I.JUST.CANNOT with this colorism BS!

I.JUST.CANNOT with this colorism BS!

I’m going to be cursing in this post so prepare yourselves. I have been marinating for MONTHS on this colorism stuff being brought to the forefront and trying to figure out where I stand. I tried not saying anything and making sure my thoughts are really not an emotional reaction. But they aren’t. I’m TIRED and have to speak MY MIND on this issue – and it will not be a popular or well received opinion, but nonetheless it’s MY opinion and I feel it needs to be said.

So basically this is my take on the colorism issue being constantly rehashed by BW.

This divisiveness isn’t going to get BW anywhere.

Sorry but yall aint ready! Many of you need to stay your behind right in the Black community and fuss and fight with light skinned women and Black men until you get your way. But please for the love of GOD keep your colorism baggage out of the global society and interracial relationships! Because at this rate, this is where it will follow you!

And the only people who will suffer are your potential UNSUSPECTING NON Black BEAUS and your mixed LIGHT SKINNED CHILDREN (Daughters especially). Please do not burden them with your UNRESOLVED colorism issues. PLEASE. The global world is the last safest place for SANE BW of any shade to go when they wanna escape Black folks pathologies and stupidity surrounding colorism.

Blacks girls of any shade raised OUTSIDE of Black people’s communities have healthier images and self-esteem of themselves than the ones growing up around Black people who continue to fuss and fight and create division over colorism.

I fear for so many bi racial and mixed light girls who will come from the wombs of bitter and angry BW who have not let go of their colorism baggage and moved on.


I have always felt that the colorism issue could easily be fixed by Black women making sure that the playing field gets leveled. Acknowledging the colorism against dark skinned BW, and MAKING SURE that anything we support always has a positive and beautiful image of a dark skinned BW. If it lacks that, and seeks to only present light/bi racial women, then that is a problem and we should NOT SUPPORT IT.

This could be done by withdrawing any and all support from things and entities that seek to create a division based on skin shade or that seeks to put down dark skinned BW beneath others. That demanding that you will only support and recognize things, people and entities that give dark skinned BW a fair shake and stop acting as if there is only one form of Black beauty which revolves around mixed and/or light women. I’ve always been down for that cause skin shade doesn’t define beauty. Only a damn fool could say something as SIMPLE as a skin shade determines a woman’s beauty.

In that vein, BW can win because we can TRULY and honestly then say BW come in all shades and various forms of beauty without it always DIS-INCLUDING darker more authentic looking BW.

If Black women were SMART this is what we’d be doing.

Its REAL DAMN SIMPLE! It could be accomplished and done if BW were serious.

BUT NAW!………..

Instead, yall want to stick it to the yellow and bi racial sisters and tell us to “STEP ASIDE” while you gain your throne as dark skinned BW! LOL Oh now you want us to step aside? But before, yall criticized us for running away from our blackness if we DARE celebrated or were thought to be trying to benefit off our “lightness”.

Now yall want us to STEP ASIDE, after all the centuries and decades we fought side by side with you and dealt with all the bullshit that comes with being a Black woman and half Black woman in this world?

Bi raical Black women were raped, enslaved and forced to deal with the same issues that came with having ONE DROP of Black blood. Of course they had some privledge over dark skinned BW, but when it all came down, they too suffered under the same umbrella as BW when it came to racism and sexism.

Also any accomplishments MADE by light and bi racial women went under accomplishments for BLACK WOMEN in general – NOT light or bi racial women. And still does to this day.

I still see your average half Black bi racial woman being put under the same umbrella and challenges that come with being Black.

Now yall want us to STEP ASIDE after we have contributed to the greatness that African Americans accomplished since day one?

Now yall want us to STEP ASIDE simply because you are tired of BM not worshiping your authentic beauty?

Now yall want BI RACIAL WOMEN TO step aside after all the fucking centuries of being told they were BLACK and any of them that tried to claim otherwise got scolded and crucified by THE SOUL PATROL for “running away from their blackness”?

WHAT IS IT!? Make up your damn minds! You can’t keep trying to make light and bi racial women play two sides of the fence! Either we are Black or we are NOT. And if we are not, then don’t say a damn word when they (bi racial) and light skinned BW start taking advantage of that in the global society and celebrating the very things that make us “not so Black”.


Because the reality of it all whether you like it or not is this: The Black man never HAS held enough power, clout or infrastructure to make his image the epitome of beauty and success. When he had the chance to do it, he squandered it.

It has always been MALES who have placed the authentic women of their race as the STANDARD. NOT WOMEN. Its not WHITE WOMEN who place themselves on a pedestal – its their MEN who have.

So Black men instead of doing such has chosen to take the easy route and go after the STANDARD created by OTHER RACES OF MEN who hold power, clout, and infrastructure worldwide.

The women who come from these men REPRESENT that power, clout and success that comes with being of a lighter shade (representing those in power who are White). So in essence, colorism is ROOTED in Black male validation because in any race its men who validate the beauty of their women. When you do not have that, the women will become angry and bitter towards those who they feel are getting that validation but not really deserving of it. In this case its Lighter skinned and sometimes bi racial women.

Here’s the tricky part. Light and bi racial women are not trying to STEAL your thrones or erase you. Light and bi racial women have had NO CHOICE (up until fairly recently) to claim anything other THAN BLACK because that is the bucket the POWERS THAT BE and who rule the roost PUT US IN! And it’s the BUCKET the SOUL PATROL made sure we stayed in when we tried to move out of it.

So it’s not light skinned BW and bi racial women trying to come and steal your beauty thrones! It’s a symptom of a larger issue that roots itself in White supremacy and the celebration and upliftment of those closest to the WHITE IDEAL.

And this celebration of all things light, bright and damn near white will ALWYS exist as long as WHITE PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL.

You see where I am going?


Cause the way in which some of yall are carrying on, its inevitable!

At this rate from what I am reading, the only way for peace and harmony amongst BW is for s separation. It’s clear to me that light skinned BW and bi racial women are no longer REQUIRED by “authentic” Black women to “call themselves Black” and we should just GET TO GETTING so you can “reclaim” your throne?

MKAY! You want that? Fine so be it. Just understand that once this happens you cannot see saw and try to make us claim our blackness while telling us we are not BLACK ENOUGH.

So many BW claim to be about progress and moving on. Do you know what that means? Can you see the forest? NO? Cause you still focusing on the raggedy ass trees that aint feeding you or giving you life!

Yall better figure it out because the world is turning and real shit is happening to BW OF ALL SHADES while yall infighting about light skinned women needing to step aside and let dark women get their throne.

While you guys are fighting to be recognized as beauties by Black men and people and trying to claim some type of “pedestal” based on color, Black girls are dealing with a slew of issues in this society that are only contributing to the constant downfall of young Black women.

Last I checked these issues were not separated based on who were LIGHT SKINNDED and DARK SKINNDED – it’s about BLACK WOMEN. You know Black women who are deemed Black in this society if they have 2 Black parents or bi racial women who are called Black if they look close enough to a BW? Black women who no one in the larger society CARES is the color of Beyonce or the color of Viola Davis?

n Rampant incarceration
n Being suspended and expelled from school at higher rates than ANY GROUP (including black boys) http://www.citylab.com/work/2015/04/black-girls-matter-and-schools-are-letting-them-down/390726/
n Making less on the dollar than any other group
n Being murdered at the hands of lover, b/f, and spouses more than any other group
n Growing rates of HIV and other STDs more than any other group
n Being one of the most unprotected classes in the world

The list goes on!

And all you guys can do is talk about how you need to reclaim your throne and get you dues for your authentic beauty and how light skinned BW need to “Step aside” and sit down with our “PRIVLEDGED SELVES”?

n Being the love interests in rap and r& b videos
n Being arm candy for self-hating Black males who aint really making moves in the grand scheme of things
n Being worshiped by stupid ass BM who are failures in life
n Being in rap videos
n Being the first choice of thugs, athletes and rappers
n Being called pretty by loser Black men
n Being the love interests in R&B vids

THAT PRIVLEDGE? You want it? Yall dark skinned sisters can have it! I aint about fighting over crumbs!

When yall wanna start talking REAL PRIVLEDGE – you know that shit that can affect your livelihood, education and ability to just fucking enjoy and live life then holla at me.

Real privilege to where light skinned women are the only BW who can get good job, get educations over dark skinned BW, travel, live wherever they want. PSSSH!

Yall don’t know what real privilege is cause if you did this would be a MUTE point in the argument of colorism and light skinned women.

Privilege to yall is getting put on a pedestal by BLACK MEN. And while I don’t think that is unreasonable at all and very natural, the point is –THEY AINT AND NEVER HAVE PUT YALL ON A PEDESTAL so it’s time to MOVE THEE FOCK ON and stop with this craziness that only makes us look like Petty women.

As long as I and other BW of a lighter shade are dealing with the same damn issues and problems and things that come with being a BW – You can go to hell because I am not stepping aside or DOWN so that you can feel you’ve won some battle with Black men.

Dark skinned BW’s beef is with the BLACK MALE. Not women who cannot help how they were born or how BM perceive them!

I am truly convinced BW will not progress very much even though yall claim to be all about that.

Cause BW who are about progressing and never minding the BS, would not continue to create a divide based on some silly shit as skin shade that Black people and Black people ONLY care about.


Yeah yeah I know many of yall say you don’t care about BM and we shouldn’t have these discussions with Black men as the focus. REALLY? Cause every discussion about colorism and dark and light skin always mentions how light women benefit from being love interests, and placed on a beauty pedestal by BLACK MALES. So what is it? The real root of the frustration lies in the fact that dark skinned BW are pissed that BM do not honor the beauty of the “authentic” BW who look like them.

That BM honor the beauty that is furthest away from Black. If BM did this (honored and cherished authentic looking BW) we would NOT be having this discussion. So let’s be honest about why we as BW continue to talk about colorism – because darker skinned BW feel as if they are underappreciated by BLACK MEN who place light/mixed and non-Black aesthetics at the top of THEIR PEDESTAL. And you are tired of it and want to reclaim your beauty.

That’s FINE! But taking your frustrations out on light skinned BW and telling light skinned BW to “step down” aint going to get you to the promise land AT ALL. Because light skinned BW are BLACK TOO. And unless and until we decide that a separation is in order, we still have a right to be celebrated as such.



Just take one look at how disrespected our Bi racial half White president is, and that should be a VERY BIG CLUE that no one in the larger world is giving privileges to light skinned bi racial Blacks! Obama to everyone is a BLACK Man who in their eyes is not fit to be president. A lot of the criticism Obama faces is simply because many Non Blacks cannot and will never give full credit to a man of Black heritage running this world and doing a better job at it than a traditional White male.

All that privilege he gets being a light skinned BI RACIAL – YEAH RIGHT. His own wife doesn’t get any damn respect. So I’m sorry again SPLAIN to me how light and bi racial are getting more privilege than Dark Blacks?

Another thing, the argument that other races don’t let their bi racials the standard is a false argument. Simply because the REALITY is, they don’t claim them as White or such because THEY DO NOT LOOK ANYTHING CLOSE TO IT most of the time! No, no brown skinned curly haired brown eyed bi racial girl can pass for White. It’s a lot easier for a half Black child to be called Black because typically they have more BLACK features than the non Black part of them. You better believe if they could pass them off as anything but Black THEY WOULD.

I have seen that when bi racials look more like their NON Black side, they are EMBRACED as such and not made to feel they have to call themselves Black. I have been living amongst and growing up around enough bi racials to know.

I have a bi racial niece who will never be made to call herself Black because she does not look it. But she damn sure would be more likely mistaken for MY daughter than her own mother who is White. No one would ever question if she were mine if we were out. But they question her mother all the time if “she is hers”. On the other hand I know bi racials who look like light skinned Blacks folks and they are called Black because they LOOK IT.

Let’s stop acting OBTUSE as to why it’s a lot easier for bi racials to call themselves Black vs. the other way around. That’s because Black genes typically DOMINATE!

You’re prolly asking “why she caping for bi racials?”

UH cause I’m trying to get you to see that if you call yourself “crossing the color lines” the very CHILDREN you will be having will be just that – BI RACIAL. And any resentments and issues you have with them means you arse should probably stay pro creating with full blooded BM and not ruining your children because of your deep seated issues with bi racial women who will BE YOUR OFFSPRING if you call yourself opening up to other races of men!

And do not tell me you can fight against colorism and still love and embrace your bi racial daughters. BS! I read many of the comments coming from so called PROGRESSIVE PRO SWIRLING BW and I am saddened that these women cannot see how damaged they are and bitter and how that will CARRY into their relationships with Non BM and be pushed off inadvertatley to their bi racial and light daughters.

You will not be able with a STRAIGHT FACE to give your bi racial and light daughters words of encouragement, if you feel that the women who look like them are KEEPIN YOU DOWN!


If dark skinned BW were really about seeking a throne, then they would have been making a bee line for the exit of the Black community and into the arms and communities of people who could care less if a BW is the shade of Beyonce or Viola Davis. Because most non Blacks do not separate Blacks based on their shade – hell most bi racial do not even get that benefit UNLESS they really look more White.

BUT as I said, dark skinned BW still want go down fighting for the Black man’s validation and taking your light skinned sister down is just one way many of you feel you can WIN.

Well I’m here to tell you, you won’t win that way. Because all it will do is cause a complete separation where those women who can benefit off moving as far away from their Blackness as possible WILL DO SO and no longer have to worry about the SOUL PATROL calling them out. Cause that’s what yall wanted right? To no longer be erased by light women?


I am so sick of BW crying about Zendaya this and that! Women of all races steal each other’s looks. Black women get celebrated for stealing the looks of European women. They are deemed more beautiful. Wearing European wigs, weaves, contacts and such is STEALING White women’s beauty. But it’s a problem when someone else steals our uniqueness?

Beyonce KEEPS a blonde straight wig on her head! I have yet to see White women crying about her trying to erase them or steal their beauty.

Zendaya put fake locs in her hair and had a nasty racist remark made to her by a White woman who could care less that she was HALF WHITE. Do you honestly think Zendaya and the likes sits and says “how can I erase the beauty of BW? HMMM. Oh yeah let me put in some locks so I can erase the beauty of BW!”. NO! She put the locs in her hair because SHE WANTED TO because she felt it was a nice looking style for that event. PERIOD.

Just like a young dark skinned Black girl may sit down and slap a blonde weave on her head and some green contact lenses. Is she trying to erase the beauty of White women? Or is she just feeling that look for that specific time and chose to sport it?

And when she wore the style she experienced a racist comment that STUNG because it went directly to her for having an ethnic hairstyle. As a result she fought back (feeling upset because she is half Black), and got a doll with some locs. Yall having all kinds of conniptions when almost all Black dolls have Whitish textured hair and such. When Black female celebs imitate and straighten their hair and wear hair colors and weaves that are not of a natural Black state.

I am so sick of BW bitching about silly shit that doesn’t matter. NO ONE IS DELIBERTALEY TRYING TO STEAL OR ERASE YOUR BLACKNESS!

Most people are trying to be as close to White as possible. And the loudest voices of criticisms always come from Black folks. Now people trying to celebrate unique things found on BW and yall Bitching about that.


Like all things, other women are free to wear styles and things that are traditionally Blacks, just like BW are free to wear styles that are traditionally found on other races of women naturally.

JESUS there are bigger fish to fry than arguing over this nonsense.

Bi racial women celebrate Black women’s uniqueness by wearing it Black women feel slighted and erased. They run away from anything Black looking and try to embrace more European ideals, Black women call them SELF HATING.


Like I said, I’m leaning more and more towards separation because the damage is just too deep for BW to come together and nip this shit in the bud the RIGHT WAY without infighting with each other.

If this is the case, I will have to rethink my platform and question why I would stand by women who do not see me as a sister but as a PROBLEM to them getting on some sort of pedestal and throne. Never mind the real shit all BW deal with on the regular that really shows that our lives are no different regardless of shade. You want to keep focusing on the petty shit that doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.



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  1. Neecy
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 23:00:01

    Can someone please list for me all the pro ledges that light and bi racial women have that has kept you as a dark skinned BW down and unable to thrive and live a full life.

    I seriously would like to know cause I’m starting to feel JIPPED since I ain’t seen hardly any special privledge said for being of a golden shade.

    Please let me know! And I have no interest in knowing about black people things because I’m all about the bigger picture and focusing on things that REALLY MATTER.



    • lunanoire
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 23:11:10


    • lunanoire
      Oct 23, 2015 @ 08:10:39

      With all due respect, these comments are similar to that of poor white people who use their poverty to deny that white privilege exists.

      Sometimes, a person experiences privilege when there is the absence of a disadvantage that another person would experience in the same situation, so the privilege would be invisible until someone else experiences the disadvantage that the privileged person did not have to deal with.

      Black people of all shades have to deal with racist crap, both personally and institutionally. Light-skinned people have institutional privilege over dark-skinned people, though they do experience personal slights due to skin color. Dark skinned people face personal and institutional disadvantage.

      Colorism is about one’s mentality. It can be promoted or discouraged even in environments where everyone is the same color, because people still make value judgments.

      When all else is held equal, light-skinned black people are more likely to be hired and promoted compared to a dark-skinned competitor.

      “In a December 2006, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article it points to a University of Georgia study that found if the qualifications were identical, the lighter-skinned woman was preferred [for a job],” Mr. Harrison said.”The article went on to point out that, “Dr. Frisby asked 79 female college students — 45 white women and 34 black women ages 18 to 28 — to evaluate the photographs, which they thought were for an upcoming ad campaign. And 78 of the 79 women chose the light brown skin tone as more attractive.”

      Attractiveness is not just about trying to impress a colorstruck man. It generally helps in the workplace, and is often a requirement for women in competitive jobs that face the public.

      If two black people are facing disciplinary action for the same behavior, the dark-skinned person will likely receive a harsher punishment.

      The Impact of Light Skin on Prison Time for Black Female Offenders, by Jill Viglione, Lance Hannon, and Robert DeFina of Villanova University: “With regard to prison sentences, their results indicated that women deemed to have light skin are sentenced to approximately 12% less time behind bars than their darker skinned counterparts. The results also show that having light skin reduces the actual time served by approximately 11%.”



      • Neecy
        Oct 23, 2015 @ 08:55:27


        honestly if these were the types of issues that really bothered and affected darker BW then how does infighting with light skinned BW change that?

        Anytime Colorism is talked about by BLACK,WOMEN none of these issues are brought up. Instead the issues of BM preferences and beauty ideals are the conversations that always revolve around Colorism.

        The issues you brought up are real and they are also real for,light skinned BW compared to white and non BW. So in essence, what dark skinned BW experience light skinned BW experience whe it comes time to be compared to non black women.

        Which brings us all back to square one. Any SLIGHT privilege that light BW may get over you doesn’t mean anything because non BW privilege trumps any privilege that light BW get.

        For those same studies you posted, I can find 1000 more that shows that as a BW be you light or bi racial non BW will often be chosen for more jobs, make more on the dollar and often get less jail time and less sentencing than we do.


        Your point proves nothing because those same issues affect light skinned BW as well just the privilege we are up against is non black women AS BLACK WOMEN.



  2. Lashea Williams
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 00:08:20

    Hi, the Privilege Light Skin women have is their families and society has taught them to have high self esteem so they’re able to go out into the world and be confident vs many Fark Skin women are taught the opposite. It’s like we were cheated a little out of life. Many of us not gaining the self esteem one needs to make it in this world until adulthood. Also one minute you say the playing feel needs to be leveled and then you say there’s no real privilege. Which one is it. If there wS no privilege then the only 3 too Black artist we have out now wouldn’t all be Light Skin. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj & Rihanna. There’s just too much evidence out there proving Light Skinned people’s get better jobs, less jail time, picked 1st for marriage, loved more from families etc.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:16:16

      Hi Lashae,

      I’m not nor have I denied that there isn’t Colorism or privledge and I have always maintained that the playing field needs to be leveled. I agree that Colorism is a problem and does affect the self esteem of young black girls. But when I hear BW talk about the privledge that light women receive, it often sounds as if they think we don’t experience the same real problems they do . Problems like sexism, racism, and all the other things that would matter IMO.

      At the end of the day all BW regardless of shade are fighting and trying to overcome the same obstacles where it counts.

      In regards to the artists – like I said as long as the powers that be are white and in control the most embraced people will support them on a mainstream level. But that’s not the issue. Darker BW as I have always stated need to understand the world is the way it is and because black men have not solidified any real power positions women who look like them will not gain the same privledge said as others who,look close to the powers that be.

      The same is for BW in general when it comes to non BW. They simp,y will have more privledge and better opportunity thaN MOST BW.

      But the amounts of privledge that light BW receive are very small where it counts and matters.

      My stance is that instead of BW in general complaining about other privledge of women, get in where you fit in and recognize you will not be the “star” all the time simp,y because the way of this world is to typically promote and celebrate those who Re the majority and dominant in terms of culture and aesthetics. That’s just the way it is and no matter how much you point out privledge of light skinned BW better believe privledge runs across all lines in society and will not go away.

      The best bet is to find your place in the sun and bask in it.



    • lunanoire
      Oct 24, 2015 @ 08:53:56


      I agree.

      This kinda sounds like when white feminists say, “The biggest problem is sexism. Any advantage white women have other non-white women is minor compared to the advantage men have over us all.”

      Once again, those who benefit from an uneven situation are blind to it, because it often operates as the absence of harm. There’s plenty of race and gender-based institutional harm for BW to experience, and dark BW have color-based, institutional harm as well.

      Black women are all in the same boat, and dark skinned women are in a worse part of that boat.

      I will say that colorism tends to affect dark BW in areas with higher percentages of black people more harshly. In some areas, there are so few black people that a BW would not have any other black people to compete against and win or lose depending on skin color. In other areas, it can play a bigger factor in someone’s life. I know of a BM with hiring power who hired a local pageant runner-up, and a light-skinned BW. He also goes to Brazil often, likely for sex tourism. After putting the pieces together, I realized after the interview with him that he would probably not hire me, and that I did not want to work for him. Sure enough, I was right.



  3. MELO
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 04:14:30

    Id like to know what privileges we have also cause, Im being short changed as well. Great question



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:19:18

      True. The only real privledge really lies in the Black community. And since the black community doesn’t realy compete on a larger scale, its not really privledge once you start looking at it for what it is.

      Sometimes they make it seem as if we are living these grand lives and I just don’t get it. Racism and sexism has ALWAYS affected Black women across the color lines no matter the shade.

      And I still see dark skinned BW making all kinds of strides in education, career so its not like they are being held back where it really matters or counts.



  4. Formavitae
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 04:39:53

    This is a long post, so I’m going to read and comment in stages.

    First, I TOTALLY agree with this:

    “So Black men instead of doing such has chosen to take the easy route and go after the STANDARD created by OTHER RACES OF MEN who hold power, clout, and infrastructure worldwide.”

    I’ve always had light female friends. My feeling about lighter females is based upon their willingness to acknowledge the discrimination darker women face and their willingness to view it as wrong. If they do this, they’re fine with me. I don’t like the ones who think they are superior or deny that discrimination against dark women exists. I also don’t like ones who bring up “jealousy” or “Jesus/God” when darker women discuss the relative lack of support they must contend with in comparison to lighter females.

    I don’t know. These are tough and multifaceted issues. I support a black standard of female beauty that isn’t strictly “Cotton Club”. However, I don’t like Lupita being a standard for AA women, because, in my opinion, she doesn’t look “AA”. I think she’s very pretty, but I don’t see “AA” when I look at her. Furthermore, she ISN’T AA. Likewise, I also have a problem with Rachel Roy being a representative of AA womanhood when she’s half European and half East Indian. I think she’s very pretty too. I also have a problem with Christina Milian playing AA girl roles when she’s a black Latina. I also consider her very attractive.

    Bottom line for me….I want AAs to represent AAs. I want to see girls who look like girls I grew up with, who had two AA parents–light, medium, caramel, and chocolate–being the faces of images of AA beauty and femininity. AAs have their own unique looks and beauty. I’m tired of it being washed out and substituted. I personally want to see ALL of the AA girls, light, dark, and in between.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:26:16

      This is a refreshing post Formative! I agree I never understood the color divide thing because I feel an attractive BW is an attracive BW. Plus many of my friends who are darker don;t really have these issues so I guess that is too why I can’t always understand.

      I am all about BW finally learning to embrace all of our beauty as African American women. because the reality is we are mixed no matter our shade and thus we will come in a variety of colors and looks simply based on our hisory and racial make up as African Americans.

      I agree with you too. While we can appreicate the stardom of women like Lupita, we need to see more of our sisters who are American Black because there is a difference. Different look, different experience, different ways about us.

      This is kind of off topic, but I know we have these discussion often about how we allow Blacks from foreign plces to take our roles and tell our stories in film. Well I saw an article recently where AMerican WHITE MALES were comlaning about the same thing in H-Wood! LOL Its true tho. They too are being replaced by leading men who are all from overseas (London and other parts of Europe). And its becomming a problem for them. I was shocked. Ten i looked at all the leading male roles and its true, many of the characters are men of English and European descent.

      There seems to be this strong desire for English actors in Hollywood recntly and they are replacing not just Black women but American White men are losing leading male roles to English actors.

      What is the obsession with English actors????



      • Formavitae
        Oct 24, 2015 @ 11:47:17


        This is TOUGH.

        I honestly think there are those light/mixed women who feel superior to darker/black women and there are those who do not. And, many times, it seems to me that the ones who aren’t really that light are the ones trying so hard to prove/act like they are so “different” from darker/black women.

        My family has many dark members and several light members also. Fortunately, color was never raised as an issue. However, I have met AAs whose families raise issues about color, hair, etc. There are plenty of light, “good” haired folk who believe they are superior. And, there are plenty of dark folk who can’t stand light ones. I was SHOCKED, when I first learned this. But, I realize this bitterness/division exists and has for a long time.

        I think we just have to allow those who want to be “unified” TO BE unified and those who want to be “separate” TO BE separate. That’s the only reasonable solution I can think of that allows one to keep their “sanity”. Eventually, one will tire of going around and around in circles, or else they will remain on the “merry-go-round”. I, personally, am too fatigued to keep stressing over these matters and choose to focus on those who accept me and stay away from those who don’t.

        I still say that non-mixed AA women need to protect their interests regardless of their skin shade. I learned a lot about ethnic pride and ethnic protection, by having close relationships with Indians and Pakistanis. From what I can see, AAs have never had that level of self-valuation, because they always believed that watering down their bloodline made them “better”. I never analyzed things this way, until I gained exposure to other social philosophies and practices. This is a major reason why Indian/Pakistani girls have a culture that provides them a husband and family and AA girls don’t. But, that’s not the focus of this post.

        Indians/Pakistanis may allow CERTAIN mixed members to gain acceptance, but they STILL distinguish them. John Abraham is a very attractive Bollywood actor. But, my ex still pointed out/clarified that he is ANGLO- Indian. Even though Indians/Pakistanis are mixed people, themselves, they STILL distinguish those who have a heritage from outside of their populace.

        Light skinned people DO have privilege–even outside of the AA collective. They have privilege any time they are in a context within which lightness is viewed as “good/acceptable” and darkness is viewed as “bad/unacceptable”. People “of color” believe in this ideology and paradigm (NOT ALL, but it’s the social/cultural standard for communities “of color”). This privilege IS REAL, and I’ve seen it in practice. And, SOME whites also practice this. It depends upon whether they view it as being to their advantage or not, and their response can vary from situation to situation.

        The fact that light AA women are “AA” causes them to be impacted by the implications of having an AA status. But, that does not completely nullify the benefits they receive from color. The context of the circumstance determines which attribute carries the most weight.

        Alas, the fact that I have had positive relations with light women/girls and know many who don’t believe in their superiority keeps me from having any blanketed resentment towards them. However, I have met ones who do, and I just stay away from them. Honestly, I think AA girls are PRETTY, and I want our beauty to be CELEBRATED. We don’t have just “one look”. That’s something we should appreciate.

        I didn’t get to read Bruekelen Blue’s post. I wish I had. So, I can’t comment on it. However, light/mixed women have always been overwhelmingly selected to represent AA feminine beauty, and many are trying to balance that disparity by heavily promoting and representing dark/non mixed women.

        I think we need to get back to understanding what an AA actually LOOKS like, because it seems we’ve lost that by allowing anyone with brown/black/mixed skin to represent us. That’s why so many think it’s okay to allow/have Lupita, Rachel, Christina, Rosario, Gina, Karrine, Rihanna, Nicki, Tia/Tamara (though I like them) to represent us.

        DON’T AAs UNDERSTAND WHAT “AA” MEANS? Evidently not, because NONE of those women are AA.

        And, I’m sorry, but this day and age, Zendaya, Karreuche, etc. don’t get to be the standard/face for “AA” women EITHER. The politics have changed, and they are no longer forced to be part of our group. We don’t need any “fence straddlers”, nor do we need those with “fluid” classifications being our “standard bearers”.

        For those who are confused, need a clue, or are just unaware, AA women look like/are: KeKe Palmer, Tyra Banks, Kyla Pratt, Pam Grier, Tamala Jones, Viola Davis, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington, Sanaa Lathan, Megan Good, Regina King, Regina Hall, Vanessa Bell Campbell, Vanessa Williams, Angela Bassett, Lynn Whitfield, Lela Rochon, Robin Givens, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Condoleeza Rice, Kenya Moore, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Diane Carroll, Keshia Pulliam, the list goes on and on.

        Hope this helps. AA women–GET BACK TO YOURSELF.

        As far as British/foreign actors are concerned, Hollywood has always had many, particularly, Europeans. Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Chaplin, etc. I never realized they weren’t native born Americans until I started listening to the commentary on Turner Classic Movies. I LOVE Old Hollywood films. That’s mainly what I watch, these days. It’s funny. I’m always watching Old Hollywood movies, and my mom is always watching Lifetime movies.

        Don’t get stressed out over these matters. AA women have enough problems.



        • Rae
          Oct 24, 2015 @ 14:10:40

          And, many times, it seems to me that the ones who aren’t really that light are the ones trying so hard to prove/act like they are so “different” from darker/black women.

          i’ve noticed this…

          And i’m sorry but kerry washington is half caribbean…
          btw you come off like a lot of African American’s i meet that have the mindset ‘we’re all mixed’ – ‘we come in all different shades of color’

          ummm.. the vast majority of AA people are DARK SKIN. The vast majority of black women in the caribbean are DARK SKIN. the vast majority of black women in african countries are DARK SKIN! Hell, the vast majority of black people {black women} are DARK SKIN!



          • Formavitae
            Oct 24, 2015 @ 23:28:39

            Thanks for clarifying about Kerry. I’ve never heard her profess to be anything other than AA. But, if she does, she can be stricken from the list.

            I haven’t made any claims about proportions of color distribution among AAs. But, I don’t believe you are AA, so how we classify OURSELVES has nothing to do with you.



            • labellefleur
              Nov 02, 2015 @ 16:32:31

              Lela Rochon is also of Haitian descent according to her bio.



              • Formavitae
                Nov 02, 2015 @ 23:25:35

                If Lela IS not and, more specifically, DOES not identify with AAs (as in mainland US slave descendants), she can be removed from the list. I have never heard her make that distinction. However, women like Karrine are EXPLICIT in distinguishing themselves from AAs (which I have no problem with). Lupita identifies as Kenyan and Mexican. So, WHY are these women supposed to be, or why SHOULD these women be the “standard” representatives for AAs?

                My point is that not all AA women look like Whoopi/Viola, nor do all AA women look like Sally Hemmings/Lena. MOST are somewhere between. However, people are trying to compel AA women to make Lupita/Alek their standard for identification and beauty. WHY? And, why do people who ARE NOT AA get to make such demands or feel the have the right to control the AA image. I don’t dislike people like Kola Boof. But, where do they get off thinking that’s their “place”, just because they live, sleep/party with AAs, and/or have nappy hair/black skin? I’ve never tried to tell Asians how to classify themselves or standardize themselves, and I’ve had close, intimate relationships with them, FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS.

                One thing this whole situation has made me recognize/consider is how much and how many people want to control/claim the “US black/AA” image. WHY? Why aren’t they saying, “This should be the African/Kenyan standard of beauty,” or, “This should be the Carribean standard of beauty,” or, “This should be the Mexican standard of beauty,” etc.? Why is it the “AA” image/platform they are trying to control? This helped me see AAs have more “clout” than they REALIZE, even on the international stage–at least among black/blackish people. People are still trying to access our infrastructure to gain headway in the United States.


                Anyway, another thing I noted the other day was how Jews utilized Hollywood to develop respect for their ethnic group and empathy for the plight of millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust. WHY don’t AAs utilize the media and other avenues to build respect for their ethnic group? AAs are willing to make a mockery of their ancestors and ruin the social image of their people for money. EVERY OTHER GROUP, I see, is trying to “humanize” the image of their people and make them “relatable” to the rest of the society (aka WHITES, for all intents and purposes). AAs ARE FOOLS! They ostracize themselves to enable A FEW blacks (mainly males) to ingratiate themselves into the society with whom they SUPPOSEDLY a have grievances.

                Anyway, I was initially going to share these thoughts but allowed them to drop. Since I came back, I went ahead and posted them.

                AA women control YOUR OWN image/identity, and REPRESENT YOURSELVES (WELL).



                • Formavitae
                  Nov 02, 2015 @ 23:42:06

                  “People are still trying to access our infrastructure to gain headway in the United States.”

                  I forgot to add…

                  “, then turn around and elevate their own group ABOVE us. They also want to utilize AA infrastructure in the US to propel themselves internationally.

                  AAS ARE OKAY WITH THIS? Where do YOU (AAs) BENEFIT?”



                • Formavitae
                  Nov 03, 2015 @ 00:08:59

                  Another thing…

                  Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans do not like being mistaken for each other, even though they are all East Asian and, generally, have small eyes, dark hair, fairer skin, etc.

                  Pakistanis and Indians do not like being mistaken for each other, even though they are both South Asian, and there are those who overlap in physical appearance.

                  Israelis and Palestinians ALSO do not like being mistaken for each other, and many OBVIOUSLY HATE each other, even though they often look like cousins.

                  Without a doubt, people from similar geographical regions share some blood. And, WE ALL are members of the HUMAN “race”. Nevertheless, that does not make all people the same/interchangeable/etc.

                  AAs seem to lack this concept/understanding. That’s why they fall for the BS that any/everybody with an ounce of “color/naps/blackness” CAN and SHOULD be able to represent them. And, AAs should remember that our enslavement was AIDED by “black Africans”. They are NOT “INNOCENT”, in what happened to OUR (YES, “OUR”) people. Once they CAPTURED AND SOLD our ancestors, we CEASED being “THE SAME”. And, YES, I realize there were Africans who were against the slave trade. But, my point is that the “AA” classification belongs TO US– AND, US ALONE.



                  • Formavitae
                    Nov 03, 2015 @ 00:20:28

                    “AAs seem to lack this concept/understanding.”

                    Which is most likely related to our history. WE REALLY are in a unique state. But, if we want to survive and THRIVE, we need to start understand how the world works GLOBALLY. And, most THRIVING people sustain a strong HOME base and identity that they ALONE control (whether “just” or “injust”). THEY DEFINE THEMSELVES.



                  • Formavitae
                    Nov 03, 2015 @ 00:28:07

                    “any/everybody with an ounce of “color/naps/blackness”

                    or, ONE MILLION ounces…

                    THAT does not automatically qualify you to classify as or represent AAs.




                • Neecy
                  Nov 03, 2015 @ 20:50:18

                  COMPLETELY agree Formative.

                  African American women have our own unique culture and we should always keep that foundation. That foundation is why other Blacks from across the globe can come to America and be successful. They reap the benefits off of our African American female ancestors blood sweat and tears.

                  AA women should never forget our culture and what makes us, US.

                  I appreciate and understand all BW of the diaspora and going through it. But there are just some things that are different.

                  For example, skin bleaching to lighten our skin is practically a non issue with African American women – not even dark skinned AA women bleach their skin even though they do go through colorism. We just have something like a solidness about us as AA women that we don’t succumb to those things. However, most other cultures of Non African American Black women are into heavy bleaching in their countries.

                  This is something AA women should be proud of and never allow to creep into our culture.



                  • Formavitae
                    Nov 04, 2015 @ 00:47:54

                    “They reap the benefits off of our African American female ancestors blood sweat and tears.”

                    YES. EXACTLY.

                    If black women feel there should be a “Pan-Black” or “Pan-African” platform, FINE. I have nothing against that. However, you don’t just get to come in and “usurp”/”hijack”/”redefine” the AA (as in mainland US slave descendants) woman platform to suit your agenda simply because it exists and is more solid and globally recognized than yours.

                    Let various groups of black women work together and sacrifice EQUALLY to form a “Pan” platform that is DISTINCTLY “PAN” and allows the AA platform to retain it’s RIGHTFULLY earned and HARD WON distinction as “AA”.



      • Formavitae
        Oct 25, 2015 @ 06:42:07

        I finally read (what I believe to be) Breukelen’s complete post which you’re referencing. I COMPLETELY AGREE with what she’s saying about people being uncomfortable with the PURE black female image. However, I again feel it depends upon what you’re talking about. If one wants to present the jet/coal black woman as the most authentic form of “black” woman, I can agree with/concede to that. However, if one wants to present the jet/coal black woman as the most authentic form of “AA” woman, I cannot, as THE AVERAGE AA woman is not jet/coal black. Again, the image of the AA woman is being dictated and usurped by others who do not best reflect her (as in “mean, median, mode”) ACCURATELY.



  5. skyblue
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 07:10:43

    “Can someone please list for me all the pro ledges that light and bi racial women have that has kept you as a dark skinned BW down and unable to thrive and live a full life”

    So as to not cause more division, it’s probably best to speak about what darker women in the black community lack in terms of support from the black community. Almost from birth, darker black women are considered a liability within the black community and sometime even within their own family structure.

    Also, because we do not live in a bubble, even if they are wholly loved and accepted within their family many to most will not feel this acceptance while moving about within the community. This is a major roadblock in terms of development and thriving to ones fullest potential. It’s also a major setback in preparing to deal with the world outside of ones community. If you don’t have this roadblock, you are already at least on par with many others outside of your community in terms of esteem while darker black women have to find other ways to compensate (and many have–and are thriving–roadblocks do not mean the end of the road).

    Now, as you’ve mentioned, the black community has lost overall by bogging itself down with such mindlessness that the outer world does not even recognize to begin with (and unless one plans on living an extremely limited life, what the bigger world is doing is what the black community should be at least replicating to some degree). The black community has worked so backward by ignoring beauty standards and picking skin tone instead that this has even hindered our acceptance in to the larger world as well. Family/communities major role is to prepare us for life and its expectations. Because the larger world, when dealing with people of color, cares less about skin tone and more about beauty (when speaking about women)..it’s given plenty of us a false arrogance and false image of ourselves which is not validated by those outside of the community–that is a dangerous cocktail.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:32:27


      Excellent observation and point you made.

      I agree this needs to be nipped in the bud AND NOW. I just hate to see the division with BW beause I really don’t think it will help us in the long run.

      Its up to EVERY BW no matter how light or dark to put an end to this because we are the ones affected.

      You are right. BW who are not embraced in tier communities face challenges in the outer society as well although like you said its not usually based on skin shade. Often times though I think the biggest area where dark skinned BW are affected in greater society is they are often seen as what is projected in rap vids and the lyrics in rap songs (i.e. being seen as hoodrates, ghetto, ) and all the other things BM have heaped upon the image of regular looking BW.

      So yes there is a difference there in how darker BW are often PERCEIVED in terms of personality and such.

      But I do feel sometimes darker BW believe that lighter BW have it soooo much better and the reality is WE DO NOT. We are deaing with a lot of the same issues of sexism and racism and I think this needs to be made clear because I really don’t believe a lot of BW see this.

      Basically we’re int his shit together.



  6. skyblue
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 07:13:05

    Otherwise, in total agreement…there is no privilege. Only small minded people think it’s a privilege to be queen or king of the jungle (which is what the black community has allowed itself to devolve into).



  7. SilverRoxen
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 08:04:24

    I knew this issue would come back full circle. I remember reading a few posts about this (the comments section of this post – http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com/2014/07/women-are-not-entirely-to-blame-for-pua.html?m=1and this post http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com/2014/07/my-opinion-about-state-of-black-womens.html?m=1) . This post ( https://notyourgirlfriday.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/imma-say-it-again-beware-the-cloak-of-black-male-white-female-privilege/) for instant has several aspects of this topic (i.e. colorism, biracial daughters, black women’s desirability, etc.). I knew this would happen, I would go and read those BWE FB pages and I would immediately think of these posts and think its going to happen, its going to happen.

    I also agree with Formavitae’s comment. AA women and girls should represent AA women and girls, skin shade doesn’t matter. While I do enjoy the work of black women actresses of other ethnicities and biracial/ half-black/identifies as black women, we do not come from the same cultures and there is variance in our looks.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:34:59

      Completely agree. i often times cannot relate the to the likes of Thandie Newton, Lupiuta etc. They just have somehting different about them that doesn’t translate for me. i don;t care that they may look Black it just doesn’t translate to me in terms of relating.

      There is just somehting very unique and different about African American women and we need to embrace that. This is not to say the same doesn’t apply to European or African BW, they have thier own uniqueness too. But it doesn’t translate cross culturally for me.



  8. Neecy
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:38:02

    I hate to derail the topic, but i am curious about why Hollywood is so obsessed with Non American actors?

    It appears to be a real problem that even American White men are no waddressing based on an article i just read (I am going to look for it). So its not just Black Americans being replaced by English and foreign Black actors but American WHite men are no wcomplaining that all or most of the leading roles in the last decade have been going to English actors.

    RUT ROH! Maybe we will start seeing a change now that they are bieng affected.

    I aint gone lie tho. Some of those White male english actors are fine as hell. My current crush and obsession is Charlie Hunnam. I didn’t veen know he was English – he just doesn’t look English to me at all – very American looking to me. But apparently he is.



    • Neecy
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:40:19

      I just found an article! looks like the isht is about to hit the fan!


      The resistance movement has been growing since January when Richard Hicks, president of the Casting Society of America, pointed out that a search for new faces had become an epidemic. “I went to see a movie,” he told Entertainment Weekly “and four casting directors were sitting around talking about, ‘What’s up with all the Brits and Australian actors snagging all the leads?’”

      Looks like American Black women better start being more vocal.



    • Brenda55
      Oct 22, 2015 @ 20:55:02

      They work for less money than American actors.



    • Mike Street Station
      Oct 23, 2015 @ 06:11:39

      Heh, you ARE derailing your own topic, but since you are, I’ve also noticed European and Australian actors taking jobs that I guess American actors just won’t do? I don’t think the reason is money. I think that particularly British actors are just better actors. In the UK, the acting path runs from drama schools to theater before you ever get to TV and movies. In the US actors can come from nowhere if they have the right look.

      Part of being better actors, they are more versatile. Lots of British actors can do various American accents, but not many American actors can do passable British accents. In The Walking Dead, three of the major leads are British, playing American Southerners. As a Southerner, I can tell you that lots of American actors just cannot pull off an authentic sounding southern accent, but the Brits seem to have no problem with it. In True Blood, one of the leads, playing a Louisiana redneck, was Australian. His accent was perfect. I never would have known he wasn’t from Louisiana.



    • foosrock!
      Oct 23, 2015 @ 11:23:23

      I hate to derail the topic, but i am curious about why Hollywood is so obsessed with Non American actors?

      Could it be because, even though they are actors(The American ones), they just come across sooo “held back” by their history, irrespective of race?. Their acting projection just does not ring true(read=uneasy, stilted and not the norm). At least to me. Too much angst, anger, lack of knowledge of others and, it appears, unresolved issues, perhaps?. Too much trying to be politically polite?. This PC concept is an “Americanism” afterall.
      I admire and enjoy watching Thandie Newton, Zawe Asher, Naomie Harris and many other black/biracial British female actresses, BECAUSE they come across as FEMALES first and foremost. No chip on their shoulders. The Brits are afterall notorious for not giving two fucks. I love this about them, horrible teeth and all!.



      • mochachoc
        Oct 23, 2015 @ 12:19:32

        “…horrible teeth and all” Haha! And you were doing so well. Compared to Americans perhaps (I mean when some of you guys smile it is amazingly bright). However, dentistry has come a loooong way in Britain. No really!!!



    • neurochick
      Oct 24, 2015 @ 12:28:48

      Hi Neecy:

      Re: Why is Hollywood obsessed with British actors? Very simple, most of them are better trained. Many British actors are stage trained and when you’ve worked on the stage, you can work in film; not necessarily true the other way around. Also, in the US, many actors make it not because of their talent, but because of looks.

      I agree that AA’s should represent AA’s in film. Can you imagine the outrage if Moneypenny of the James Bond films, was played by an AA actress?

      As for colorism, you make a lot of good points. The truth is that as of today, white women are the standard of beauty and the closer you come to that standard, the more privilege you will have, for example, Sofia Vergara is seen a heck of a lot more than Lauren Velez, even though they’re both Latinas, Vergara is closer to the “white ideal.” The privilege comes when you are closer to the white standard of beauty. If you have long, straight hair, you can turn on your TV and see that this society values long, straight hair. Every shampoo commercial features long, straight hair; most of the anchorwomen on TV, no matter what race, all have long straight hair; women considered beautiful in any medium have long straight hair. The message is clear, the closer you are to that standard, the more beautiful you are considered by the society that values whiteness.

      Before we BW marry and have children with men of other races, we have to do our work. We have to get where this colorism stuff comes from, yes it comes from the black community, but it also comes from a society steeped in white supremacy.

      I think some BW have anxiety about having bi racial children. I know a woman estranged from her daughter, because, deep down inside, she resented that her daughter was born with type 3A hair, while she had type 4C hair. She saw her daughter has having more privilege than she, and it bothered her. She felt she couldn’t bond with her daughter over hair, the way she had bonded with her own mother. That’s sad, but if you don’t do the work, if you don’t realize where all this nonsense comes from, you’ll be steeped in resentment, which only hurts you in the end.



  9. Kenna
    Oct 23, 2015 @ 13:30:37

    I don’t have the same experiences as african American since I’m foreign born black woman, however, as a dark skin black women coming from a predominantly black country and see the same type of colourism which exist in the black community here as it does there, I truly have no need to fight that war, when I look at the high rate of skin bleaching both in my country and Africa, the preference for light skin women by African/Caribbean black men and rate in which they marry and date interracially sorry to say but colourism isn’t something I care about as a matter a fact it’s not even on the list.
    Non bm seem to be ones who are most interested in me, from time to time a black guy here and there will pop up but for the most part they seem to be ones who love my Afro centric features, and who am I to complain?
    Most women have their pedestal erected for them, while us dark skin black women have to construct ours. I don’t believe that light/mixed race black women should be “dethroned” or any other group of women because whether we like it or not theres a place for those women too and they should have right to celebrate their beauty. What dark skin black women should go where they’re beauty is celebrated and stay there. However, I think the problem lies in the fact that the person who they want to celebrate them won’t. Others this may be unfortunate to me it’s not. Black men hold no power in this world and as far as how I see they seem not have too much problem with it. But my thing is, say if black men should become the supreme power of the world tomorrow, you think, do these women really think that black men are ever going to celebrate black women and black beauty. Let’s be honest black women would be exactly the same place. As you said in one of your previous post, all black men would do is, implement black patriarchy with their white nubian queens by their side.



  10. Shaylah
    Oct 23, 2015 @ 15:47:17

    My mother revealed to me that my father is color struck. I can believe that because one time I got a little darker during the summer months and my father kept ranting on how dark I got. His skin is dark skin. I told my mother that didn’t bother you if I came out looking darker. My mother is light skin and my aunt before she passed was dark skin. My grandfather ,their father treated my auntie totally different from my mother. The colorism is real and this about seeking validation from black men who don’t give a f**k about you.
    People also forgot that the light and bi-racial men and women during the early times taught other black folks how to read and write because they had the white skin to blend in so to speak. Black women, let us support each other and set a positive example on the LOVING THE SKIN GOD PUT US IN. When you know your worth and validate yourself, people can’t step to you with lies because you are secure and they know you are not having that bulls**t.



  11. Shaylah
    Oct 23, 2015 @ 16:39:09

    Hollywood has to take in account who are the movie goers. I don’t have data but I know that when you have female audiences, they want to see men like:
    Chris Hemsworth
    Daniel Craig
    Russell Crow
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Robert Patterson
    I can’t think of any others.
    I remember reading some where that on Dancing With Stars, the votes were cast more because of how cute the dancers were.
    Val And Maksim Chemocosky. I don’ t know if I spelled their names right but they are delicious (LOL)!
    I know Derek Hough won several times I think 5 but usually the handsome factor comes in play. Not all the time but being talented and handsome definitely does not hurt.
    White folks kept Black people out of roles and when we were cast, it was side kicks or help or one word lines. Like I said what woman would not want to look at the Thor Chris Hemsworth and Superman Henry Cavill. I did not know the guy who plays Spiderman, Andrew Garfield was British. So if Hollywood can get an actor for a million and the movie gross 10 million, then that is good return on investment.
    Look at Thor, Spiderman and Man of Steel. The movies have Marvel comics ordering installment between 2016-2020 or 2021 because they know these are going to money makers RARITY INCREASES VALUE. Because of these sexy accents and looks, White males have something it has not had in a long time, HAVING TO COMPETE FOR ROLES. The head honchos are giving the people what they want and plenty of it.
    This is a new day in Hollywood.



    • neurochick
      Oct 25, 2015 @ 09:17:04


      You are so correct about the actors. But one thing they all have in common, they are GOOD actors. I saw “Infamous” and had no idea that was Daniel Craig in that movie.

      Non American actors, both black and white, tend to be more classically trained. They have real talent. In America, we’re obsessed with looks. The good looking European actors make it here, but most of them are trained. Christian Bale was a child actor. Now white American actors have to compete with European actors for roles. Why? Because it’s a global market today and the US is no longer the only game in town.



  12. Brenda55
    Oct 24, 2015 @ 11:03:44

    What is the end game of all of this discussion re. colorism?

    What do dark black women expect from others re. this issue because from where I sit NO ONE is about to relinquish any shred of their privileged to darker skinned black women. To be brutally honest dark black women are in no position to make anyone relinquish their privileged. But hey maybes some of you all know some thing I do not.



  13. Rae
    Oct 24, 2015 @ 14:58:19

    “I fear for so many bi racial and mixed light girls who will come from the wombs of bitter and angry BW who have not let go of their colorism baggage and moved on.”

    Bitter and angry.. umm really?? why is it that when people like to discuss the issues we dark skin BW face this is the first thing to grab out the bag! LOL! it’s become so predictable..

    another thing.. have u met the biracial and light girls that come from black fathers and white mothers?? They are some of the most confused and angry women i’ve met!!! lol

    why is that all of a sudden people fear for biracial children now that black women are having mixed kids and choosing to be in interracial relationships?? where was all of this concern when black men were breeding the majority of confused mixed kids we have today?? hmm.. because black men SURE AS HELL have not let go of the colorism baggage…

    breukelen bleu said this was going to happen! she WARNED that as more black women have mixed kids that other black people are going to start being ‘concerned’ and ‘worried’… Some of the things in this post literally prove what breukelen bleu is/was talking about!

    i felt compelled to add this as i Reread your post!



  14. Rae
    Oct 25, 2015 @ 04:23:26

    Neecy I’ve been thinking all night about this crap so I felt compelled to add another comment lol

    I think something big is about to happen in America. Contrary to popular belief that so many black people hold we are about to start living in a country where CLASS TRUMPS RACE. This country does not look good when it comes to people that don’t have money. Too bad black people fall under this umbrella. Thinking about all of this I guess you’re right black women need to stop this colorist crap because we truly do have BIGGER FISH to fry !! This country is going down a strange, scary place and I can confidently say I want know part of this!!!



  15. Shaylah
    Oct 25, 2015 @ 14:23:47

    The media was talking about how people were planning to boycott the new
    Star Wars movie. My spidey senses tell me that when George Lucas was just dating Melody that going to see Star Wars was no problem. Now that she is
    MRS MELODY LUCAS, then there is a problem. Any sales of the movies goes directly in both of their bank accounts. See this is another gaslighting technique because you can’t say that you have a problem with diversity when you had
    James Earl Jones
    Billy Dee Williams
    Samuel Jackson.
    Now that you have blacks more so foreign blacks like Lupita and the other BRITISH BLACK ACTORS AND ACTRESSES, then all these hashtags boycotts.
    The early tickets have already sold out because you so many sci-fi fans from
    ALL OVER THE WORLD, that snowball effect is going to be nixed in the bud.



    • neurochick
      Oct 25, 2015 @ 14:47:45

      My understanding of the Star Wars “boycott” had to do with the trailer. I didn’t see it but I heard that it featured a lot of people who weren’t white; as compared to the trailers for the Star Wars movies from 1977-1983. However, I think that the “boycott” came from a few trolls on Twitter with too much time on their hands. They probably don’t even know that Lucas married a black woman.



  16. Neecy
    Oct 26, 2015 @ 10:30:59

    Hey everyone great comments! I was out of town last few days and couldn’t respond. But I will this evening! Just wanted to let you know I haven’t gone radio silent 😚



  17. Black Peach Tea
    Nov 10, 2015 @ 23:19:22

    I personally feel there will never be uniting amongst black women as a whole. Too much bitterness and self-hatred for me to deal with. So many black women talk all that shit about we all need to come together but they thing is only a certain type of black women are welcomed in these circles. If you are a single mother, lighter skinned, don’t seek validation from men, or don’t agree and go along with their bitterness your are instantly outcasted. I no longer ride for a lot of black women who want to outcast me because I don’t fit their status quote of being a black woman they want to “uplift and empower.” I’ll only give my time to those who are more focused on progressing in life.



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