Black Women are not a MONOLITH!

I cannot for the life of me understand why Black women who are happy with the way things are now, venture to sites where Progressive thinking Black women are trying to hash out, discover, discuss and come up with ways for Black women to improve our collective lot in life if they are offended by the topics and what the blogger and her commenters are saying.


People tend to migrate to places where they share common interests and like to do so, because it fosters a sense of community and likeness for individuals in some way.


In terms of Sites for BWE, there are a subset of Black women who for the longest could not find like minded BW who shared the same views because the majority is still stuck on stupid (yeah I said it!).


If you are a BW that is happy with the way things are, are “apathetic about being a Black woman” or believe that BWE bloggers are just overreacting, then STAY OFF OUR SITES! Its that simple.


I am not a stone cold feminist. Therefore I do not venture to JEZEBEL and complain to the posters and bloggers about their feminist discussions!


I am not saying that people of differing opinions can not exist on the same blogs. It is always good to hear and discuss different views on a matter. But if you are a sensitive person that takes everything personal or as an attack  then you are best staying in places where people share the same opinions and views as you do.


if you are a person with thick skin and an ability to debate in a healthy way without taking everything personal or twisting things that people are saying, then by all means I think most intelligent people would welcome you and your opinions because sometimes we can learn things from people who have a different view or opinion.


But if you are going to places to troll and be dissenting because you have thin skin, then you need to stay away because you then become disruptive.


i had to do this myself. I ventured to a PUA site and finally realized if I didn’t like what was being said about women or in general, then I need to keep my happy ARSE off that site because its not for me nor is it targeted to me. So if I choose to stick around I need to either accept that a lot of the discussions I will not agree with and I need to accept it or move on.


Same thing applies here with Black women who are constantly complaining about BWE bloggers attacking their choices. If you like the way things are for Black women these days, or don’t see a need for change or “what the big deal is” then FINE!b No one is forcing you to adopt the ideals or values of Black women who are on the progressive path to change.


But do not go to the blogs being disruptive and overly sensitive or LYING on bloggers to create controversy.

Ok. Off my soapbox!


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  1. Sibyl
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 11:43:12

    I can’t for the life of me understand this trolling behaviour. Why when there are so many other blogs on the internet would someone keep coming back to attack a BWE bloggers viewpoints.

    What makes it worse is that it’s clear that it’s not because they can seriously counter any of the logic or analysis. That’s never their tack. It’s always personal…’what you write here makes me feel bad…’ etc.

    How childish, how ridiculous! When will these women grow up? These are serious and in many cases life threatening issues for many BW.

    Even if the trolls aren’t themselves suffering (living in blakistan, dealing with DBR’s etc), don’t they have compassion for the millions of black women that do?

    I personally have never had to personally deal with a lot of the traumas that many BW in this society suffer, but I feel deeply for those that do, especially for the plight of young girls coming up. Their suffering hurts me, and I’m enraged by it, as any right minded person should be about real injustice.

    What I do have to deal with as a BW, regardless of where or how I live, are the indignities regularly tossed at BW by the media in general and hateful noxious BM in the public eye like that cockroach Kanye West.

    These insults are allowed and tolerated because BW as a group until now have had no real voice and absolutely no defenders.

    This is only just starting to change largely due to the immense work of BWE and their passionate defense and activism on behalf of BW.

    There’s no room for apathy in any form of social justice activism. There’s also no room for mentally lazy self indulgent whingers on some kind of victim trip.

    If your status and treatment as a BW in this society means nothing to you, then you need to move along and let those who deeply care and value their own image and reflection as BW get on with the work.

    Stop the derailment and pathetic attempts at sabotage. They won’t work and you WILL get mowed down.



  2. Neecy
    Nov 09, 2013 @ 21:57:09

    Perfectly said Sybil!!!!



  3. Peanut
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 09:59:46

    Renisha McBride is a prime example of how Black women are treated in America…had she been a white woman who got in an accident, she would have been a damsel in distress…but because she’s a black woman looking for help, she’s a criminal…who deserves to be shot



    • Neecy
      Nov 11, 2013 @ 10:09:12

      EXACTLY in America BW are rarely seen as women BY ANYONE. But it starts in how our own communities treat us and extends out into mainstream world.

      If our own communities don’t treat us like women, no other communities will either.

      This story is just sad and heartbreaking on so many levels. I am going to do my next post on this.



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