My attempts to going semi-vegetarian

So I have been reading a lot lately on the animal abuse going on in the meat industry. I have always known about it but lately in my Facebook feed I have a vegan on there who posts a lot of things in regards to animals being abused in a lot of these places where we get our meat.

I’ve known or at least believed for a while that a lot of health issues (including cancer) i believe stem from eating meat today that is pumped with all kinds of steroids, anti biotics and such – and we are consuming this.

But something deeper has made me really re-consider eating animal flesh EXCEPT FISH (that is why I can’t say i am going to try going full on vegetarian).

When we see how these cows, chicken, and such are treated (yes I have seen some distrubing vids and pics of how facilities treat these poor animals) I started thinking that we are consuming their suffering and trauma.


Yes you can *CONSUME* it, because reports show that the adrenaline that runs through the veins and blood of these animals as they are suffering and being abused transfers to us because we are eating their blood and flesh! I don’t think that theory is too far off.


We are consuming the flesh and more importantly BLOOD of animals that are being mistreated, abused and who are miserable. I believe that can and does transfer to our bodies and causes problems.


In a perfect world and in the past eating animals was not a bad thing. Usually they were not abused in the ways they are today.


Chickens really catch it.


And it’s all in the name of producing more meat, faster to deepen the pockets of these companies. *THAT* is why the animals are mistreated. They are literally cattle in a food industry with very high demands for their flesh.


I am going to go slowly and eventually and hopefully by the end of the year I can be completely free of eating land flesh.


The only meat I am not willing to give up and which I happen to love more than beef, chicken, pork any other any meat is SEAFOOD.


Yeah yeah I know seafood industry currently has its own problems, but I just don’t see it the same as the chicken, beef, and pork industries.


What are your thoughts? Do you think consuming animal flesh that is not just pumped with hormones, steroids and anti biotics, but also consuming the negative energy and blood is not contributing to the overall bad heath in Americans?


I don’t know, lately I feel God has been leading me in this direction. I’ve been thinking about it A LOT and usually that is a sign I should do something.


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  1. Neecy
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 21:53:53

    Giving up the beef and pork for me will be easy. My body hates beef and has a hard time digesting it – I only crave beef once in awhile and rarely eat it.

    Chicken / eggs are going to be the biggest challenge. I LOVE EGGS! But now when I eat them i htink about all those unhealthy chickens who are being caged with other diseased infested and abused chickens and I get grossed out at the thought of eating something they produced under all that stress.



  2. Neecy
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 21:55:09

    Oh and my boday HATES dairy anyway. So that won’t be difficult. I only use almond milk as a replacement for milk. I still like butter though.

    So i guess I won’t be COMPLETELY egetraian, but definitley looking to cut most of it out of my diet.



  3. Maya
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 22:48:17

    Neecy, I’m a frequent reader and I don’t comment very often. But I’m so excited about your path to becoming a vegetarian I had to respond. I’ve been on the path for almost 8 years. Like you, it’s been difficult to give up eggs and fish. Your post has really inspired me to go further, and seriously give up more. It’s disgraceful how factory farms treat these animals, and I don’t want to support that by purchasing their products.

    I am so on board with you in terms of eating meat that has been fed GMO food, and shot up with steroids and antibiotics, etc. It just can’t be healthy for us. And I have no doubts that consuming the flesh of animals who have been tormented, abused and deprived of sunshine is not good for us. I feel like our souls must be affected by eating these poor animals. And it’s all due to greed.

    Thanks for sharing. I wish you best in your quest to be vegetarian!



  4. chicnoir
    Jun 24, 2015 @ 00:16:43

    I’ve Cut Back On The Amount Of Meat I eat. I try to eat grass fed beef & organic chicken when I cook at home.

    I must say organic chicken wings are usually much smaller than conventional chicken wings. I saw a very interesting video where parts of a chicken were pumped up via a syringe.

    I think a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet where meat is ate 2-4 times a month is best for most Americans. I was once a vegetarian but went about it the wrong way.

    Neicey be sure to eat plenty of nuts and leafy vegetables to feel full.



  5. HomesteadGlamourGirl
    Jun 24, 2015 @ 21:07:22

    Most of the chicken and beef my family eats comes from Polyface farm. Some organic from the grocery store, some pastured from the farmers market. Pretty much all of our eggs are local from pastures poultry.

    I tend to believe consuming meat from traumatized animals could have negative effects.



  6. neurochick
    Jun 25, 2015 @ 05:19:09

    I think this is great! You know, years ago animals weren’t traumatized, yes they were killed, but they weren’t tortured before death. Today, because of fast food, chicken in is demand, and also there is a demand for chickens to be fatter. Notice that the cuts of grass fed animals are smaller than non grass fed.

    I think it’s great when someone decides to change their life and realizes that there is another way to be.



  7. onelesssoldier
    Jun 26, 2015 @ 16:43:21

    Neecy I have tried something like this. Well… not completely like this. But I’ve decided to simply buy my meat without the growth hormones. i do that for both chicken and beef and I’ve noticed a definite difference. I’m not sure if i can give up all meat as I’m gluten and dairy intolerant and there’s only so many foods I have left, lol. I’ve also started limiting/ eliminating process sugar and not only did I lose weight but I feel so much better



  8. Pumpkin Pumpkin
    Jun 26, 2015 @ 18:56:47

    so you’re pescatarian?



  9. RD
    Jun 28, 2015 @ 08:05:12

    Are there local farmers who raise cage free/grass fed animals near you Neecy ? That would be a great place to get your eggs and butter. Grass fed beef is way better tasting than meat from feed lot cattle and has more nutrients. Your money also stays local and supports humane practices in animal husbandry.

    Love your blog 🙂



  10. Brenda55
    Jun 29, 2015 @ 07:07:51

    Hey Neecy,
    Saw this article that you may be interested in.
    6 Ways to Cut Back On Meat If You’re Not Ready to Take the Full Veg Plunge

    Hope you get some good ideas and wishing you success.



  11. Gina
    Jun 29, 2015 @ 19:59:03

    I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian and have been for an extremely long time. It seems that you’re considering becoming a pescetarian (and yeah vegetarians and vegans tend to get nit picky about specificity).

    Here are a few tips that helped me way back when I switched:

    Stop eating the animals you find easiest to give up first

    Don’t eat “meat substitutes” for a very long time, adapt to eating without the need for something that has the familiarity/texture of meat

    Have a STASH of recipes handy and have plenty of ideas for convenience meals and snacks, it’s when you get in a “crunch” that it’s “easier” to resort to the familiarity of the meat/poultry centered meals you’re used to

    Have a solid protein plan. You’ll be a pescetarian so that’s easier, but when I first went vege, I didn’t plan protein properly (which is why I settled on being lacto-ovo). You don’t need as much protein as the average meat eater eats, but it’s easy to eat too LITTLE protein when cutting out meat because a meat eater doesn’t have a habit of seeking out alternative sources of protein. Hope that made sense.



  12. LorMarie
    Jul 03, 2015 @ 12:48:31

    I find that I just can’t eat meat like I used to. Like you, I still like fish but chicken, pork, and beef? Can’t do it.



  13. Fruit Lover
    Jul 12, 2015 @ 09:23:23

    I cut all meat except shrimp out of my diet more than a decade ago. I would cut shrimp out too but I haven’t had time to figure out where I can get things that I need from medical issues because I am researching stuff for other members of the family. I don’t eat shrimp every day so that’s about all I can do for now. I don’t have any animal products other than shrimp in my diet–not even dairy products or butter. I also cut out white sugars (not a meat I know) about two years ago.

    If you cold turkey cut the meats you can do it, but a gradual cut of things, or at least a reduction might make it easier for you to go fully vegetarian if you want to.



  14. jaxonj
    Aug 12, 2015 @ 23:00:19

    I found raw milk to be digestible, cow, goat and sheep. I eat humanely slaughtered meat and humanely produced eggs. Happy animals make for happy animal products. And I make broths out of the leftovers to not waste anything.



  15. Annie
    Sep 29, 2015 @ 12:35:35

    Here is one article u might like:



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