Here we go: Colorism, Black women, and the never ending light vs. dark battle

im responding to a recent post made by Breukeln Bleu. She is someone who I absolutely respect for her true words in trying to get Black women to see the light in so many ways.

but where we split hairs is her recent take on Colorism and dark skinned vs. light skinned. I understand that of course I have a different take because I’m not what one would (at least in black folks eyes) be considered dark skinned.

as tall know I say what I feel despite whether it’s popular. And I plan on making a post on how,I feel about HOW black women should go about addressing Colorism, and how if it can’t be addressed thatway, the only other option is for dark skinned BW to separate from light BW and each group create their own beauty ideals.

im getting so sick of this petty Colorism shit between BW which is ROOTED in Black male validation! PERIOD. Black men for the most part for CENTURIES have always been more I tersted in women who look furthest from them. No amount of BW dark vs. light in fighting will change the overall preferences that BM have had for DECADES.

im also going to point out how there ain’t no REAL PRIVLEDGE IN BEING A LIGHT SKINNED BW!

ull post once I et home from work.


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  1. Lashea Williamd
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 12:51:48

    Bleu is light skinned. As a Dark Skinned woman the privilege Light Skinned women have is getting treated better by lots of people. Bring told they’re cute even if they aren’t just because they are Light, vs many Dark ladies being told they’re ugly simply because they’re Dark. Overall Light women have been raised with better self esteem. There’s perks to bring Light Skin, I’ve seen it since I was a child



    • Neecy
      Oct 21, 2015 @ 13:04:48

      Well then I guess what counts as real privledge and perks to me is much different than what it is for you and others.

      I GET that dark skinned BW NEED TO BE VALIDTAED AND CELEBRATED. That’s not my argument.

      But what Bleu is advocating for is pushing light skinned BW aside. What I’m saying is that will never resolve the issues BM have with women who look like them.

      I have always felt that the playing field needs to be leveled. And that means light skinned BW and dark skinned BW should be judged on the same playing,level.

      I have two things I’m creating right now. One is a show, and in this show Daark skinned BW will not be downplayed nor will their beauty. They will not be in the backseat to mediocre light women.BUT I’m also not throwing the baby out with the bath water because light skinned BW also deserve shine. We go through real shit everyday that dry BW go through. All BW in my eyes should be celebrated equally. I understand ,any of y’all don’t agree and that’s fine. And this is good to know because my platform moving forward will be about leveling the playing field and not pushing any BW BE HER LIGHT OR DARK down. bleu feels light skinned BW should “step side” I say BULLSHIT! Light skinned BW go through the same shit out in the world that our darker hid sister do. The only place where this differs is in the black community.

      If dark skinned BW are tired of the Colorism against them, the. They should have been making a bee line for the exit out of the black community and I to the global society where no one give two fucks about how light or dark A BW is.

      Instead y’all keep begging BM for validation and in the process trying to fight with the very women who ain’t got nothing to do with BMs preferences other than being born looking a certain way. Your battle is with BM! Not sisters like me!



  2. Neecy
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 13:06:09

    Sorry for typos I’m on my iPad.



  3. kay
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 14:26:58

    // What I’m saying is that will never resolve the issues BM have with women who look like them. //

    Blue is beyond resolving anything with BM. So am I. I will not allow the old label ‘we are all black’ to derail the issue of colorism. BM can stary as color struck as they want. I am not interested in them anymore.



    • Neecy
      Oct 21, 2015 @ 14:39:49

      Hmmm. Well IMO Colorism seems to affect BW more so because of the lack of love, validation from BM.

      PLUS in that post she goes on about “how if black people are going to RISE AGAIN….”

      Newsflash, blacks are done for the most part. The BW who,will survive and thrive have left the Colorism dysfunction where it started and where it continues to fester – in the black community.

      Dark,skinned BW who could truly care less anymore about BM don’t even argue about Colorism anymore because they realize in the global world, most non BM and non black,people don’t give a damn how dark skinned she is.

      Dark skinned BW are not being kept from getting educations, jobs, housing and pretty much anything else others in this society get.

      The problem is BW who were unappreciated in black societies didn’t make any survival moves whe it should have been done and LEFT to greener pastures where they were more appreciated.

      Another thing. Light skin and such will always be worshipped in a world run by those with LIGHT SKIN.

      BW are upset because the men of their race have never done what other races of men do and uplift the authentic BW. I get it, you should be pissed! But I’m not convinced this Colorism divisive thing is NOT rooted in trying to gain appreciation for your authentic black beauty from BM.

      AND also just like I don’t advocate BW hating non BW for the privledge a in beauty and love they get, neither should BW be doing it to,other BW who are getting VERY LITTLE privledge over them in beauty and love.

      Like I said, dark authentic BW should be celebrated. But now the question is, are you going to fight with the light skin BW to get there or are BW going to right this wrong working together to level the playing field.

      If y’all are not interested in working to level the playing field them the only other option is to separate based on skin shade because this in fighting will continue use to hold BW back.

      Dark skinned BW are not being kept from getting education, jobs, traveling, or even finding love. You guys want BM to validate you and while its natural the writing is on the wall that it’s not going to happen. Trying to start diviseness between light skinned BW and dark BW will only push BW further down the rabbit hole.

      Y’all can do as you please. But I spend my life like every other lighter shade BW fighting for the same shit and against the same shit as a dark skinned BW and I will not sit quietly as some sisters try to drive the wedge and act as if light skinned women are living some grand lives for being a golden shade.



  4. Mike Street Station
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 15:36:36

    CH wouldn’t help you out with the images huh?

    As you pointed out, “there ain’t no REAL PRIVLEDGE IN BEING A LIGHT SKINNED BW!” Seems to be true from the perspective outside the Black community. Being an American the one drop still seems to apply. However within the Black community colorism seems (from an outsider perspective) to be both privilege and problem.



    • Neecy
      Oct 21, 2015 @ 15:42:44

      LOL I knew he wouldn’t. But it was a great picture he posted. It had two black women. One was very whitish light but still black looking and the other was a very dark kinky haired model. And the caption read “light or dark skin, they’re all BLACK to me”. It was posted from a racist white guys Twitter and CH posted it on his site. I should have saved it because it was a great testament to how non blacks view blacks in general.

      Like you said, the only place where black women get any kinds,of privledge for being light skinned is in the black community. And since the black community cannot compete on a. Global level, I cannot understand why any progressive dark skinned BW would even care!

      And the only reason I can come up,with, is because they want black male validation – which in and of itself isn’t wrong or unnatural, but it’s high time for BW to understand that black men are not power players on a large scale and neither is the black community.

      The real privledge should be measured by what happens in the real world with the. Overs and shakers. And as you a white guy’s stated, most non blacks do not separate or hand privledge to blacks based on skin shade. No one cares but ignorant stupid black people.



  5. Brenda55
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 15:53:08

    “If y’all are not interested in working to level the playing field them the only other option is to separate based on skin shade because this in fighting will continue use to hold BW back.”

    I, a dark-skinned woman, will be monitoring this discussion closely for the following reason. It is long overdue and time to air out this particular piece of filthy laundry.

    For my way of thinking black men are really not deserving of this much power and influence when it comes to black woman’s self-worth and self-esteem.
    Taking them out of the equation completely lightens the load in many areas for most black woman no matter her complexion.

    I for one cannot separate from other lighter skinned black women because my mother is a light skinned black woman as are my sisters and much of the attempted damage done by color struck black males was muted and in some cases undone by these very supportive women.

    Finally as a woman married to a white man who strongly advocates that black women expand their dating pool this infighting will have a negative effect on the daughters that we will have. However, do not feel that Blu is advocating infighting or separation.

    That said I do see where Blu is coming from when it comes to we dark skinned women taking back our crowns not so much from our lighter skinned sisters but from the black men who placed it on their heads and maintains it’s position. We should each, dark and light, be celebrating our unique looks and beauty without the intrusion of middle-men who use colorism to their own unearned advantage and at the expense of black women’s self-actualization. Who the hell died and made black men, who have no throne, the queen maker?

    To me, the ability of the dark-skinned black women to test, break free and gain her rightful place tests the viability of black male patriarchy and shows it for the empty suit that it is. Black male patriarchy was always IMO a house of cards that is currently teetering badly and rested on very small spheres of assigned influence that have grown smaller and more tenuous.

    Their failure to formulate and maintain strong family units, communities and an independent economic base will come back to bite them as they will have little to nothing to fall back on as the world changes around them. The wise black women, of all complexions, understands this, separates herself from black men’s failing fortunes and seeks her own in the global village.

    For the lighter skinned black women, a pedestal that is propped up by increasingly powerless and marginalized men is not the most secure position to be in. Her security and fortune will also be found in the wider global village under her own control and not via a group of black male gatekeepers who have less and less agency in their own lives.



    • Neecy
      Oct 21, 2015 @ 22:54:03

      Brenda this is a very well balanced post you made. And very true. Personally I know a lot ofmthismcolorism argiment between BLACK WOMEN revolves around the choices of BM. I don’t care how much some BW deny it, but this single real root. Because if BM celebrated them, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      My thing is, I fighting with light and bi racial women will not resolve the issue. Especially since these women claim to be PRO SWIRLERS. They will bring this Colorism baggage with them.

      I already see it on some swirl sites. BW arguing over WHITE MEN preferring dark over light and vice versa.

      BW need to avoid dating ANYONE until these resolve these issues in a healthy manner.



      • Black Peach Tea
        Nov 10, 2015 @ 22:53:02

        Yes, I am seeing on a lot of the supposed black women empowerment pages that a lot of black women lack love of self. They care so much for validation when they should be worried about looking within. Bitter women are like cancer,they will spread their bitterness to anyone who comes in contact with them. I seriously think a lot of these women need therapy. For Black women who claim they don’t want nothing to do with black men, they sure do talk about them a lot. I’m like get your white man and shut up already.



        • Brenda55
          Nov 15, 2015 @ 12:53:59

          LOL. Well look who just came here all late to the party. Peach let me explain something to you. Black women who do not necessarily want black men for mates retain the right to talk about them. The good, the bad the ugly. All of it. There is not much you can do about that either so suck it up.

          Now you may ask why, when black men are the last choice for women who frequent BWE spaces, are we still talk about them. Well that is easy and it is not all that much different from non-black’s and non-female’s reasoning. Just because a black women won’t have a black man as a mate and limits her contact with them does not totally end any threat from his dysfunctional behavior. Any group that can affect your life negatively, and face it many black men fall in that category, is fair game for discussing in order to minimize the potential and or actual damage done from contact with that group.

          I hope this clears things up for you.



  6. Nicelle
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 18:54:56

    Two brief points.

    There is a study that shows that dark skinned black women are sentenced more harshly than their light skinned peers.

    This conversation should take place without mentioning black men. We can have a conversation about colorism without it centering around black men. I try of conversations about black women that make black men the focus.



    • Neecy
      Oct 21, 2015 @ 22:57:20


      Seriously. Is that all you can come up,with? Ok so if this is true, how does pushing light and bi racial women aside help that issue? IT DOESNT.

      BLACK WOMEN are incarcerated at higher rates than any other group. And they ain’t ALL DARK SKINNED EITHER!

      So unless you can tell me light skinned BW are evading prison because of their golden hues, then you don’t have a real solid argiment about privledge.



      • Nicelle
        Nov 01, 2015 @ 08:31:37

        Neecy, it’s not an argument more of an acknowledgement a difference in sentencing. I think that “light skinned” persons may add in moving this matter along with they acknowledge that there is some privilege. I do not believe that they have to apology for their complexion or serve as whooping boards. Some dark skinned women simply need to pull up and do some work. My personal pet peeve as a dark skinned black woman, is that there seem to be very little narrative about dark skinned black women who have never felt less than or slighted because of their complexion It’s like the wounded dark skinned black female owes the dark skinned female narrative.

        I have no preference regarding the pushing of multiracial and biracial women with black parentage and “reorganizing” the race so to speak vs continuing to adhere to the one drop rule. There are many light skinned black women who are not multiracial or biracial and they are Black women. So, if this “reorganizing” is an attempt to demonize light skinned black women and label them as non-black I take issue with it. I guess in “theory” multiracial women and biracial women should be organized among their likes and judged accordingly…….I have yet to read commentary comparing biracial (with black parent) with “average” white women. Yet biracials and multiracials will be compared to “average” (whatever that means) black women.

        Maybe, I am really naïve, but I really believe that there is more than enough room for the entire spectrum of black women to b e celebrated and valued. Cause we are all black women. In the meantime, we should invalidating and whooping one another. Shit if you haven’t been mistreated my a specific light or dark person get on with your life and stop hitting the reply button.

        I agree that black adolescents are in serious trouble and they are neglected, targeted, and invisible. The violence physical and sexual that they are exposed to before age 18 is staggering. In addition, as a therapist, I can attest reality that many of these adolescents internalize all the bs that is taught within the black community and social media. We can’t afford to ignore the issues of black female adolescents in order to argue about skin complexion issues.



  7. MELO
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 03:59:22

    Im light skinned and I cant see what privileges it affords me. Also, is this a war that plays out in words online? I dont have a problem with dark skinned, caramel skinnned, or other light skinned women throughout my daily activities nor am I aware any of my peers dealing with this.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 21:08:38

      YOU my sister are in a good place!

      Yes a lot of it happens online. My friends run the gamut of shades and these topics are never discussed. I think attractive women with a good healthy sense of self will always win no matter what and no matter what shade they are.

      But the reality is there are a lot of damaged BW out there and they are not interested in getting the therapy needed to thrive and live well and remove themselves from dysfunciton.



  8. SilverRoxen
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 05:55:50

    “That said I do see where Blu is coming from when it comes to we dark skinned women taking back our crowns not so much from our lighter skinned sisters but from the black men who placed it on their heads and maintains it’s position. We should each, dark and light, be celebrating our unique looks and beauty without the intrusion of middle-men who use colorism to their own unearned advantage and at the expense of black women’s self-actualization. Who the hell died and made black men, who have no throne, the queen maker?”

    Brenda, I was thinking the same when I read the post on FBWO. I immediately thought about the post done on Muslim Bushido. Actually, when I came to that part in the book, I pondered on it. Then I thought, wait a minute light skinned women didn’t snatch the crowns off of dark skinned black women’s heads, black men placed them their themselves. Despite black women wanting to leave black men out of the equation when it comes to colorism, you only see black people dividing black women based on color (i.e. parties, memes, videos, etc.). Another aspect is that these women are interested in expanding their options to date, marry, and mate with men of the global village. Do they not realize that a great portion of these men are nonblack men (heck they could even end up having light skinned children if they marry black men of other cultures). I understand that they want to uplift dark skinned black women, but it sounds as if it is to the exclusion of other black women.



  9. Kay
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 13:54:49

    You are not light skinned neecy. You said you spend your time like every other light skinned…How do you know how they all spend their time? It is clear you are feelling something that was not directed toward you



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:48:47

      I’m not going into a swatch test. I’m lighter than the average dark skinned BW. I’m the color of Beyonce. Most would consider her light or at least not a dark skinned BW.

      And its not just about *ME* I’m talking in general. And yes i have spent my life being perceived and treated as if I have some special sort of privledge because I am not dark brown.

      And YES dark skinned BW want Bm to validate them because ANY and everytime the topic of colorism or light vs. dark somes up Black men are always used as the measuring stick to prove the colorism.

      If BM worshipped the gorund authentic BW walked on, we would not have discussions about colorism. To act like this is not true is just being OBTUSE.



      • KAy
        Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:55:47

        //I’m the color of Beyonce//
        Again, you are darker than Beyonce. The privilege is in their marriage rates and the pedestal black men put them on. I cannot see that happening to you since you don’t look like Tinache or Jasmine Guy, Vanessa Williams. These are who BW tend to mean regarding lighter women. Certainly not you. Yes the average bw does want validation. Which is why I am happy for the work of Bleu.
        Maybe you are caribbean do don’t get it totally



  10. Kay
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 13:55:54

    Also I don’t see BWE BW asking for validation anymore.
    I see them walking away. “You want black men to validate you” Ugg where did you get this? Nowhere.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:54:45

      I can’t say that I’m all to convinced that many so called Pro BWE BW are “over” BM. Some of yall (not you because I don’t know you nor have i read your comments anywhere) reek of still being occupied with BM.

      The fact that you still argue about bi racial and light women says you still seem to feel there is some compettion from them keeping you back.

      The reality is when a BW swirls she is not in competition based on skin shade since most Non BM don’t care about light vs. dark but rather actual LOOKS. They are not handing out special relationship passes to light and bi racial Black women like BM do.

      So IMO if a dark skinnned BW who claims to be pro swirls is still arguing about colorism in then in my mind she is still seeking some validation from BM.

      Look I am not saying its WRONG for authetntic BW to want to be validated! Hell its NATURAL to want the men of your race to honor your beauty which they have contributed towards. So please don’t get it twisted that I think BW are crazy for wanting that.

      I ma just saying if you aint got it by now, its probably never going ot happen and we should be focusing our energies on the other side of the fence where the issues of colorism and dark vs. light so not come into play when it comes to other men.

      Its like getting a clean slate but still trying to pick up the crumbs you dropped of the other slate you claim to be leaving behind.



  11. lunanoire
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 23:09:34

    Colorism has been shown in numerous studies. The site bougie black girl has a list, for reference:

    It’s not just about hurt feelings, but institutional disadvantages.



  12. Rae
    Oct 24, 2015 @ 11:00:22

    Neecy, how on earth can the playing field be ‘leveled’ when the VAST MAJORITY of Black women are DARK SKIN!!!!!! <This is the problem!!!
    I've noticed a lot of black people have discomfort and have trouble acknowledging this!
    why is that so many black people pretend as if we truly come in all 'shades and colors'. My step mother is PALE and lighter than you and she agrees with the same sentiment that breukelen bleu has!
    i showed my best friend who is half white and is white passing and SHE even agreed!

    Btw, I have no umbrage towards you, i have gotten over my colorism issues but i agree 100% with breukelen bleu. i'm a follower of hers as well…
    Now being honesty what breukelen bleu said that she wants to happen is wishful thinking. Dark skin bw like me have to just make peace with colorism..

    And another thing… you wouldn't be considered light skin by young black men today. ANYTHING black is too 'dark' LOL!

    Neecy honestly, i still like you but I think we need to build a bridge over this colorism crap! Because at the end of the day all black women have is EACH OTHER!

    btw can u do a post on makeup for beginners? I turn 20 tomorrow!!! 😀 2016 i want to start wearing make up regularly! (:



  13. skyblue
    Oct 26, 2015 @ 08:59:49

    There is no such thing as a mixed raced/biracial black woman. Not to mention why is there so much pressure on darker black women to identify these women as a part of them? Nevermind the fact that plenty of biracial/mixed races abhor black women and the black race and have gone through extremes to separate and state these things. So again, why is there so much pressure on darker black women to accept other groups of women? These groups can deny blacks at liberal but when blacks make any attempts to draw the line, there always seems to be resentment, in particular to darker black women.

    Although I do agree that it is wasted energy to make some type of manifest regarding the entire issue BUT it certainly should be understandable if said group chooses to do so…and that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with black males..because as we all know they have said other groups of women are better. So the motivation can not be for males. Sounds like its about respect.



    • Neecy
      Oct 27, 2015 @ 17:54:57

      Continue to fight for you throne sister. Continue to focus on light skinned BW and bi racial women. In the meantime, young Black girls are being body slammed and dragged across classroom floors by psycho cops while BLACK MALE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS sit by quietly and do and say nothing as young Black girls are being abused.

      Continue to worry about reclaiming your throne while Black girls suffer throughout this country in various ways in schools.

      Please continue..

      I’m done with this STUPID topic because I actually care about the shit that is really doing in our girls.



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