You can only get mad at Rachael Dolezal fiasco if you are still INVESTING and not DIVESTING from Black people’s NONSENSE.

Why are BW always the ones still trying to hold onto what is left of “Blackness” and what little respect comes along with it these days?


Why are yall mad? Really. Why?


Black people (moreso Black men) and their non BW cronies have been engaging in frackanackel BS for some time now. This is yet another train wreck in the chapter of Black people’s nonsense.


I ask this because I have long ago come to terms with allowing this community to keep digging itself into a deeper hole of oblivion (and not taking me with it) while watching BLACK WOMEN run around like CAPTAIN-SAVE-A-KNEEGRO trying to SALVAGE what’s left of it.


I have a dream one day BW will throw up the deuces and let all these fools and the defenders of all things relating to “Black folk’s nonsense” fend for themselves.


If we had divested from this community, we’d be sitting back drinking tea *PINKYS UP* and tossing popcorn into our mouths watching the fiasco unfold and looking at each other shaking our heads like “GRRRRRLLLL they crazy aint they!?”


Why I’m still trying to find the energy to get mad at this Rachael Dolezal mess, but can’t……..


Ok. So my first reaction when I saw the article on Rachael Dolezal was literally laughter. I was like OMG this ish is hilarious that she went this far to be a Black woman. The curly wigs even tickled me even more. That was it.


I hadn’t planned on giving this looney anymore of my energy other than to laugh at the NAACP for being STUCK ON STUPID and her for “going natural for her 36th B DAY”. Then literally the next day the story broke national headlines. And all the debates started and I started seeing the anger of so many people – especially BW who have felt slighted by this crazy woman and the BM defending her.


I honestly understand the debates around why BW are pissed and frustrated at this WW using her privledge to disguise herself as a bi racial BW to get ahead. But I still no matter how hard I try to make myself be MAD AS HELL, can’t seem to get there. It’s not because I don’t care about BW issues. I honestly cannot put my finger on why this is one case where I can’t muster up the energy to get mad.


I guess for me it’s not that deep. IMO she is just a wannabe (BW) who just took things waaaay too far and a step further than your “Black acting” White girls who avoid the tanning creams and sprays and curly wigs. To me it’s all the same bucket. She just went a step further.


Let’s be honest. She could have STILL taught Black studies and been President of the NAACP as a White woman on a “mission to help Black people”. The results would have been the same except without the deception and lies. The Black community hasn’t for centuries cared about the replacing of BW with Non BW when and if necessary. So she didn’t really have to dress up in Blackface orangeface to get what she wanted out of black people. I think she liked what she saw in the mirror over what she *really looked like* and just kept it going – along with an obsession of Black people and culture.


She is clearly a mentally ill person because I cannot imagine going through all those changes daily just to appear to be something you are not unless you are OBSESSED with some aspect of what you are trying to obtain.


So, with that I decided to sit back and take a wait and see approach to this whole Rachael Dolezal mess. I initially found it funny and still do. I cannot even muster up the energy or care to GAF about this INSANE woman and her BM handlers like so many BW are going on about.


Move along nothing to see here but yet another wreck on the side of the Black folk’s street.


Let’s be REAL…..




First off. The NAACP have been a joke for centuries. We all know they have done nothing in the last three decades to advance or help Black women and girls. I didn’t even think they still existed (The NAACP) for the longest until I hear random bits of them popping up every so often to do a press conference for some “chosen” Black issues. So to act shocked that they stood behind Rachael Dolezal or never questioned her “Blackness” is silly IMO if you recognize they haven’t really done much for the Black collective or BW in DEACDES.


Also, from what I have read, the NAACP was started by Jews and there were no Black presidents until 1975. That means this is not some INSANE idea that a bi racial whitish looking “Black woman” could be president.


Historically light/mixed Blacks have headed organizations and spearheaded a lot of things in regards to the benefit of African Americans – BECAUSE THEY HAD NO CHOICE since they were considered BLACK by everyone. And if they (GOD FORBID) said they were anything BUT Black, the Black community would come running with their pitchforks ready to burn anyone at stake who didn’t claim they were BLACK (whether they looked it or not).


So it’s not out of the ballpark that Blacks would look at this “whitish looking bi racial Black woman” and not really question her allegiance b/c HISTIRICALLY and present day some bi racials of all looks have aligned with Blacks and Black organizations and been accepted by those entities.




EXCEPT….Rachael Dolezal LOL


But it’s still a true statement in regards to BM and others BW keep EXPECTING to ONE DAY do right by us and defend our honor.


There is no Calvary coming ladies!!!


Yall need to quit acting brand new and shocked in regards to how BM responded in defense of this woman. YOU ALREADY KNOW the Black male agenda! Why yall keep getting your blood pressure up and feeling hurt over PAR THE COURSE actions of BM is beyond me!


I know the real source of BW’s reaction – its ONCE AGAIN *HURT* and *ANGER* that BM have shown the world ONCE AGAIN they care very little about the women who push them out their wombs and will go to great lengths to defend a crazy pretending to be (in their eyes) an “upgraded version” of a Black woman.


Well, It feels good to divest from BM and their mess. Yall should try it. So when stuff like this happens, I just keep it moving because I’m already knowing the reactions and responses before they come in. I don’t hold some special place in my heart and mind that one day BM will do a complete 360 and suddenly defend Black women at the expense of Non BW “for once”.



Let’s forget this lunatic was actually *REALLY* White for one second. Let’s take her Blackface Orangeface at face value for a moment. This woman in her “blackface” does look like a bi racial of sort with a more whitish appearance. How is this new in terms of being called Black?


There have been plenty of bi racial who have claimed Black whether they look more White, or more Black. So it’s not *THAT* socking to me that Black people in the NAACP didn’t question her allegiance although she was more “whitish looking”. There are a lot of mixed whitish Bi racials who are accepted by Blacks mainly because historically they aligned themselves with Blacks regardless of being able to pass for White. The NAACP is old school, so it makes sense to me that they embraced her even though she had more whitish features. *shrugs*


Honestly, IMO BW have more pressing issues.


I just can’t be bothered with her. I know many would disagree.


If BW were divesting as we should be from Black people’s nonsense, we’d be sitting back Shaking our heads at this yet again foolishness, sipping tea and Laughing our asses off at the lengths some NON BW will go to, to get what we have literally and figuratively.


Then we’d sit back and laugh while sipping our tea *PINKY FINGER UP* at Black men scramble to defend this crazy and her messiness and just RE-CONFIRM our decision to divest in the first place.


Instead, we are getting up in arms showing the world once again we are the only Black people who truly care about Blackness while BM are literally making fools of us defending her and all things furthest from Black.


This was a time BW could have shown everyone, we are SO OVER Black people’s nonsense and let ignorant BM and people sort this one out on their own while we keep divesting from them and investing ourselves into the GLOBAL world GETTING OUR LIVES and not being bothered with Black folks nonsense.


Now this woman is getting all kinds of book deals, TV deals and such because she is a new sensation. We could have laughed at her and all the people claiming this “transracial mess” and STAYED NEUTRAL and watch it all implode in their faces defending this nonsense.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, BW could have been STEALTHILY and STRATEGICALLY snatching up quality Non BM and setting the stage for the shock of the century when our dating/mating out numbers start to skyrocket while everyone was focused on crazy Non BW and their BM handlers defending them.


But we allowed ourselves to get dragged in this nonsense – and for what? In the name of defending “Blackness”. I’m over it. If BM don’t care to defend Blackness – KNEE-VER do I!


Is there anyone else who is willing to openly say they couldn’t get up in arms over this? Its okay if there isn’t anyone, I have come to terms that sometimes I am a woman on my own lil island. LOL


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Neecy
    Jun 17, 2015 @ 23:24:51

    While the news and black folks are focuses on Rachael Dolezal, the Dominican Republic in less than 4 days plans on doing an “ethnic purge” of its “black looking” Haitians who were born and raised in Dominican Republic and are the offspring of ancestors who came over illegally from 1929. The plan is to send more tha 200,000 Haitians to Haiti.

    The issue is these people are Dominicans in term so of birthright and statehood. They know nothing about Haiti and have never been there. So now more tha. 200k black Haitians will be homeless and stateless due to the Dominican republics RACIST attempts at cleansing pure black looking Haitians from its country.

    Yet the world is focused on some stupid WW in in blackface?!

    This is some straight up in humane BS about to be carried out before our eyes!

    This is what happens whe. Blacks have no infrastructures to cal their own and when corrupt BM leaders are more concerned with lining their pockets than helping their people avoid nonsense like this.

    Better wake up BW and focus on the real issue at hand – it ain’t WW in blackface. It’s trying to get whatever you can in a country that still affords us the right to chart our own path to success regardless of skin shade.

    If Whites decided in 1 hour to ship us off to Africa what honestly could we do but kick and scream?

    This is a sad state for the black race. We’ve wasted so much time doing nothing to advance our collective and set ourselves up for success as a people because we are focused on the stuff that ain’t rally al, that pressing compared to other issues like extreme poverty and underclass etc.



  2. Neecy
    Jun 17, 2015 @ 23:28:43


    • KP
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 17:34:46

      You know what Neecy. I don’t care AT ALL about what’s going on in DR. First of all those people are NOT Haitian. They are Dominicans of Haitian descent and this issue actually is not between two countries, it’s the DRs problem. NONE of the prominent Haitian celebrities you saw front and center during that earthquake have spoken out about this. They don’t care, why should I? Let them go first.

      Secondly, Have you ever interacted with Haitians or Dominicans in the US? Many of those people (Haitians and Dominicans) are just as anti-AA as many racist whites, Africans, and other groups. I’ve come across groups of Haitians who were actually LAUGHING at the atrocity that happened in Charleston, claiming it was AAs fault because of our continued beliefs in westernized Christianity, or white Jesus as they said. Seriously? Why should I care anything about those people?

      Rachel Dolezal is something we should be upset about b/c this is erasure! This is an attack on our very womanhood and DBRs and male identified BW are co-signing this, publically, NATIONALLY. It’s one thing if the DBRs and male identified BW are destroying themselves, I take a very let them eat cake approach to that b/c in those terms I’m truly divested. But they are coming for BW like you and I. Rachel Dolezeal didn’t try to imitate male identified BW from the hood, she’s coming for BW like you and I who could have very well run that NAACP office. Not that we would want to, but we have the credentials to do so unlike DBRs and self-hating BW who said this heifer did more for our people than we have. WHAT a slap in our faces and our ancestors face! I don’t expect DBRs to do right by me, but I do expect them to back the eff up where my autonomy as a BW is concerned. Don’t get it twisted, this is about DBRS and their desire for MORE Rachel Dolezeals. They’d rather a BW imposter than the real thing, and they’re promoting this on a NATIONAL level.

      Furthermore, Rachael Dolezeal is not an isolated incident. Connect the dots. That charlatanm in addition to the ongoing denigration and erasure of BLACK women, laid the groundwork for that racist terrorist thug to slaughter SIX BLACK WOMEN when he claimed it was BM raping WW that was his motivation. Think about that! If you don’t have Haitian or Dominican relatives, you don’t have skin in their struggle, why care when we have a real problem here. Also consider if the US gave some of them asylum, how will that benefit you, a BW, who has to compete with them for jobs, university slots, etc. We already know that elite colleges prefer foreign blacks to AAs, so I don’t consider more of them (any of them) here in the US a good thing for me.

      Hell, even the racists who run the white supremacist program that the racist terrorist thug admired are talking about Rachel Dolezeal, THEY understand that it’s a problem, maybe a bit different from their perspective, but they understand it’s a crock of sh*t!

      Also, contrast how the NAACP treated Shirley Sherrod (a real black woman) over a fake story vs how they treated Racheal Dolezeal, a sociopath who actually liied to them and stole from them, and according to Blacks in Spokane and the surrounding areas, did nothing more than talk about her faux black experiences at PAID speaking engagements and pose for photo ops. There were Blacks who reached out to her about real discrimination and police brutality and got NOTHING in response.

      GURRRRL. I’m not trying to tell you what to think or how to feel, but we have skin in this Rachel Dolezeal thing, this is a real problem. Like I said before, I take a very Marie Antoinette approach to DBRs and self-hating BW when they’re to their own devices, but I’m starting to think it’s time to put some poison pills down for these degenerates to put them down like the rabid dogs they are for once and for all.



      • Neecy
        Jun 21, 2015 @ 21:18:31

        I completely agree with you KP.

        However, you are trying to fight against a bigger community of Black people who have it INGRAINED in thier psyche to do as much as possible to take the BW down at all costs. Why should I get worked up over something that has been going on for decades??!! this aint nothing new! Bm have been replacing BW in all facets of Black culture. When you look at rap vids from 80s it was all brown skinned and some light skinned BW with equal represntation.

        Then look what happened. BW got replaced in RAP and HIP HOP with non Black women. How is this rachael chick any different from what BM and Black people have been accepting and putting up with in terms of wrasing real BW?

        i don’t see a difference excpet that she went far enough to pretend she was actually a BW.

        That is why i am saying if you completely remove yourself from the stupidity and create a new community of like minded BW where we would never allow this to happen, and allow the current Black community continue to deteriorate as is, it doesn’t matter. Let them use the rachaels to “erase” BW. because what they will find, after enough of them come over and enough BW leave they will bein the shock of thier lives when these women ALSO leave when there is no more “BW CUSHION” for them to fall back on.

        The only reason BM are afraid of BW leaving in droves is not because they actually “care” and wantBW, but because they realize BW are willing to carry the heavy loads that no other races of women WILL and that right now its easy for thier non BW to still come over and have a cre-free life even in the BC as long as BW are there picking up and carrying theheavy equipment.

        See right now its easy for all these Non Black women to want to come on over and reap the benefits of BW. That is because they know there is still a “BW cushion” so to speak. they will never hit that hard rock bottom liek BW, as long as BW are on the bottom providing that cushion. But when we leave – guess what? SO DO THEY. because they are NOT going to fight the BM’s battles. Right now BW are doign all the dirty work and the work no one else wants to do – which makes it real EASY and good for people like rachael to come over and fake like they are really doing something for Black people.

        I still say, I divested, so what the average Black person continues to do is no skin off my back. if more like minded BW LEFT and divested, then all this stuff would eventually explode in the BM and their doormat BW’s faces AND the Non Black women who think its “cool” trying to erase Blackness.



  3. SilverRoxen
    Jun 18, 2015 @ 06:48:42

    Yay! I got excited when I saw you over at NYGF, commenting about making a new post. Agreed, I didn’t say anything about this fiasco at all. I’m neither outraged, flattered, or shocked. When it comes to issues surrounding black people I’m not shocked anymore, you reap what you sow. I’ve heard about the Dominican Republic, mom and I were listening to the radio in the car yesterday and they mentioned that something was going on there. As soon as I heard that I knew that people were going to be deported. Besides that, it looks like staying neutral is working for me.



    • Neecy
      Jun 18, 2015 @ 16:58:12

      Yep! BW need to just from here on out not even participate anymore in general things and people and let them hang themselves with their own ropes.

      THE only thing BW should be concerned with is the real threat against us physically and emotionally in this country right now.

      Picking and choosing battles is the key.

      I brought up the Dominican Republic issue just to point out how whe you have no power and infrastructure, you are at the mercy of others.

      BW need to start building strong infrastructure amongst ourselves here in A,Erica before it too late.

      Worrying about light/skin and dark skin issues when we are being attacked in real ways on all fronts is just stupid distractions that won’t push us up out of this dilemma we are in here in America.



  4. phoebeprunelle
    Jun 18, 2015 @ 09:49:58

    I thought here we go again…but then again, was like–this is soooo uninteresting.

    Honestly, the few white girlfriends I have, I prefer to be “stereotypically” white in the sense that she is not trying to impress Black people, in particular Black guys because, well, we all know how that goes ;). I do have white girlfriends who are currently or have been happily paired with Black men, but are not trying to use and abuse Black women to get there. They are just women who would date any quality man. I think going into the future, Black men and white women who are racio misogynists towards Black women will dig their own fate into oblivion while the highest quality Black women will cease to stop loving a dead end struggle and start getting the love from men we deserve–mainly Asian and white. No, let Rachel and other white women like her continue to support a dead ass cause. Don’t be mad Sisters, get glad! They’s doing you a huge favor.

    Neecy, I’m new in your space, but I would love to chat and hang out here more!



    • Neecy
      Jun 18, 2015 @ 16:54:31

      Welcome to the Nest Phoebe! Thanks for popping in – I’m going to be posting a lot of stuff since I have so much on my mind and heart. Def stay tuned.



  5. Kenna
    Jun 18, 2015 @ 20:09:39

    What’s been happening in the DR has been going on for a very long time. I remember an incident happening like this back when I was in high school and about 3 years ago. That caricom the Caribbean version of the EU was threatening them with sanctions.



  6. TheOriginalBlackWoman13
    Jun 19, 2015 @ 16:23:24

    Honestly, this Rachel Dolezal circus was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I been knowing for awhile now that the Black collective have MAJOR psychological issues and I thought it could not get any worse…..then here’s Rachel. The so-called Black community took stupid, ignorant, and self-hating to a whole new level. I told a friend of mine that I am through with the Black Community as a collective. I will only deal with the black people who are truly and sincerely progressive and forward thinking (which seems to be few in number). I’ve gotta start focusing more on me mine and our future. Thanks Neecy for putting this in perspective.



    • Rae
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 18:14:29

      THIS! Not shocked she was able to get away with it. Women that look like Rachel have ALWAYS been used to represent black women.Like Neecy said, All of this really is a reflection of how much the NAACP AND the black collective is a joke! I’M DONE.



    • Neecy
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 21:20:18

      @ OBW,,

      BINGO. Just step aside and let the ignorant self hating Black man and his doormat BW continue to dig themsleves deeper into an oblivion while progressive BW sit back with our tea and new communities and lives and watch them hang themselves with their own ropes.



  7. berrygirlfinn
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 03:13:33

    Loved your comments on NYGF and of course this post Neecy. I admit I got a little heated after this particular incident with the Becky impersonating our space basically because I had just given up hope and excepted defeat over the welcoming arms Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner received. I give up with the Black collective fully as I should have done when I made my escape and married and moved to Europe. Now what I need to do is invest in insuring my two Bi-racial daughters place in our new chosen community. It’s the focus I should have never strayed from. What kind of environment would you desire your bi- racial children to have after the full implosion of the Black race? What things would you focus on to create a new lineage out of your future children? That’s where I know I’m moving onto right now.



    • Neecy
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 21:26:40

      Hey berrygirlfinn!!

      OMG I love hearing stories like yours! It is so good to see BW like yourself who take the BRAVE steps to GET HER LIFE and think about how you plan to create infrastructure for your future bi racial children.

      This is a very important thing for progressive pro-interracial marriage minded BW to be asking themselves (all those questions you pose). Forget about the fighting between light and dark and bi racial. If you are a pro interracial BW you need to UNDERSTAND at this juncture your remianing legacy resides in those very bi racial not fully Black women and children you will be creating with your future husband.

      Because ultimatley if we want our future bi racial children to benefit from our progeny we as BW who are moving into the global arena need to have a PLAN to do just that. We need to create supportive infrastructures amngst each other whether we just married IR and didn;t have kids or if we have interracial children. There needs to be a creating of infrastrucres and communities for your kind as to avoid havng these offspring fall into the current day “Black community” that is on its way out.

      Better believe White women’s bi racial children already benefit because they have set up it so.



  8. Rae
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 18:01:07

    Hey neecy, I know we had our little disagreement months and i want to let you know i thought about your advice and YOU’RE Right (about the colorism & privileges)! You gotta understand I’m young black wm, things are different for black girls in this generation so i hope I’m allowed back in the nest lol I felt compelled to comment because I strongly agree with everything that was written. I made up my mind to to divest from the black collective when I was 16 two years ago.. haha! i was young but I saw things VERY early!



    • Neecy
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 21:28:31

      HI RAE!

      Glad you have decided to rethink your mindset and start towards a more positive path. i know its really tough right now for BW, case we are if not in our personal lives, defintiley in our collective lives as Black women.

      look forward to having you contribute again!



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