting the savages who rape and murder them run free – like in La Vena’s case.

    Well last week after crying hysterically and feeling helpless about poor La Vena, I sent Se. Gillibrands office an email on La Vena and they CALLED me back! Of course since I am not her family I cannot give them all the documentation, but they are going to get in touch with her family and see if they will be willing to sign a privacy act to release the deets on La Vena’s case to look further into it.

    I told them how unsafe I felt as an American citizen knowing that murders of this caliber could be roaming freely on the military grounds or even on American civilian soil. And I am being honest when i say this.

    I am really hoping she can get the case re-opened for investigation so La Vena and her parents and family and we American citizens can be sure that those who commit such heinous crimes and murders are being punished accordingly and not being set free like birds to possibly committ these crimes again.



  13. Evil Girl
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 11:14:21

    This is scary my sister is in the MARINES. She’s very pretty too.



  14. allangustafsson
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 05:18:38

    Any news? What happened? Really sad story.



  15. Salaam
    Mar 09, 2017 @ 04:48:11

    The things they did to women during the war, especially the early days of the war was just sick. Rapes, beatings and murder. My mother served for 25 yrs and the men especially white men put her through the ringer. So much so I remember it like it was yesterday and it was 30 yrs ago.



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