If you see a void, don’t beg others to fill it for you – FILL IT YOURSELF! (Instagram rant)

Ok so I have an instagram account in which I follow quite a few make-up artists and professional models INSTAGRAM models (lol). What are Instagram models vs. professional models? Instagram models are Instagram made and paid, and professional models are… It’s like reality stars vs. A list stars. LOL But I’m a sucker for beauty and fashion so I follow.

Being into make-up, I have been very interested in all the new techniques and such used. So I follow women of various races (including Black) just to see the new trends and new make-up etc.

If you are not familiar with Instagram or how it works,  pretty much you can follow people based on interests. Mine is make up and beauty.  There are quite a number of popular and up and coming make-up artists who are sponsored by make-up companies and such to hawk their make-up products to their instagram followers (like myself) so that people like me will go out and buy the products. The more instagram followers a MUA has the more companies will sponsor them and send them freebies.


So naturally everyone and their momma are always posting pics and videos of their make-up techniques/skills to get noticed and gain many followers so they can get paid by companies and sponsored by companies to get free products and things to market on their Instagram pages.


Some of the MUA (make-up artists) I follow have varying  numbers of instagram followers. Some have them in the millions and others fall beneath that.


Well what happens is, the more popular Instagam MUA pages, tend to get the most traffic. So what these owners of the accounts do is not only post their make-up products/ skills/techniques, but they also will post the same of some of the smaller less known but talented MUAs on instagram to give them some shine and to help them gain followers.


Honestly, a lot of the Black MUA I follow I found them through the Non-Black women’s pages if I didn’t find them on my own.


Here is where I am going with the post.



So naturally Non Black MUA’s who have high number of followers are most likely being followed more by women who look like them (non-Black) than minorities. Naturally they are going to use models and make up COLORS mainly for those with Non-Black features and skin.


When it comes to technique IMO race doesn’t matter because it’s just technique. However, when it comes to applying certain formulas and colors that is where seeing someone with your own skin tone etc., helps.


So I expect to see these techniques and such from Black MUA’s when I want to learn how to say CONTOUR and what the best products are to use for darker skin tones vs. White ones.


There is a gay BM make-up artist I followed for a minute (I stopped following him though because I cannot deal with begging Black folks).


He has a low number of followers compared to some of the other Black MUA’s (like 43K) and certainly the Non-black ones.  Even the Black women MUA’s with low numbers are doing the most and putting content out there regularly to keep gaining an audience.

I feel  he could have waaay more followers and such if he spent less time posting memes and short vids of him flinging his wig around and batting his *GORGEOUS * green eyes in the camera (the boy has got some amazing green eyes like I have never seen before). ANYWAY……. He IMO should be more time posting pics and vids of the various models of various races he works on. He does some professional work on some well-known models, so he should be able to be one of the top MUA’s on Instagram.


BUT like I said, compared to the Non-Black MUA’s and the other Black women MUA’s he spends more time posting meme’s while they are hustling and making new videos and pics of new make-up techniques on the DAILY. Sometimes even more than once a day. They are pretty much hustling because they want their fan base to grow. In order to do this, you need to be always posting pics and vids for your followers.


His ass posts pics and vids every once in a blue moon. I haven’t seen one make up video from him. Just still pics every now and then. But I still followed him just to support.


Well the other day I was scrolling down and came across a MEME he had. It said “Darker skin tones matter too” or something to that effect (BTW he was not talking about race, but skin tones of all women of color from light tan to dark). And beneath it he had copied in the top 3 make up gurus on Instagram that have millions of followers. I know these make up gurus because I follow them. And frankly, that is how I ended up following him, because one of the non Black MUA’s posted some work he did.

Also on is bio page he has a little paragraph going on about how Black beauty and dark beauty matters to and how the make up industry …..you know the same old same old complaining and expecting others to do for us what we can do for ourselves. I am simply no longer moved by these declarations of BEGGING from Black folks.

Anyway,  So then he wrote his commentary beneath the meme which basically was talking about how more of these popular MUA’s need to show more diversity in skin tones on their pages because everyone is not just White skinned. He was complaining saying that they use White models and will put dark make up on them instead of finding models with naturally darker skin tones.


Is this common across the board? YESSS. Ok we know this so why are we still begging them to include us people? Moving on…….

So yeah maybe they can post more pics of darker skin models of varying races. But they still do IMO post pics of dark skinned models and MUA’s just not nearly as much as White or Non-Black ones. Which makes sense to me if their fan base mostly consists of Non-black women with whiter skin tones.


Additionally, when they do  post that rare  pic or vid from a Black MUA or model, its up to Black or darker skin tone women to click their pages where they will most likely find other MUA’s and models of the same type. Its like a domino effect. You click and go to one page and you will find similar pages of what you want based on the current page you are on. So these Black MUA artists should be tagging other Black MUA’s so they can get more followers – WHICH MANY OF THEM DO. That is how people get followers. One MUA tags another and vice versa. They promote and help each other.


I have yet to see his ass doing any of this.


Also, because I understand the concept of self-preservation and most normal groups will always put themselves FIRST. So why would I be mad or have an expectation that they would have scores of darker skin tones models when they are not dark themselves and their followers aren’t?  All they need to do is post the occasional Black MUA or model for me and I can take it from there and click on their pages to get to other Black MUA and models. HELLO!


*ok I got off track. Back to his commentary and meme*


Of course tons of his Black female followers came running in there  co-signing etc. One BW was like “yeah I was just ranting about this on such and such’s page about why she never features any Black or darker skinned models! Hardly ever do you come across a darker model on her page!”




So I’m like – you are a make-up artist. You are black (although he claims he wasn’t talking about race but skin tones) why can’t you use your own page to do just that – feature more dark skin toned models and MUA’s on your page and fill that void that you aren’t getting from the Non-Black popular MUAs’. But no one wants to hear that. Its always about us BEGGING OTHERS to take care of us, to do for us, to MAKE US.


Why can’t black folks get it through their thick skulls that no one owes you anything and they damn sure aint just going to hand every damn thing to us on a platter because we WHINE, PISS AND MOAN about what they aren’t doing for us!?




Jesus! How hard is it for you as a TALENTED Black MUA with some connections, to use your page to feature more women you feel are lacking on the pages of other MUA’s? Instead of posting pics of your eyes, lips and wigs or memes, he should be spending more time doing what he feel is lacking on Instagram in terms of darker models and MUAs!


Why is it Non-black women MUA job to have a slew of dark skin tones models when they are probably getting paid and sponsored off of the number of Non-darker followers they have – not to mention they are NOT DARK themselves!


OMG! Seriously. But no one wanted to hear this.

Help me understand yall? Why is it that Black people are not self-sufficient and cannot create and do for self like every other group. Why is this very talented MUA begging for someone else to do the work he should be doing? And he has a lot of nerve especially when he doesn’t even post as many pics and vids compared to all the other hustling MUA’s on Instagram. Yet he wants them to do the heavy lifting and feature dark skin tones models on their pages and feature him and other MUA’s on their pages so they can get more followers.


DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF! How about that!?


I stopped following his ass because I cannot deal with begging Black folks who refuse to do the work it takes to fill the voids they fill are missing.


We have to stop the begging like helpless kids and start creating OUR OWN.


Ok, I’m done ranting. Other than that, I can say the other Black MUAs on there are working hard to secure followers and sponsors. If I want to find techniques, colors and such to use, I click on their pages. If I just want to see general techniques, I view all of their pages. its real simple. All he has to do is actually WORK and hustle like everyone else.


I have to say that the other BW MUA’s never complain though. Never seen any complaining posts from them as they are smart if they want to secure mainstream sponsors. They are being SMART…


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Silverroxen
    Dec 14, 2015 @ 10:16:40

    I never understood why black people beg for inclusion. Look at Iman, when she started modeling in the past she had to mix foundations because there weren’t any foundations available in her shade. Now, she has a makeup brand that caters to women of color (including black women).

    If you want something done, then you have to do it yourself. Heck, look at all of the different subcultures of black women i.e. Carefree Black Girls, Black Girl Nerds, etc. Even Elegance and Maria created blogs and Tumblr pages that caters to their lifestyle as feminine black women.



  2. Neecy
    Dec 15, 2015 @ 15:14:38

    It’s too the point where I AM even annoyed with them and the begging. Black people,cannot seem to grasp that if we really wanted to make strides in mainstream ventures, we’d first have to prove ourselves within and on our own.

    Meaning, if more blacks had platforms, companies etc. that were thriving and targeting US, eventually mainstream would catch on and go where they could see $$$. Instead we don’t want t to domANYTHIGN for ourselves,many want non blacks to do,our heavy lifting.

    I’m sick of the shining and stupid hashtags.



  3. Kenna
    Dec 20, 2015 @ 14:15:08

    I was wondering when you were going to do a post on it. It irritates me to no end to see so many black women complaining about not being including or the lack of diversity in the beauty community. So we know this, what are we going to do about it? Begging doesn’t help all they’re going to do is throw a bone to us so we can shut up while they continue to whatever it is they’ve been doing. I was planning on buying the Too FACED chocolate bar palette, it was actually on my to get list for this year vib sephora sale, but after I saw their foundation shades for the born this way foundation I was like nope, thank you for telling me to save my money. They’re plenty of companies that market towards us, in this day and age it’s not the fact that these companies doesn’t understand diversity it’s that they don’t care to market to us, we aren’t their demographic.
    My phone isn’t on fire so I’ll gladly keep it nice and tight in my pocket.



    • Neecy
      Dec 22, 2015 @ 02:14:35

      You know what Kenna THANK YOU for pointing that out about Too Faced. I never paid any attention to the foundation thing because I only use MAC but now until you mentioned it and sure enough you are correct. I was in Sephora today and saw all the shades are WHITE. They have ZERO dark shades for their foundation.

      Too bad for them, because I liked some of their other products but thanks for pointing that out. There are way too many other companies that cater to all shades and I will not patronize ones that deem me or other darker women invisible.

      And frankly you ain’t missing out on the chocolate bar eyes shadow. I bought both of them and I’m not impressed – AT ALL. I’ve been contemplating taking them back and replacing with another palette for the last month. The thing I like about them is the smell. I find the colors hard to blend and find they are not very pigmented at all.

      I will now return them seeing that I see I’m not their market a way.



      • Kenna
        Dec 22, 2015 @ 08:47:31

        Too faced came out with dark shades but they’re only available online. It’s the 1st time I’ve heard someone say something negative about the chocolate bar palette and I’ve watched plenty of reviews. However, I’m not a big fan of palettes I would rather buy single individual shadows and customize my own palette that compliments my skin tone. Is it more expensive? Sure but I’d rather pay the money for something that I’m going to use than spend $52 on palette and I only use half the shadows.



        • Neecy
          Dec 22, 2015 @ 09:24:34

          I’m not a big eye shadow person. But I bought them because the colors are nice. But honestly between the two the colors are similar.

          Maybe it’s just me but I find the colors hard to blend compared to other shadows I’ve used. And I don’t feel they’re that pigmented.

          If you know of any tutorials on them link them PLEASE! 😊



  4. Kenna
    Dec 22, 2015 @ 12:48:14



  5. Forward Thinking Black Female
    Jan 05, 2016 @ 06:42:55

    Hello Neecy I have to say that for the most part I like reading your articles. Though I am not into the interracial dating thing anymore (white boy and middle eastern) I did it for close to 20 years started when I was young, been there done that, ain’t ever going back. Your articles on colorism is so right ,as a dark skinned black female I used to fall into that trap but, not anymore. I know too many light beige black females who have no privilege and no money living on assistance. I have a medium honey skinned sister who has done well because she worked hard, and became creative thinking outside of the box, and not because anyone gave her anything, because of her honey colored skin.

    Yes you are right if there is a void one should try and fill it their selves rather than waiting for others to do it and we should fill it in the right way. Not too long ago I used to purchase make up from an African American online make up artist, the makeup was good, but what turned me off of her was that she was also quoting the bible and believed that non believers were wrong. Hence to say I do not do business with her anymore. As black people especially black women have to learn not to bring God, politics, or any controversial subjects into discussions when we are in business, also we have to learn to have good customer service, with a pleasant smile rather than a scowl. The bottom line in any business is $$$$ with good customer service. I am now looking for another black owned make up distributor, because I believe in buying black as much as I can.




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