AHHHH The wonders of Airbrushing! Fun little APP

How many times have we looked in or at a magazine cover of a celeb and thought “MY GAWD SHE LOOKS FLAWLESS! WHY CANT I *EVER* LOOK LIKE THAT – UGH MY LIFE SUCKS”?

Yeah all the time right?

Well fear no more us little non-flawless lowly nobody peons of the masses! We now have an app that can make you look like pure flawlesness in less than 5 minutes (depending on how many choices you wish to play around with).  And yes, you can make yourself look like a brand new perfect specimen all on your  IPHONE!

Take a look:

Here I am *with make up*, but still normal everyday looking.


Here’s what I would LOOOOOOOVE to look like after remaking myself over in the Perfect365 app


😎   LOL! So basically I gave myself perfect almost unreal looking skin, pretty light brown eyes and a more defined bridge on my nose.

😈    *cue evil witchy laugh*

Ladies, the next time you start feeling bad about yourself when you see that celeb on the cover of a mag with flawless skin and perfect dimensions – remember with just a click of an APP on your iPhone, you too can look like a cover model 😉

I have to add a disclaimer. if you do online dating, PLEASE do not use your Perfect365 app pic. I mean its one thing to play around with what you wish you looked liked, and post it on dating sites for potential suitors to swoon over. And then its another thing when you show up to the date with tore up skin and complete different nose and eye color.   HAHA!  uhm…ahem….  #NOT.COOL.



12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ray
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 04:54:36

    So, are you saying Beyonce doesn’t look that good in real life??? OMG!! I feel so cheated! Why can’t beauty companies make products that can do in real life what a computer program can?



  2. Emma the Emo
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 18:00:41

    I can tell it’s photoshop when someone got a plasticky makeover. Not a fan. Yay for normal skin! (as long as it’s good skin) 😀



    • Neecy
      Oct 15, 2013 @ 20:30:00

      I agree. There is nothing more beautiful than normal good skin without a lot of make up.

      I tend to have a little hyperpigmentation so a light sheer tinted moisturizer with a dewy finish looks good on me and makes me look young.

      Only really young women (in 20’s) look good with make up piled on and even matte.

      I noticed as I get older the more sheer and dewy less matte, less cakey make up looks best on me. When I look to makeupy it makes me look older.

      i see so many older women with tons of make up and they do not realize it actually make them look old.

      Actually as a woman ages she should wear *LESS* make up if she wants to look younger.



  3. eugeniamb
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 01:13:40

    You look gorgeous in the first one. I saw a post on tumblr once with photoshopped photos of stars they were not as pretty as you are in your first pic in their original, not even close.



  4. Neecy
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 20:32:12

    Ok yall I am trying to make a new post but I am sick so I do not have the energy to finish it. UGH I hate being sick. i should be over it in a couple fo days though.



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