You all should thank GOD for the talk he had with me. It went like this.

ME: OOOH I have an idea for a post. And I’m going to talk about this concept, this concept, and this concept and this concept!! YIPEE! It’ll be like War and Peace II!

GOD: 😁😳😫😫😫😫*JESUS MY SON – PLEASE BE A FENCE!* Go down there and stop her. We cannot allow her to punish the good audience of Neecy’s nest with another one of her Pultzer Prize winning writings the length of War and Peace with a ton of different ideas and concepts. Pleae my son. teach her the art of PARTS. 🙏

JESUS: ✋ Neecy, pops asked me to ask you to embrace Parts.

NEECY: Jesus please be clear, I don’t understand? I mean I keep the parts in my sisterlocks very neat?

JESUS: 😫BREAK.IT.UP. In Parts! YOUR POST? *smile head rub* Now I must go but heed thyne words of the father, son and holy spirit. No more war and peace – well at least with 50 different concepots. M’kay my child?

NEECY: Yes Mah Lord.

So yall are going to get a SERIES. A series on how to not stay losing!  And I’m going to break it up in parts!

Remember, I didn’t say i wasn’t going to write war abnd peace. i just said i wasn’t going to do it with a billion different concepts within one novel.


So I have had A LOT on my mind in regards to things I want to say to BW. And that’s because I am TRULY concerned about the things I am seeing. I am not concerned because I feel it will interfere with my own personal life – because for the most part, I have my mind right. NO. I am not perfect. But I seem to have grasped the necessities of living well and where that starts – WITHIN MYSELF AND MY MIND.

But I am concerned because if BW do not sit still for a minute and listen to the Universe, GOD or whatever it is that keeps one in mental and spiritual soundness, we are going to dig ourselves deeper into the rabbit hole.

I am not perfect. Nor have I always made the right decisions. And there have been a lot of times in my own life where I had to dish out the thought love to myself and tell myself “SIT STILL GIRL – JUST SIT YOUR BEHIND STILL!” And when you sit still what happens? You have time to clear your head, THINK, you have time to ASSESS, you have time to REFLECT. And when you are in tune with yourself and doing these things, you start to see what and who’s around you . You begin to see clearly where you are in your life. You begin to just see clearly, because you are NOT MOVING. And once you sit still long enough, gather your thoughts, your surroundings etc., then you can make moves STRATEGICALLY to improve your situation or just your life in general.

Sometimes we just gotta SIT STILL!

But I fear that if BW don’t drop some of these self and collective sabotaging behaviors they are bringing into the global arena, that will be the final nail in the coffin. We will have no more CHANCES to correct and fix our mess because by then, no one will want to deal with us or take us seriously because we will have ruined ourselves and reputations as women so much, that we’d have nowhere else to go.

I am going to do a series on how to avoid staying losing. I am going to break it up in parts. There will be some hard truths. It will be in a GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS scenario. Because for every general big picture TRUTH, there are smaller nuances that can make that hard truth maybe not such a hard truth for YOUR PERSONAL individual life.

I would love nothing more than to make post after post telling BW about all the great potential we have out there, how things are going to be better and happy happy joy joy. But you don’t just get to happy joy joy all the time without WORK, REFLECTION, and SELF IMPROVEMENT.

Many of the readers who actually post here _ GET IT. But who knows. Maybe there are lurkers or some BW who are participating in self sabotaging behaviors and thinking who may stumble across the blog and this message can help them see the light.

So bear with me and if you truly are super sensitive to hearing some hard truths, then I can understand and I ask that maybe you should avoid reading this series. But I’m still going to put it out there, because honestly no one is going to tell BW these things because these things lead to IMPROVEMENT for BW.

And no one is trying to see BW improve except other BW who have a dog in the fight. I’m gonna tell you like your momma or grandmamma would tell you – with love, but with some tough love mixed in. And it’s truly to get BW to see and learn and understand the ROOTS of this, so we can move the heck on with our lives as women.

Because the site is about PROGRESSING, you cannot progress without knowing where you came from (your roots), where you are now (where your seed is currently planted) and where you are going (you will either falter and wither away or continue to maintain and grow).

The how to avoid staying losing series will cover in this particular order:






And because of my *NOT SO* Pultzer Prize winning writing and sporadic ADD (lol) the terms and concepts can change as I am writing. So those concepts are a starting point, but could change throughout the series.

NEXT UP ——-> Don’t stay losing: TRUTHS


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