It’s really up to us Black women to pick one and live with that choice.

Yeah yeah. i know. Neecy gets a lil CRAY CRAY, I kick, I scream, I go off on tangents, I curse, I write long grammatically incorrect/incoherent/incomprehensible posts (HEY DO NOT AGREE WITH THAT!   😡       ),

But when the smoke clears, the dust settles, the fog dissipates, and the mirrors become unsmoked, and I somehow find my insanity sanity  and regain my senses – I realize I am really just Bi POLAR COMPLEX &  it really boils down to how I choose to see things in the grand scheme of it all.

Now some of you may be thinking “Uhm Neecy that is just a really bad case of BI-POLAR” I like to think of it as being  uh.. COMPLEX! 💡

See that example? Instead of me agreeing with you and looking at the glass half empty (i.e. me being Bi-Polar), I like to see myself as a complex person with many FACETS and emotions.  😕



Black women are ULTIMATLEY in control of how we choose to live our lives on this earth despite the obvious challenges we face.

So my mission from here on it is, when I write a post going on a cursing tangent and just having an all out fit, I must follow up with a SOLUTION to the problem I brought up. Fair enough?

Being empowered means understanding the role we play in our own happiness. I have to remind myself of this daily b/c I fall off that wagon at times. luckily, I am able to quickly get back on once I calm down and/or as I said, the dust settles. And when it does I always ask myself “how do you avoid these things in the future”. Because let’s face it. A lot of the shit we have going on in our brains and lives is a result of us ALLOWING it to be there and enter into the first place!

Granted some things are out of our control and usually its the actions of others. So example: If I frequent a blog where I know is full of crazies, and then I get mad and start arguing at the Crazies being  crazies, then who is really to blame for going crazy? The crazies for doing them, or me for placing myself in the vicinity of crazy? ME!? 💡 YES!

SO my point is this. We all as Black women need to constantly be working on empowering ourselves by asking and holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE for the choices we make that allow unnecessary SHIT in our lives, minds and emotions. Its a hard thing to do but it must be done.

I thank GOD for one thing. That I am always able to see the bigger picture and put everything into perspective – sometimes AFTER I have lost my mind, but I always seem to get bits and pieces of it back to realize the problem usually starts somewhere in my own backyard and why I chose to allow other in it or go to other’s backywards when I know I shouldn’t be there.

There are a lot of people who simply can’t and never will look and ask themselves how they can work at making the best of themselves, their lives and sanity. And thus, they stay in that matrix of craziness and insanity because they can’t seem to recognize that sometimes it *IS* just US who needs to make the change.

As long as their is earth – there is CRAZY. As long as there are two people – there are politics.

All we can do as Black women is LIVE WELL and thank God we live in a country (although far from prrrrrr fect) that enables us to take control of our lives and destinies and to do our bestest to AVOID and IGNORE – CRAZY!

So ultimatley we have to consistently check in on ourselves and ask- “is the glass half empty? Or is it half full?” Am I being EMPOWERED or am I being a helpless VICTIM?


Your choice and mine cause I am preaching to the choir here (yes the choir being myself).



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  1. Jausan
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 22:55:05

    Reblogged this on Romantic Truth ® .



  2. omerta327
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 21:06:58

    So basically you’re saying you should do exactly what I told you to do in your last post. Choose your battles, and when it’s not worth it, let it go.

    Wow. Maybe I should write for this blog. I can put things a lot more succinctly than you.

    Once again, on a BWE blog, it’s up to a WM to shine the beacon of light. You’re welcome. 😎



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