Its time for Western Women to FESS UP!

I am so over the Western Woman hypocrisy and whining. Especially when there are women  and young girls in other parts of the world who have ZERO say in how they live their lives day to day, who they choose as partners, whether they will or won’t get an education and live a life of promise based on their own dreams and desires. These women do not have the ability to shape the kinds of men in society that they wish to marry, date, and pro create with. Unlike Western women who have much power in their hands to control the sexual market place and shape how we want men to treat and see us as women. More on that later…..


Obviously we have all heard about the latest with Elliot Rodgers and the unfortunate killing spree he went on.


Elliot Rodgers was an ENTITLED yet mentally disturbed male who happened to also not get what he wanted in terms of women. Clinically he was dealing with Aspergers disease which is a social disease that affects a small portion of the population. of course not all Aspergers sufferers are mass murderers. But its clear this young man had some serious mental issues that were addressed by his parents. But his sense of entitlement was his biggest problem.



He was not your TYPICAL MALE by any stretch of the imagination as some feminist sites would suggest. Normal men do not go around killing people and making manifestos about how they are going to slaughter women because they couldn’t get laid.




Normal males who typically suffer sexually with women like Elliot did, who have issues attracting women, either suffer in silence and deal with their awkwardness the best way they can, while being ignored by women and going through most of their lives without knowing what its like to have the affection, touch and warmth of a variety of women.


These men do not become bitter woman-hating losers. They accept it for what it is and make the most of their lives the best way they can and hopefully find a woman someday who will love them.


There are MANY western men (mainly White and Asian) who fit this profile. These men are often raised to believe that women want nice, loving guys who will treat them kindly and respect them as women. Men who will give women their space and not be pushy or aggressive. Men who act respectable to women and treat women as equals and who are not sexist. And they play by those rules and do just that to only be ignored and sexually deprived or worse called “Creepy” and “wolves in sheep clothing” simply because they are acting the way their mothers and society and women “CLAIM” they want men to act. LOL


Most of these men will go on to do great things in their lives career wise because they have placed all of that lack of sexual energy into things that are more productive. Suddenly, that is when all of those women who ignored them come running (women who are much older now and who cannot compete with the up and coming younger women for the bad boys they chased after and gave all of their affections too).


And many times, these good guys end up marrying these women later on and giving them the house, the picket White fence, the 2.5 kids and dogs. Giving these women who ignored them in their early years the life that all of those losers and jerks she slept with, dated and gave her affections to when she was young and hot would never give. And many of these Western White and Asian men do this unselfishly knowing these women would not have spit on them if they were on fire when they had nothing and had other choices in bad boys and jerks who treated them poorly.




Unlike Elliot Rodgers, Other men choose to recognize their social awkwardness and understand that the only way they will improve their love lives is to make some changes. Many of these men up until now did not have outlets to find or express their issue, concerns and even anger. These men do not feel “ENTITLED” to women, but they like any other normal human being, want to enjoy being loved and in intimate relationship with the opposite sex.


These men treated women kindly and were good b/f’s and husbands who were burned one too many times and walked over by women because of their kindness and unwillingness to treat women like crap.


The point is, they didn’t sit around blaming everyone. They have chosen to take action to make their love lives better.


These men clearly have awaken to the reality that what they were fed all of their lives about what women “WANT” or say we want is completely afferent from our actions. They call this discovering the RED PILL. That harsh reality that sets in that all of their lives they did what society, their mothers and fathers told them to do only to not be rewarded for it. They watched so many women they loved and treated well leave them for losers or questionable men who didn’t put in half the effort.


These men are a lot more savvy and choose not to be used and walked over or ignored by  women anymore and are learning the techniques that the “bad boys” use to get the affections of these women. Many of these men have either gone sexless or been run over in relationships and mistreated or dumped or walked on by women who used their niceness and kindness as a doormat, while giving all of their love and affection to he guys who stepped all over it.


Fortunately for many selfish women who take these guys for granted, many of these men are still in the dark on how to change and have just accepted their role as the doormat to women who use them. However, with all the latest on the “manosphere” articles since this Elliot Rodgers incident, there will be just *THAT* much more men who are now exposed to the PUA sites and the “RED PILL”.


The other half of these men  have discovered PUA sites (PICK UP ARTIST SITES) to help them understand how to become  more attractive and pull the kinds of women they want, while also protecting their best interests.




Then you just have loser men who simply cannot connect to women because they hate them and feel that by simply EXISTING, they should have access to any and all women they chose. When they do not get that, they lash out at women. Unlike the other two groups of sexually deprived men who have either put that sexual depravation energy into more productive things like their careers or the ones who finally wake up and realize they have to make some personal changes with themselves to become more attractive to women, these OMEGA woman haters (Like Elliot Rodgers) choose the easy way out by harming women or simply hating them and lashing out.


The point I wish to make is this. All of these articles popping up by feminists and women using Elliot Rodgers as some sort of poster boy for “men feeling entitled to women and our bodies” need to have a seat. Now they are blaming PUA sites for the reason why Elliot Rodgers and those of his ilk exist.


Sorry ladies. Here to tell you that the PUA sites are a result of the LIES that women have been telling men for so many decades!


Men who are tired of being walked over, ignored by women who are rushing to get to the guys who treat them like crap!


Women do not want “NICE” men. If we did, we wouldn’t assume every nice guy is some wolf in sheep clothing or “creepy”. Nice guys cannot and will not ever win in this society – at least not with women.  Women need to be more honest with ourselves and MEN and say what it is we really want in men.


And that is where the PUA sites come in, and win to teach these in the dark men how to change their mindset and learn about the psychology of women as to be more successful with women.


Women have been doing this for decades. We just didn’t call our sites, books, roundtable discussion on relationships and the  psychology of men PUA sites. We talked amongst each other about the good, bad and ugly of men and how we as women can circumvent the psychological processes of men to work in our best interests as women. Well men are now doing the same and feminists are not having it.


You see. Men have every right to discuss amongst themselves the psychology of women. Just as women sit around and say not so nice things about the psychology of men, men are finally speaking out about the “not so pretty” psychology of women.


And that not so pretty psychology of women to most who have gone through their lives seeing the hypocrisy of women say one thing while doing another, causes them to converge and create way that they will no longer as “good nice guys” be walked over and ignored.


The difference between these men on PUA sites and the Elliot Rodgers of the world, are the sincere ones who go to the PUA sites who still have goodness in their blood, truly want to improve with women. They do not hate women, they just want to understand women so that they can be more successful with women. And sometimes what they learn on these sites about the  psychology of women is an eye opener. Then there are of course the loonies who venture to PUA sites and ruin everything with their bitterness and anti-woman rhetoric. But the premise is, most of these men want to make themselves more attractive to women. They want to learn how to become better socially in settings so that women will stop calling them “creepy”.


They want love and affection as do most human beings. And  they are doing what they see garners that from women.


They as human beings have a right to want to learn the good, bad and ugly of women so they can adapt and have more successful relationships. They no longer want to be in denial or in the dark losing out while the guys who managed to figure out what women REALLY WANT reap all of the rewards of women’s adoration and affections.


So please with the “why do men feel entitled to our bodies”. If you are a woman living in a Western society,  you have it made! no man is  forcing you to do anything against your will. And if he does, he will have the law to answer to for it.


Western women need to get a clue and shape up or else things will just get worse if we keep lying to men and ourselves.
What we really want are good, solid men with a backbone. A man that is not “nice” and supplicating, nor a man who is a  misogyonist jerk. We want a man who is strong, CONFIDENT, sincere, compassionate but can stand on his own two feet and who we can look to as a protector, lover and someone with good character and good qualities.


The problem is NICE GUYS are awkward and typically not very confident and are  socially inept and often times too supplicating for most women to respect. And this is what we women will simply not come out and say.


There are a lot of Elliot Rodgers amongst us. Not the murderous, angry, bitter, entitled Elliot Rodgers. But the sexually deprived young male who doesn’t;t understand why women don’t like him despite him being everything his mother and society told him to be.


Western Women have the POWER to create the kinds of men and relationships we want. I have always firmly believe that women hold much more power than we give ourselves credit for , especially in the sexual market place, where we have the goods that men want. Men will adapt to women’s societal demands in the sexual market place based on WOMEN’S willingness to uphold ourselves to a higher standard and demand nothing but the best for ourselves.


Men have power in various ways. They do not hold it with the sexual market place. What men do is they ADAPT to how women respond and demand certain behaviors based on our ACTIONS.


If women want better men, then women have to be better women and stand by that. We cannot have slut walks and then cry foul and say we do not want to be “slut shamed”. We cannot oversexualize ourselves and bodies as women and then claim all men are objectifying us as women. We cannot loudly proclaim we can sleep around with whomever whenever and expect men to hold us in high regard as women, wives and mothers. We cannot be so entitled to feel we can spend our young years as women sleeping around with tons of loser men, ignoring those quality guys and then EXPECTING those same quality guys to love, honor and cherish us as their wives and mothers of our children when our behavior has not warranted such.


We cannot live ratchet as women and expect men to not follow or treat us as such. We cannot keep rewarding jerks and losers with our affections and expect men to take us seriously later on when we “CLAIM” we want nice good guys.


Its time to be honest with ourselves as women and to men,so that young men can have fulfilling relationships with women and so women can too have fulfilling relationships with well socially adjusted men.



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  1. Neecy
    May 27, 2014 @ 22:12:56

    I am so BEYOND the point of talking with rose colored glasses. I’m not doing it anymore and I really do not care who doesn’t agree with me. I made a vow that from here on out any views I have on something, I will state them as I SEE IT. I do not care who hates it, doesn’t agree with it. They are my views and I own them.

    I am tired of going to blogs where people (both men and women) continue to play DUMB and act as if they have contributed nothing to the downfall of their lives and relationships.

    The was the major problem with Elliot Rodgers.he did not want to be accountable for his own lacking and issues and wanted to blame and point the finger to all others. Of course he had that issue in spades, but I am finding a lot of people these days do not want to own up and hold themselves accountable for the things that happen in their lives.

    All they want to do is walkabout how OTHERS are making their lives so horrible without looking from within at themselves first.

    I am a person that believes in owning up to your own faults FIRST before pointing the finger to others. Rarely will I ever just simply BLAME another group, person or entity for actions unless I have looked within FIRST to determine my role.
    The problem is, we live in a society where people do not want to be accountable for their choices and actions. Its so easy to keep blaming everyone else for everything wrong instead of first asking “what role did I play in this”.

    I have aways been a person to look at things from ALL ANGLES not just the angle the fits MY AGENDA. And that makes me a rare breed and often misunderstood.

    OH WELL TOO BAD. I am who I am and call things as I see it. If I ever state that anything I write or say is GOSPEL or THE ONLY RIGHT WAY, feel free to check me. Other than that, what i say is WHAT I BELIEVE in my own mind and eyes, and have every right to say it regardless if the masses agree or not.



  2. TorontoGirl
    May 27, 2014 @ 23:00:17

    Agree with everything. Finally someone is honest and you’ll probably get criticism and called out for slut shaming. I see all this all the time on Tumblr, and I just get confused they look like they don’t know what they want. They say they want that but then they don’t expect to behave a certain way to get it. They just want to continue acting like unclassy but be treated with class



    • Neecy
      May 27, 2014 @ 23:45:31

      Thanks TORONTO GIRL!

      I am so over the hypocrisy with Western Women and their wanting to have their cake and eat it too, then expect men to take them seriously.

      How many times has their been a woman to try to stand up for women and demand women be respected and not objectified only to have tons of women scream about how its their right to sleep around, act like ratchet over sexed women and then cry foul when people take them for face value.

      Enough already!

      I believe a woman should be able to express her sexuality (hey I have massive cleavage showing in my photo LOL) but you will not also hear me saying that only men objectify women. I own up the fact that as women we *DO* want in various ways to be armored for our beauty and sexuality. Its juts natural. Of course there is a line that every woman has.

      With owning and embracing your sexuality will come some people who take that for face value. That doesn’t mean you do not check them, but you cannot simply place the blame on men when you participate in your own objectification as a woman.

      If i hear one more woman go “stop slut shaming” I am going to scream.

      I was on a site where there were pics posted of MOTHERS who took selfies of themselves in highly sexualized photos with THEIR SMALL CHILDREN in the photos. When people called them out for their obvious questionable behavior, you have some tired women running up in the thread “stop slut shaming”. REALLY??

      Women do not want to be held accountable for questionable behaviors but then expect the world and men to simply “not see our sexuality” when we thow it in their faces.




  3. Brenda55
    May 27, 2014 @ 23:14:35

    Lots of food for thought.

    One question and I feel it is a fair one and one no one seems to focus on during discussions like this one. What about all of those socially awkward wall flowers out there looking for those same nice guys? The young women who are constantly passed over by most men, including the ones you are describing in this piece?

    They may give a “nice guy” like that a chance but for some reason Mr. Beta and Mr. Omega never seems to pay much attention to Miss Beta or Miss Omega. No. Men what that bright shiny apple. That gal that looks like she just stepped off the runway. That gal that can get laid like tile.

    Nope Miss Beta and Miss Omega suffers in silence watching “nice guys” pass her by and eases her pain with her cat, her fork and what ever battery operated friend she has on hand. I notice however what she does not do is shoot up a campus.

    I read some of the manosphers sites and I have to admit that harsh as they are they are not entierly without some truth. Most of that having to do with the Family Court system in this country and how it adversely affects fathers and their children all too often. That is about where my agreement begins and ends.

    Almost to a man however these men do not what to entertain the notion of expanding their marriage and dating pool as so many other men in their circumstance have successfully done. Horrors that would be settling. No these men insist that the women THEY desire behave themselves, be brought to heel and come around to their way of thinking. That is not about the happen.

    So long as women are in a position to financially support themselves and by extension any children they have they are in a position to reject who they want and there is not much that most men can do about it. That is unless there is a cataclysmic change in the economy that changes that fact. I do not foresee that reality changing.

    Most of these keyboard jockeys can post all the derision about women they want but it is for naught. Their time would be better spent taking a realistic look at themselves and having a second look at the young lady who is every bit a lovable but may not fit the unrealistic appearance standard that media dictates or may be of a different race or culture.
    I see couples like that all over who are in rich and fulfilling relationships and not living lives of quiet desperation and angst that risks boiling over into violence.



    • Neecy
      May 27, 2014 @ 23:37:07

      Brenda you are so right. And I have actually used this same argument on PUA sites. I’m no fool. I know plenty of those men only want the top 3% of women in the looks dept. and when they don’t get them they claim all women ignore them and can;t see a good man when one comes their way. LOL I know that is HALF of the problem with most of those men on PUA sites. Ok more than half.

      But a lot of times too, I feel many of those men are keyboard jockeys as well. It sounds good to say you only date 8-10 women in looks dept., but at the end of the day they know their reality. And the reality is many of them are only going to snag a woman between a 5-7 in looks because MOST women are average in looks.

      Its the equivalent of the dating sites. men who only claim to want a certain race, but in real life if they met a good attractive woman of the race they didm;t check they would most likely date them if they were a reasonable normal person.

      I also say my peace on those sites and trust me I have had my head bitten off by those men because I have called out many of those men out on that site because some are just unable to see the roles they play in their own bad relationships with women.

      i don’t go to those sites supplicating to men. I say how I feel and sometimes I agree with *SOME* of the ones who I sincerely feel have been walked over, and many times I don’t agree withe the bloggers posts and opinions and I say it.

      I have written post after post on this as well getting on mens cases about this very thing. In fact, I was going to be writing a post on how men get away with picking and choosing ratchet women while women are constantly told we make bad choices in men.

      Well what about men who make these bad choices in women? And that spurred from a site where I saw pics of mothers taking disgusting sexual selfies with their toddler kids in the photos and thinking “who is impregnating these kinds of women”. Men also have to take responsibility for the kinds of women they choose and I have NO problem saying that here on on a PUA site.

      Too many good women get ignored by these guys because they are shooting for the supermodel when reality is they are shooting out of their range.

      But I also can see it from the other side as well which many people just don’t understand. Its the same for the men who go on PUA sites and don’t agree with everything being said there. they are called GAY and woman supplicatory and everything simply because they refuse to place all the blame on women.

      Trust me, I see it from BOTH sides.



    • Neecy
      May 27, 2014 @ 23:54:21

      I also agree that a lot of these men need to LOOK WITHIN and improve themselves which MANY are truly trying to do.

      But I also read between the lines. And let’s face it, I have been in numerous convos or on various blogs and sites where nice guys get called everything but a child of God. This is where I believe the PUA sites have some merit. Nice guys do get shafted by women and frowned upon by women because deep down women do not like men who are not confident or who appear to be socially awkward and inept.

      Instead of women JUST SAYING THIS, we go on about how we love nice guys because it “SOUNDS GOOD” but in reality most women do not want that and its obvious based on the numbers of nice guys who go without sex for half of their young lives.

      Also, if Black women stop jumping on everyone;s bandwagon and stop being so damned stubborn ready to point the finger, this is a place where we can make headway in IR’s with men because many BW have been exposed to overly aggressive entitled men all of their lives because Black culture rewards that behavior in men.

      Many Black women actually WANT those good nice guys that WW and non Black women may walk over because they are “boring” to them and seek out men who exemplify more aggressive traits because ether haven’t been exposed to that as regularly as Latin and Black women.

      Instead you have Black women going “no body owes a nice guy anything!”. Well let’s see if they have that same sentiment when another study come sour saying how no one wants to date Black women just because. Just as Black women feel they have a right to express frustration and a need to people to show compassion, so do nice guys.

      Black women need to be more keenly aware of jumping on bandwagons against people who we are most likely in the same boat with and want that same courtesy of compassion extended to us.



  4. Neecy
    May 27, 2014 @ 23:57:58

    For all those Black women getting all hoity toity against the “nice guys” claiming they need to just accept that no one owes them love, intimacy or a relationship because they are nice, recognize there are plenty people saying that about Black women who complain and express frustration, hurt and even anger at constantly being ignored in the relationship arena simply because we are Black women who are often misunderstood.

    There are so many Black women in this same boat, it amazes me how so many can be so callous and shifty towards the men in the same boat.



  5. Neecy
    May 28, 2014 @ 00:12:32

    And just to keep it balanced. I will make a post talking about how men ignore and bypass good women simply because they do not fit in the top ten % of highly prized looks and how this affects so many good women who go unloved because of the superficiality of men.



  6. Neecy
    May 28, 2014 @ 01:07:08

    Glad I’m not the only Black women who feels this way.



  7. Mike Street Station
    May 28, 2014 @ 08:49:10

    Neecy, thanks for giving an even handed look at the guy’s perspective in this. That’s a difficult balance to pull off so I appreciate the effort you make to do that.

    Although I have my own objections to a lot of things that are on PUA sites, they are there because there is a market for information like that. They have managed to capture a few essential truths that no one else wants to talk about. Primarily, the sexual marketplace has changed due radically. For my parents, grandparents, and basically every other generation, there were social constraints on female and male behavior towards the opposite sex. Society was geared towards men and women finding a partner, getting married, and starting a family. There were “good girls” and “bad girls” and never the twain should meet.

    But a tornado went through society and threw everything up in the air. Now there are no or very little social constraints on male and female behavior. With no social constraints, people’s behavior is more similar to a troop of apes. OK maybe that’s an exaggeration, but there is no history or guidance for men or women on how to navigate the sexual marketplace now. Granddad’s advice about “treat a women with respect” does’n’t pay off like it did in his day.

    In an earlier age, Elliot Rodgers would have probably been set up by his parents, are would be involved in church where he would be forced into social situations where he would meet and engage with the opposite sex, in a controlled environment. Now, Tinder and nightclubs have replaced the church, neighbors, and parents. Good luck to anyone trying to figure things out now.



    • Neecy
      May 28, 2014 @ 09:29:29

      Hey Mike I agree!

      The truth is most people are incapable of seeing their own downfalls. Men and women both are guilty of this.

      IMO PUA sites are no different from the books, articles, lifetime movies etc., that women have had for centuries that have helped us in the relationship arena by teaching each other about the psychology of men and who to use what we know of the psychology of men to our favor as women when it comes to intimacy and relationships.

      Of course in that you have some bitter women who will claim all men are no good dogs who mistreat women. Then you had the women who were there to truly learn how to have successful relationships with men, and the women who realized they want and needed to make changes in themselves to attract better men in their lives.

      There will always be a mixed bag in these kinds of things. Of course the loudest, angriest, craziest, will be heard because that’s just how it always is.

      But when you read between the lines you see its just a place where men go to vent, learn, express frustration, about the ups and downs of dealing with women. Women do it too and I thick its actually healthy for genders to be able to converge and vent their frustrations about dealing with the opposite sex as long as they maintain some sense of culpability in the roles they may have played in their unsuccessful encounters and relations with the opposite sex.

      As you said, there is no accountability or restraints on male and female behavior and with that comes consequences.

      Women want to play the victim, men want to play the victim. We have a nation full of narcissist groups and people who feel they are always the victim despite their ability to make the great changes needed to progress.

      LAZINESS at its finest!



  8. neurochick
    May 28, 2014 @ 10:23:21

    The interesting thing to me about Elliot Rodgers is , from what I’ve read, he was very into white women. He viewed white women as the ultimate, the most desirable. Maybe he would have found love if he’d looked at women who weren’t the top 1%, if he looked at women who…well looked more like him.

    There is a lot of truth in your post. IMO part of the problem is what people truly want in their gut, versus what they’ve been taught to want. Look at all forms of media, TV, magazines, Internet. Everywhere you look there are images of who is beautiful, and who isn’t. This is what has happened to black women. The media has destroyed the image of black women and has replaced us with a caricature. For the most part, in the media and I mean TV, videos, movies, black women, especially brown skinned black women are seen as undesirable, and unattractive, while white women are seen as feminine, kind, attractive, loving. People are taught from childhood really who is and who isn’t okay for romantic partnership. So many people have been taught that the tall, blonde, white, slim person is the ideal partner and everybody else is just second best.

    I don’t know if I’m making any sense but years ago I heard a therapist say that it starts with you, that you have to become the person that you’d date.



    • Neecy
      May 28, 2014 @ 10:53:27


      BINGO you hit it. I find his “desires” to be the typical cliched response for a man trying to prove something.

      And they are no different front he men on PUA sites or any male site for that matter that throws out the “blonde, slim” white beauty as a way to get nods from other men, even if its a lie. Make sense.

      Its like its “the thing to say” when you are trying to prove something.

      I notice when weaker men are trying to prove their “manhood” they will ALWAYS claim the obvious “I LOVE ME SOME BLONDES”. Its so cliche now that its actually funny.

      Now I am not saying there aren’t men who prefer or simply just like Blondes and that there is anything wrong with it. Its only wrong when men force themselves to start believing that this is the only kind of beauty because they want acceptance from others.

      On the flip its also very cliche to denounce certain women to when you want to prove something “I DON’T FIND BLACK WOMEN ATTRACTIVE”. That is so cliche now too. Almost easy for any male to say because its “accepted” that Black women are the anti-thesis of womanhood in society.

      But let a man say “Sorry not into blondes, never have been and don’t get the hype” and BOY OH BOY people start to then “question” his sanity and the realness of what he said. Yet there is never any questioning gut sanity or realness of people or men who just say how they only like blondes.

      Let a man say “Frankly I think Black women are the epitome of beauty” and man people start questioning his sanity and the realness of his declaration. But when a man says “Don’t find Black women attractive” people nod, go on about their business and believe him because its an accepted cliche these days.

      Its like its people jump on these accepted often reiterated cliches because its so accepted in society. Its accepted that the epitome of womanhood is White “blonde beauties” and that the anti-thesis of womanhood is “Black women”. Whether deep down they believe these cliches or not, the fact people feel comfortable in continuing to hold themselves tot hem is sad and scary.

      A lot of people would be happier and in more fulfilling relationships if they stopped trying to keep up with the “jonses” in the love and relationship dept. But people want what they want and I just love sitting back watching it all unfold as they run around like a hamster on a wheel accomplishing NOTHING because they are too afraid, stubborn to step away from the “status quo”.



  9. KfromVA
    May 28, 2014 @ 10:45:41

    I’m not sure if my phone will allow me to comment. I agree with this post. Women control the sexual norm in this country. We have so many women yelling at the top of their lungs to anyone who will listen, “I like one night stands” or “I can sleep with as many men as I want, just don’t slut shame me” And they are right. They can like and do anything they want to, but they are setting the sexual norm for the rest who may not see things the same way. Now when a woman who doesn’t want to sleep around gets propositioned by a man and she refuses, he’s left wondering what’s wrong with that woman. She’s not normal because the norm states anything goes. (Friends with benefits, one night stands etc) It creates a dangerous environment for women who are not into the “new norm”. There is great power in being able to control the sexual norm.
    Eliot Rodgers wasn’t talking about a girlfriend to court or take on dates; just for sex. (I don’t feel comfortable discussing him because there was something seriously wrong with him.)



    • Neecy
      May 28, 2014 @ 11:00:59

      HEY KfromVA!!
      So on point!

      You said this:

      “There is great power in being able to control the sexual norm.”

      How TRAGIC is it that Western women don;t really realize the power we hold as women and the power we have to change the sexual norm to benefit ourselves as women. ITS ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC! That is why I get so angry when I see these biddies whining like a bunch of helpless little girls about how hard we have it.

      If they took the time to stop trying to defend ratchet choices and behaviors and actually looked at the bigger picture – WOMEN HOLD THE POWER in the sexual marketplace these days!

      MEN have and will always do what is necessary to be with women, to receive love, affection, the company and physical companionship of women. This is where they are weak.

      Both genders have strengths and weaknesses. Men have strengths in areas women may have weaknesses and vice versa.

      I hate seeing people throw away their power because they are lazy, entitled and just want to live ratchet lives without consequence.



  10. Neecy
    May 28, 2014 @ 11:16:14

    You know those PUA guys maybe onto something. When they say women only get mad at being objectified by men they deem repulsive i.e NICE GUYS and NERDS.

    Someone on another board decided to throw this article at me as a way to show how “nice nerdy guys” do objectify women.

    It was a good read and I agree with a lot in it. Yes they “nerdy nice guys” may objectify women but certainly the way they do it pales in comparison to how many popular well received men do it.

    IOW’s the double standards are annoying ladies. If you are going to try to make a point, make sure that you are not making yourself look like a hypocrite.

    I have to laugh because when I turn on my television, radio, and other forms of popular media daily, I am NOT with met nerdy nice guys calling women “bitches, hoes” and telling women to suck their you know what’s while using these women’s body parts as the main subject in their videos.

    What I am met with is a barrage of nasty, disgusting, despicable lyrics and images about women and our sexuality by male rappers and entertainers that feminists and women alike seem to give passes to. Lyrics that CLEALRY OBJECTIFY women, our bodies and our sexuality. Images and videos that do the same. Yet funny how these male rappers become richer and richer by the minute because Not only men BUT WOMEN support and buy their music and go to their shows.

    I remember a couple years ago Ashley Judd a White woman had the “audacity” (insert sarcasm) to try to challenge the rappers and the hip hop industry on its objectification of women and what happened??

    Did women come running to her aid and demand things change? NOPE! Feminists, and WOMEN denounced her and basically told her in so many words to HAVE A SEAT AND STFU. LOL!

    And that is JUSt what Ashley Judd did when she realized she had NO ONE in her corner to help back her up in trying to challenge the sexist rap industry.

    Now you have women writing articles and blogs about how they are tired of American and western men “OBJECTIFYING” them and their bodies.

    GIRL – BYE!

    If Western women were so CONCERNED about being objectified for our bodies, rap music would have been nipped in the bud A DECADE AGO! The fact its still alive and thriving due to the support of WOMEN and MEN says women are full of it.

    We want to pick and choose when we cry SEXISM, OBJECTIFICATION. You know when it fits “OUR” agenda. When its with the men we deem “repulsive”. But when its with over hypersexualized men its OKAY and not a big deal. In fact we’ll carry on in our day to day lives ignoring it and support in it. We go to parties and dance to the objectifying lyrics. We will download and listen to it in our cars, on our radios, on our televisions. LOL We date and marry men who buy and support these songs.

    Once again – HYPOCRISY. Women want to have their cake and eat it too.

    Only “certain” kinds of men can objectify us and get away with it – hell even get SUPER DUPER RICH doing it.




  11. omerta327
    May 28, 2014 @ 21:31:07

    I look at it this way.

    It’s all in how a man carries himself. Don’t be a “nice guy” – I cringe whenever I hear that – but be a “good guy” who has confidence. Who isn’t afraid to stand up for himself when the moment calls for it.

    Lately Ive had a lot of girls say to me “oh you’re so nice, you’re so sweet”. I always tell them “You’ve never seen me get pissed off.”

    My philosophy is if you’re sweet to me, I’ll be sweet to you.

    Oh, and 2 more words of advice to guys – LIFT WEIGHTS.



    • Neecy
      May 29, 2014 @ 08:42:52

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing if a guy is nice. But in the sense of when I think if “nice” guys in the relationship/dating arenas I think of men who are socially awkward with women and who have fears of being themselves because they are more concerned or fearful of losing a woman or her not,liking him.

      Nice guys typically do not feel safe in saying how they truly feel or being and acting in ways that show who they are as a person. They are more about appeasement and to women I thnk we have a radar that tells us something isnt always necessarily genuine about it. Not that he means any ill will, but rather he is just to afraid to be himself because he wants women to like him so desperately.

      That is different from a guy who is actually a nice PERSON that feels comfrotable to be himself around women, who is socially able to ineract with women in a healthy manner and still has his confidence.



      • omerta327
        May 29, 2014 @ 22:09:34

        “…a guy who is actually a nice PERSON that feels comfrotable to be himself around women, who is socially able to ineract with women in a healthy manner and still has his confidence.”

        Bingo! You’ve just won a year’s supply of Turtle Wax!!!



  12. omerta327
    May 28, 2014 @ 21:43:51

    One more thing. And I want to get the wonen’s perspective on this.

    Is it just me or are there a lot more guys out there these days with these weenie, high-pitched voices? I seem to have noticed a lot more of them over the last few years.

    Just a thought. I’m glad I was blessed with a deep voice.



    • Neecy
      May 29, 2014 @ 08:43:49

      Lol I see a mix. Some guys with higher pitched voices.

      I do these days see more effeminate looking and acting men than in the past. So maybe that has something to,do,with it.



      • omerta327
        May 29, 2014 @ 22:17:25

        I dunno. I guess I see a lot more of them than you do. Prob cause I work in a place with a lot of emasculated cubicle dwellers. Plus there’s a lot of hipsters around here.



        • Foos Foosrule!
          May 29, 2014 @ 23:06:11

          I’ve noticed this too, but mostly with the younger generation. Could it be that boys nowadays emulate females to the point where their male hormones start morphing into female hormones?. It just seems to me that males are more feminine, in style, speech, actions and it’s a right turn off!.



  13. Keith Young
    May 31, 2014 @ 21:27:04

    This was a good presentation, Neecy – as a former ‘nice guy’ and ‘nerd’ (though the term was long in my personal future), Ican say that I suffered most of the woman-based ills, after I entered college in 1960, including those generated after my 1969 marriage.
    I uses the date of THE PILL, 1960, as a certain cut-off for women/girls behavior. FOr those born before that date, the fem search was for the good guy who could support a family, and bad guys were to be avoided – for those born after 1960 (and thuis entering college-age about 20 years later, the search was for ‘basd boys’ that would give a girl ‘tingles’ … with a grudging search at ages 28 to 30 for Mr. Good-Enough, often as a ‘starter’ husband.
    You missed one additional point, that of the ‘starter’ husband, as I noted above. The fate of the still-nice-guy, whose wife decided that she is ‘unhaaapy’ and needs to ‘find herself’ seems to happen about 10 or so years after the 1st marriage. Often to the tune of much more than half of all the assets in a cash-and-prizes ‘frivorce’, but often leading into the scorched-earth divorce, complete with father-excision from the family due to deliberate (often paid/bribed) alienation.
    P.S. I post under the avatar of SirLoinDeBeef, elsewhere



    • Mike Street Station
      Jun 03, 2014 @ 07:06:21

      Keith I think you called it completely. I, like most people, have looked upon the advent of the pill as an unqualified good, but I think it had some side effects that we ( or at least me) are just starting to figure out. I think this image kind of illustrates that:



    • Say It Loud I'm Brown (Indian: dot, not feather) And Proud!
      Jun 04, 2014 @ 22:07:55

      Birth control pills have been available over the counter in India and very cheaply for a long time and yet there has been no sexual revolution there. Most of the marriages are still arranged and the bc pills are used by married women to space out their children.



  14. Keith Young
    May 31, 2014 @ 21:33:52

    BTW, Neecy, I am a moderate Aspergers.
    But, somehow, I still managed to get an AA woman in marriage – ringed and blinged her – Knows as Brenda55.



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