We are being KILLED at such high rates its starting to make me think its an epidemic.

I cannot understand why this has not been considered a damn epidemic. Wait who am I fooling, I understand why this is not recognized as a national epidemic that needs to be addressed. The most un-protected group are the victims – that is why. But whose fault is that? Is it because BW seem to only GAF about the Black people with penises the same Black people who are taking them out in great numbers daily?
When you are the most un-protected group and you decide to be the protector of everyone else? What happens? Well the chickens are coming to roost or should I say SLAUGHTER.


Ok so I have been exploring Facebook the last couple of months. I have never been a big Facebook lover. But I decided I would try it out and see what is out there and just to change things up a bit. Normally my social media obsession of choice is Instagram. I like it because I can follow people and things based on my interest and therefore because my interest is beauty and make-up I tend to be very happy when I’m on Instagram.

But the good thing with Facebook is you get to see the social landscape of what and who is occupying the world and our country. you can build friends based on shared interests etc.

But one thing I have really LEARNED (though I knew this but not on the level I do now) is how many young BW are dying EVERYDAY. Literally being MURDERED and KILLED or BEATEN.

Whether its the NUMEROUS stories of young Black girl children being beaten to death and killed by their mother’s boyfriend’s (not the baby’s father but boyfriends) to BW being killed for rejecting the advances of toxic Black males to BW being killed by “association” with low life Bm in their lives to BW just generally being killed by “others” for a number of reasons.

I do not think BW really understand the level of how much this (murder and death by murder) is happening to such a small minority of women in this country.

That leads me to my point – clearly BW can’t see this because we are so busy PROTECTING others who are already protected.

The Univerese gives ample warning by showing, not just telling you what is going on. If you don’t take heed eventually you will reap what you’ve seen.

I’m gonna say this because this is too too scary and happening too too often. The Universe has been trying to tell BW to do some changing by showing us how un-protected and un-loved we are in our own communities and how that seeps into greater society and why we need to stop the caping for the very people hurting us physically, mentally and emotionally. And we do not listen! We continue to fight and sacrifice and act fools for men and a community that has deemed our lives so INVALUABLE that its not even a blip on the radar at the rates in which our young women are being KILLED.

Normal functioning AND PROSPEROUS socities would ring the alarm if there were high numbers of their young women being killed by the men. It would be seen as a national crisis and things would be put in place to STOP and address it!

Not Black folks! We are so busy with our heads so far up the useless Black man’s ass that we can’t even see that this very Black man is taking out young BW at such high rates daily that it should be a national crisis! And Black folks, MAMMIFIED BW and BM are going to pay DEARLY for ignoring this and not doing anything about it.

Between the numbers of BW with half their brain cells FLEEING any and all things Black, black communities and staying away from predatory Black men and the numbers of BW being killed daily by Black men, there will eventually be no more MULES to keep their tired asses afloat.

The Black community IS DONE!

When the women are dying in great numbers at the hands of careless low life men and the community ignores it, you BEST believe their will be a day of reckoning!

Men DO NOT NEED women to fight their battles or protect them from “other men” in a patriarchal society! 

WTF can’t dumb ass BW get this through their thick ass heads! MEN do not need women to fight and protect them. In fact, its those very men who WE need to be protecting ourselves from. MEN are predatory and destructive by NATURE. They kill and destroy and they are the stronger sex physically. Yet you have dumb ass BW out here fighting for DEY SONS and HUSBANDS and BM in general but can’t seem to protect themselves from these very men who are raping, maiming, murdering and beating THE the living hell out of our daughters on the hour.

Once again MEN DO NOT need protecting from women in a patriarchal society!. And BW continue to ignore its (the Universe and Natures) warnings. And now BW are paying a hefty price.

We are paying a hefty price for taking on the roles that BM should have been taking on.

We are paying a price for the 70% OOW irresponsible breeding that we do. YES i said “BREEDING” because that is exactly what BW are doing.

We are paying a price for being the face of a movement that only *REALLY* cares about its male members.

We are paying a price for putting our SERIOUS issues aside or ignoring them to fight the battles of those who are literally killing and destroying us every hour on the hour.

We are paying the price for failing this generation of girls by pandering to the males in the community who are destroying us.

We are paying the price for TURNING the other cheek to hyper masculinity in BM that is now literally killing us, raping us, beating us and wearing and tearing us down mentally and emotionally and physically.

WE ARE PAYING A PRICE! And that price right now is DEATH. And for this young generation of BW and girls who we have FAILED as a collective, they are paying a hefty price.

At the rate in which BW are being killed and murdered daily, I am curious to see where our numbers will be in the next decade is some damn changes are not implemented in the average BW’s lives.

EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I have to read article after article (sometimes multiples in a day) being shared on Facebook of YOUNG Black women being killed and murdered at the hands of Black men. Be them loved ones or strangers. Also, many young BW are being killed simply by association with trifling BM who are on another low life BM’s hit list. These young girls simply by association are being killed.

Just in the last two days I have read articles in which TWO 16 year old Black girls living in different states were killed by drive by’s intended for their boyfriends. Another one was a 9 year old Black girl killed by a drive by that was meant for her father.

The latest?

You’ve heard the recent tragic event of 22 year old graduate student with a lot of potential and bright future ahead of her, Tiarah Payouh who was attending some Caribbean festival in NYC who was shot point blank range in her face for simply telling some disgusting low class BM to “get off and stop grinding on her”. I just read a story today where a 16 year old Black girl had her jaw BROKEN by a BM who she pushed away from trying to kiss her.

Y’all these stories are posted DAILY all throughout the day on Facebook.

And what this tells me is now the Black woman is paying the piper for YEARS and DECADES of ignoring so many problems with BM and the Black community and continuing to FGHT and PROTECT the very MEN who are literally killing and taking us out by the hour.

I can’t even post all the stories because they are just that much. But please believe me when I tell you, BLACK WOMEN ARE BEING KILLED In great numbers daily by Black men.

And we won’t even count the incidents that BW face outside Black communities at the hands of other men (sociopaths who know BW are not protected).

Its very sad and disheartening to read. But you know what. I understand the law of consequences. And as much as I hate to say it, BW are paying the ULTIMATE consequence for refusing to STOP doing the things that are putting us in a line of fire.

I’ve read posts by numerous BW complaining about BWE writers and those like myself who have INSISTED that we embrace and turn on our femininity because of its true power. These stupid mammies continue to twist our words and claim that, that won’t change anything. OH YEAH?

How many Asian women are killed or are victims of crimes of passions or are victims of gender sexual assaults? HOW MANY? I rarely if ever see Asian women as victims of murder etc.

In a patriarchal society the feminine woman is PROTECTED. She will be the least hurt in any situation. And the perceptions of Asian female femininity keeps them from being killed, maimed and such compared to other groups of women. The least perceived feminine women – BLACK WOMEN? We have the highest rats of murder, rape, domestic violence and then look how we are treated in society by everyone including other men who do not see our womanhood and do not extend the courtesy of protection but rather seek to inflict physical and verbal pain upon is.

DO NOT TELL ME that women who embrace and use the power of femininity in a patriarchal society cannot escape the things BW face on the daily from every one.

And if you don’t buy it then WTF have BW got to loose by trying something different by embracing feminine nature!? We already are experiencing the worse any group of women can experience and this is in a WESTERN SOCIETY where women are much more free than other societies.

BW better wake the hell up.

8-Year-Old Dies After Being Shot in Drive-By Shoot…

‘I Lost Count’: Father’s Chilling Confession On Killing 4YR Old Daughter

Man breaks girl’s jaw after she refuses to kiss him #MasculinitySoFragile

Dying teen lay with crossed fingers hoping to survive after she was shot during drive-by










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  1. Neecy
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 06:09:13

    As the saying goes “A hard head makes a soft behind”. It’s sad what it has come to. BWE writers and myself have been saying time and time again things are going to get worse for BW if we do not start or rather stop worrying about folks other than ourselves. Now I’m seeing the end results and it’s pretty bad for BW who ain’t woke.



  2. Formavitae
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 06:20:28


    These stories are SO SAD. The unfortunate reality is that many AA women are NEVER going to pull away for the dogma of “saving the black man from DA EVIL white man”. AA culture is SEXIST. And, it’s enabling of BM and all their weaknesses. We are SUFFERING from that. That’s why they are “frail” in so many respects. The slightest perceived “insult” makes them fly off into a rage of irrational behavior. And, what we get are stories like the above.

    I live in an area that is predominantly black but is experiencing gentrification. While I have not heard of any violence at any of our large AA festivals, I DON’T GO. I avoid large groups of black people. The largest black group you’ll see me around is a church congregation or family reunion. I also don’t socialize at places “where the black people go” like bars, clubs, etc. (I’m not a “club” person, anyway.)

    I remember going to a comedy club in my early 20s. My friends and I had just arrived and were taking our seats. One of my friends made an innocuous statement, which I can’t even remember. But, I responded, “Yeah. He’s tall,” in a non-accusatory way. Well then, the guy turns around with an attitude and says “I’m tall, huh,” or something like that. And, his date grabs his arm and says, “Stop,” or whatever. Now THIS FOOL was at least 6’2 or 6’3″ TALL. So, YES. YOU ARE tall, FOOL. I couldn’t believe his sensitivity and reaction. But, that let me know I have NO INTEREST in going to social events with lots of blacks.

    These stories are DISHEARTENING. AA women just have to choose what they want for themselves, make the decisions, and accept the outcomes.



    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 07:42:09


      That’s just it. Like many BW keep saying, all of us cannot be saved. But how dumb for a community that solely depends on the women to keep it afloat to completely disregard our lives? JUST STUPID and shows why Blacks globally are not he bottom in the world.

      Its ironic that the very things black men complain about with how white cops treat kill and harass them, they do the same to their women and children. And they cannot seem o make the connection that they will never be free or have the white mans boot of their necks until they stop doing the same to their women and children.

      All I can say is I know there will be at least a minority of BW who will make it because WE.GET.IT.



  3. cediblog
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 17:00:06

    Many black Men were raised by Black women. Raise the girls, Spoil the boys. This behaviour is not only relegated to African Americans, but Black people all over the world. This is my own personal belief, but I believe that many BW actually hate themselves, the lifestyle one lives and the way one carries themselves, speak louder than “I’m a strong BW” lies we like to tell ourselves. The reason why so many BW cape for others such as BM, WM, and WW is because we have poor self-esteem and to be quite honest, far too many BW are losers. One has to really be a loser to cape for people who do not care about them. The energy we put into caping for all those parasites, we could be using the energy to heal ourselves mentally, get ourselves to a slimmer healthy weight, take care of our finances, take care of our children, invest in safer hobbies. etc. etc. etc. I personally think that many BW like to fight, like dysfunction, like problems, like bullshit, many say they don’t but they do.

    In regards to Asian women, the ones I have been around are generally Chinese and Taiwanese. Many of these Asian girls, had similar upbringings to what Amy Chua described in her book “Tiger Mom”. I even have known grown Chinese women who will not go out at night to a Christmas work party. From what I know about them, it appears that Asian women may not feel that they have to be involved with everything, unlike far too many BW I know who have to be involved in everything and with everyone. BW tend to like to be out there and not in the best light either.

    In regards to the OOW kids, I see BW not only being breeders for BM but for WM also. I think it would be wise for BW to invest in CONDOMS and put them to practical use rather than hair weaves.

    It has been said that far too many BW have a laissez faire approach to sex. I can’t tell you how many BW I know that bring shiftless males around their children, to play DADDY( a high profile case a few years ago in the US was the “Precious Doe case) In addition many BW I know like to leave their children with deadbeats of both sexes, I personally do not have children, but even 30 years ago when I was in my twenties and going to nightclubs frequently, there were so many BW who were frequent clubbers like myself, and heaven knows who babysitting their kids. And you know what these BW are in their 40’s . 50’s. and 60’s and they are still doing the same thing. (clubbing, fighting, caping, irresponsible fucking you name it).

    The only thing I can say that in my opinion, the majority of BW cause a lot of their own problems and have not accepted responsibility for themselves. The other thing is that we BW who do not believe in caping , should stay far away from BW who cape, because believe me they will drag you down with them, they do not care about BW who want to take care of themselves.

    By the way Neecy is that a new picture of you? ,because if it is you look so glooooowing in it, very pretty and very feminine. Good health and happiness tends to do that



    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 07:48:42


      While I agree there is plenty of blame to go around, at the endif the day its BW who make the ultimate choice to pro create with a man, to allow a man access to her body and to her life.

      So while BM are at fault for A LOT OF THINGS, at the end of the day BW’s unwillingness to make better pro creation choices has gotten us in the mess we are in.

      If BW see that BM do not like raising their kids or providing then WHY THE HELL do we keep pro creating with them!

      I get people say do not place the blame onBW, but who else is making the final decision to bring children into this world withe the circumstances we face as women???

      Why would any woman expect a BM in general to even be able to make a good choice when they have proven on a grander scale that they (1) do not like BW (2) do not believe in raising children they make (3) hardly can provide for themselves.

      Any other racial group of women would be telling their daughters to avoid their men like the plague if they were in the same boat. You’d better believe they’d be telling them to avoid pro creating with these losers.

      I believe too,this is why the world hates BW. We keep pumping out deadbeats and burdens to society, and ultimately people will always look to the woman who CHOSE to give birth despite her circumstances as the ultimate REASON why things are the way they are.

      I am starting to agree! No man can force or make you get involved with him and certainly not have his child. SO BW keep making these choices ON THEIR OWN already knowing the outcome.

      Now these very bastard and feral males are killing us off.


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    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 08:23:30

      From what I know about them, it appears that Asian women may not feel that they have to be involved with everything, unlike far too many BW I know who have to be involved in everything and with everyone. BW tend to like to be out there and not in

      Agree. Asian women stay quiet and move in stealth. They, like you said do not need to be involved in everything, do not feel to be all over the internet telling their life stories and business and certainly do not openly beg men for attention etc.

      I don’t care who gets mad. I am going to keep using Asian women as the measuring stick of what is working. I get they too have faults etc., and not everything about Asian women is all that appealing. But BW could stand to learn some things from them as a collective (at least in Western societies where AW are winning in almost every facet).

      I am an observer. And I started looking around to see and understand why Asian women are the least of women being reported as murdered, victims of sex crimes, rape etc.

      I get they are probably much smaller in number to BW but not that much smaller. BW are a small minority as eel and we should not be leading all of the negative stats in almost EVERYTHING!

      My only conclusion is, that in a patriarchal society, women deemed or perceived as feinine, are often more protected and left alone. I’m probably wrong about this, but I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s view on this or take on this.

      Or simply it could be this- AW avoid places, things, men and venues that would cause them great harm as women or where they would be left to making bad choices in men.

      Something they are doing is working. Its ridiculous that with being only a little more than half of a 12% (6-7%) of the population in America, that BW have the worse stats in EVERYTHING.

      It has been said that far too many BW have a laissez faire approach to sex. I can’t tell you how many BW I know that bring shiftless males around their children

      I see it all day everyday on the news through article after article. And its ALWAYS the BW is at work and leaving her kids with a deadbeat assed b/f. I’m like, WTH are BW always the ones working and having to leave their kids with boyfriends who ARE NOT WORKING.

      We are truly messed up.

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      • neurochick
        Sep 14, 2016 @ 08:09:53

        Here’s the deal with Asian women, I have been working with them for decades; I”m talking about Asian-American women. When it comes to marriage, they’re not so hung up on looks. They don’t need the man to be FINE, they’re more concerned if a man has an education, what he does for a living.

        I will say one thing though; there is a lot of domestic violence with them; the thing is they don’t call the police, they rarely call the police, that’s why criminals know they’re easy prey, because they’ll stay quiet, (this happens a lot when Asian women (NOT Asian-American women) marry white, American men; the men choose them because they feel they’ll be more submissive and when they find out they’re not, there are issues. I remember walking down the street, and seeing these two white men harass two Chinese girls, saying, “me so horny.” So stuff does happen with them.

        However, the Asian-American women, the ones who have learned how stuff works in the USA, are way smarter than BW. Many of them Americanize their names, because they know Americans might have problems pronouncing their names. Go along to get along. They also realize that they are a minority, that white people are in power and they have to work around it. I worked with an Asian woman who had a very thick accent; she and her husband were thinking about moving but they wanted to find the area with the best schools. She wanted to know which schools had more graduates who went on to Ivy League colleges; she also knew that if she made the call, the administrator might not give her the correct answer, realizing that she was Asian. So she asked me to make the call, because “you sound like a white woman from the Midwest.” Smart move on her part, and you can best believe those administrators gave ME the correct answer.

        The thing is knowing who you are, knowing your limitations and working around them.



  4. Brenda55
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 17:28:47

    “Many black Men were raised by Black women….and left to fend for themselves by their fathers.” Fixed that for ya. The days of putting the pathology only on the shoulders of black women are over. BOTH sexes need to own the mess that is the black community. Raise the girls….who then go on to be sexually exploited, beaten and possibly murdered by those spoiled sons. The smart money is on getting out of the dysfunction with all deliberate speed any way you can. This is all going to get much worse.



    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 07:56:51


      I used to agree but not anymore. It is the woman’s ultimate decision to make pro creation choices that will benefit her and her offspring. We have the ultimate say in who we allow inside of our bodies and who we will give birth for. No man can make that decision. So if BW are sleeping with no good BM and choose to have their children then I am going to say it is BW’s fault for not seeing what is at stake and saying NO WAY!

      That is why the world hates BW so much. We continue to push out deadbeats and these loser feral males already knowing what type of life and outcome it will be for us as women and the children. BW can see with clear eyes BM hate them and are not interested in raising or helping to raise their offspring, so at what point do BW take control and ultimate power in saying NO MORE?

      BM are responsible for a lot of things. But the choice to pro create is on BW and women in general. At the end of the day no BM can force or make a BW have his kid.

      Instead we keep pushing babies out knowing the lives they and we are going to struggle with having.

      Another thing BW do not take into consideration. If you have a baby by some sociopathic loser do you know the high odds that child will carry those genes?

      I mean are BW just DUMB or are we just unwilling to look at things because we are such race women.

      And now the universe is dishing out its consequence. These same children BW keep choosing to have by these feral no good BM, are the same ones terrorizing, harassing and killing of young Black women.

      Its time for BW to own up to their bad choices and understand there is power in choosing whether to give birth at all and who to give birth for. And NO MAN can make that choice or decision for us.

      With the crap BW face daily, you’d think more BW would opt out of having children until she is solidified in a stable relationship with a strong provider and man who can protect her and her children.

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  5. Dorian
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 19:56:21

    Informative article, and truthful. I am the youngest in my family. My parents very old-fashion, and the daughters in my family were not allow to socialized with low class people, and that included certain relatives. My firm belief is that many Black women will not change period. We must leave them alone, and avoid them at all cost. When I travel back and forth from classes the majority of homeless people I see are Black women. What happening now is no joke, and if you are not prepare you are fodder.



    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 08:01:05

      HEY DORIAN!!

      Yep. I guess i have to keep telling myself that you cannot force a horse to drink from the water. BW have eye and do not live in a vacuum. They can clearly see the choices we are making as women are not working. But its like many simply have given up and don’t care.

      Ironically, most of the homeless people I see are Black men. I see a BW here and there but mainly BM.

      If more and more BW don’t widen up with their pro creation choices, we will start seeing more and more BW on the streets.



      • Dorian
        Sep 11, 2016 @ 11:07:03

        Hello Neecy,
        I attend Pasadena City College, and take the train to campus. For the past two semester I seen homeless Black women with mental health issues on campus using the restrooms and begging for money. The campus police has quietly, and firmly remove them for campus. You are right on point about Asian women using beauty as a weapon. About two weeks ago I was watching NHK news, and Japan Prime Minister Abe is investing in a Kenyan project. Japan is fronting the monies, and here the catch. Japan want to join the African Union as key member/advisor. The Black collective worldwide has no teeth. Once again a wonderful essay. Thank you Dorian



  6. cediblog
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 21:48:42

    In no way shape or form intended to blame BW for the pathologies of the black community, but seeing that BW get the shittier end of the stick, we have to become I was the one who could become pregnant, I always made sure to protect myself from pregnancy, because men have an easier time walking away from a situation like that, more than a woman does. i remember when I was in my twenties, BW who would get impregnated by both BM and Wm, only to be told that the pregnancy was their problem, the guys wanted nothing to do with ( this is not surprising when a desperate woman with low self-esteem wants to believe that just because a guy has sex with her, means that he cares about her) Black womens OOW breeding practices, tend to yield a lot of social problems BW and their families. White womens OOW breeding practices,will yield social problems for WW, but there tends to be more resources to WW, also WW are generally given a second chance. Ideally a man who impregnates a woman should be helping that woman, but we are not dealing with ideals in the real world., we need to stop window dressing things and people and begin to look at things and people in a real light and not the light we want to see them in.
    Another e.g. would be a BW would get a much longer prison sentence for doing the exact same crime a WW did. I do not see other groups caping to reduce prison sentences for BW in prison.

    Also I do not see any group raising awareness for domestic violence geared toward BW like they do for WW. kidnappings and murders of black girls do not get the press coverage like white girls. I remember vividly that eve Polly Klass, father saying that the media attention for child murders is geared toward white girls(jon benet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, Chandra Levy, etc.etc. etc.) white males do not get that much media attention, Black males the same thing and let us be honest, Black females kidnapping and murder, the other groups and members of the media do not care.

    My personal view, is if you know that you are unprotected, in society and you have no allies, it is in your best interest to become responsible and take care of yourself. and stop making unwise choices. We have all made mistakes in life, and will continue to make mistakes, but BW who generally get the shittier end of the stick for mistakes that can be avoided,, i,e unprotected sex,,selling drugs( sometimes dead beat BM get their women to do that, these women get caught and they serve long prison sentence, while the deadbeat BM just goes to the next desperate woman) there are so many dysfunctional, negative behaviours, some BW engage in that nets them a ongoing bad results

    It is not about right or wrong, it is about the grey areas. Life is not fair for everyone, especially we BW, so i I think it is wise to take care of yourself take responsibility for your life,, put yourself first, stop caping for others, because if you don’t no one is going to be there to help you, and secondly they’ll blame YOU anyways for your downfall in life.

    Another person may not take their responsibility, but for those of us who want to be happy and prosper in life, we have to take our responsibility and do what will benefit us. Self preservation is what it is about



    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 08:02:12

      In no way shape or form intended to blame BW for the pathologies of the black community, but seeing that BW get the shittier end of the stick, we have to become I was the one who could become pregnant, I always made sure to protect myself from pregnancy, because men have an easier time walking away from a situation like that, more than a woman does.




    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 08:13:38

      My personal view, is if you know that you are unprotected, in society and you have no allies, it is in your best interest to become responsible and take care of yourself. and stop making unwise choices.


      BW live by this theory of what “SHOULD BE” vs. “WHAT IT REALLY IS”. And that is why we keep getting the short end of the stick.

      Instead of living by the realities of our situations, we are busy basing everything on what should be, what is right and fair. Like you said LIFE AINT FAIR and its clearly not FAIR for BW. So like you said, BW should be making the better choices of all races of women because of the lack of support we have as a group. WW and others have stronger communities because their men RUN things.

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  7. cediblog
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 21:51:16

    Sorry getting quite tired, but i meant to say that because BW tend to get the shittier end of the stick, we have to become more responsible and wise.



  8. cediblog
    Sep 10, 2016 @ 22:06:57

    By the way i agree it is wise to stay away from black oriented venues, because now adays far too many black people do not know how to behave. In my parents day, there was some kind of pride in black people, regarding proper behaviour, but today 2 BM who are complete strangers, will get into a fight, because one will accuse the other one of not showing him respect. 2 black females who are strangers will get into a fight because one truly by accident will have bumped into the other one, and the one who got bumped will call the other a bitch and want to fight. White venues are just a couple of steps up,( from my personal experience whites are a little bit more forgiving of minor club mishaps)Personally I would stay away from both types of event venues and find hobbies that are enriching.



    • Neecy
      Sep 11, 2016 @ 08:03:53

      You won’t catch me anywhere near a Black oriented venue today or moving forward. Even upscale ones because Black people loving turning the cheek and blind eye to the low class of our community. Blacks do not believe in separating the trash from the non trash and I aint taking that risk.

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  9. cediblog
    Sep 11, 2016 @ 11:10:23

    “Blacks do not believe in separating the trash from the non trash and I ain’t taking that risk”

    NEECY, tthat is a wise code to live by. Even in everyday life I see BW who are academically educated professionals, such as accountants, scientist,teachers etc. etc. choose dubious men of all the races.
    In my 20’s and 30’s I hung around with about 7 BW, it so happened that 3 onlywould date BM, 2 would date both BM and WM, and myself and another BW dated pretty much WM. You know what happened in the end myself , who only dated WM and a BW who only dated BM, were the only 2, who did not get pregnant. The other women all got pregnant, by either BM or WM, all of these men eventually left these women, some of these women are on welfare, others who are not on welfare are in dead in jobs. Many have problems with their children as well as themselves. They are all quite bitter at the world and the cards they have been give. I don’t need to go on you see the picture.

    All 7 of us, as I look back, whether we dated BM or WM, I have to be honest at least 95% of those men we chose regardless of race, were losers, and deadbeats.
    I now look back and realize that the problem was not the men, because all of those men showed who they really were in the beginning to all of us. Men regardless of race, who live off of women, who donot work, who spend their money on alcohol and ganja, men who talk to you about the sex they have with their ex-grilfriends, and how fun it was, men who talk about meeting another woman at an event, and go into detail about how that girl is on their mind, or talk about the girls pretty blond hair. Men who want to have sex with you, but will also tell you in a heartbeat thing such as “I never said you and I were an item:” All 7 of us experienced these things with 95% of the men we were with.

    All of us 7 BW had certain things in common, all of us were irresponsible, had low self-esteem gravitated, to dysfunction ( if there was not any dysfunction, we would not know what to do with ourselves and we would create dysfunction) We were all window dressers, ( we fantasize about what our bullshit relationships, should be like, none us us wanted to face what our relationships really were,BULLSHIT).

    No BM or WM put a gun to our heads and forced us to be with them. We all chose to be with them by our own free will.

    Myself who dated onlyWM and the BW who dated only BM, were the only 2 today who have somewhat repaired out lives. We both realize and became honest with ourselves, and accepted the fact that we are the ones who are responsible for our lives, whether it was in the past, present or future. The other 5 from what I know are still doing the same thing in some form. Which is why I stay away from them, if I see them in a store, I do not make eye contact with them, I just politely walk by, I do this with anyone I knew from the past, who were not out for my good, ( Be it a WM< WW, BM or BW, if any were malicious or did not care about me, which most didn't care about me I politely walk by and go about my business) For me personally there is no reason for me to even acknowledge them or say hi to them.. That is one of the decisions I made in self -healing.

    Because of the challenges BW face, once again we have no allies, so I have to become an ally to myself.

    Liked by 1 person


    • neurochick
      Sep 14, 2016 @ 08:42:02

      This is very correct. I think many BW need therapy before we start dating. The reason is that our image has been trashed for so many decades, so when a man, any man shows any interest in us, we eat it up, no matter who and what that man is. Black people have problems with boundaries. In the past, any white person could walk up to us and do anything and we were powerless to stop it, that made it hard to set boundaries. Boundaries are limits, how far you will go.

      Watch the movie “9 1/2 Weeks,” it’s the story of an abusive relationship and how a smart, attractive woman gets sucked into it.

      I don’t know all of this about white women being protected, maybe some of them are, but that protection can be temporary and it’s conditional. When I started working in the 80’s, I found scores of white women starting over in dead end jobs because their husbands left them for a younger women. Their husbands had also hidden assets from their wives, so many of them weren’t getting too much in alimony and child support. In the show “Mad Men” Don Draper was cheating on his wife, Betty but despite that, HE was the one who was more entitled to the children than she.



    • Mimi
      Sep 14, 2016 @ 22:54:36

      I enjoyed reading your posts today. I identified so much with your commentary because I also had similar experiences.

      We need to learn to be our own best friend and enjoy our own company first instead of getting lost in a club, streets, relationshits, BS. When I began to work on myself several years ago, I learned to cherish time with myself. I am now able to embrace the good in the world and shun that which is harmful or toxic to me.



      • Neecy
        Sep 15, 2016 @ 14:49:27

        THIS IS KEY MIMI!!

        I do the same. I have learned to live and enjoy being with myself and doing things myself. I’m about to de activate my Facebook because it’s too horrible with what I see happening to young BW daily.

        I’m still trying to find another way to be somewhat active in writing and caring about BW but without the negative aspect. Still trying to figure that out.



  10. cediblog
    Sep 11, 2016 @ 11:43:25

    By the way as I alluded to in my reply, deadbeats come in all colors, shapes sizes and gender. Only have those around who truly care about you. One good person, who cares about you, is better company than 100 who truly dont’ . if we are honest how many people truly care about us, the rare ones who do TREAT THEM WELL, and TREAT YOURSELF WIELL ALSO.!



  11. Neil Marsden
    Sep 11, 2016 @ 18:57:35

    The black community doesn’t look like a community to me , from the outside it looks like a man’s club that use’s women for sex , breeding , protection , labor and then throws them away. People in the US don’t care about this problem because of the racist shit that is in the blood of this country. Black ladies need to be heading to places that are safer which is easier said than done. Self defense and weapon training would also be a good idea. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Liked by 1 person


    • Neecy
      Sep 12, 2016 @ 18:15:25

      Hi Neal!

      Yes you hit it on the head with the BC and what it *IS* not what is looks like. And more BW need to get armed and head to safer spaces. Even a steer or mace gan stop these feral males in their tracks. Its sickening.



  12. Mimi
    Sep 14, 2016 @ 23:02:21

    There is one sliver of hope through all of this and Black Women would be wise to be on the right side of the outcome:

    No one can survive being loved by everyone and no one can survive being hated by everyone. Just ask a celebrity.

    Black men were an object of obsession for far too long by society, both black and white. As Black men branch out via IR marriage, dating, media and stories about them on the internet, they are becoming absolutely reviled by THE WORLD. We don’t have to combat them or make a horrendous faux pas like another blogger (and I like her, but she did screw up when she interviewed that MGTOW white male) who tried to engage an enemy of our enemy in a battle where he had no dog in the fight. We just have to disengage and get away from them.

    People have an uncanny way of falling in line when the dominoes start to fall and mammying and caping black women will be smacked into reality real quick. The tide is turning and the pendulum is swinging backwards. A lot of foolishness is about to end with a quickness. We will not have a choice but to fall back and fall away from black men and the black community. It will be Darwinism at its most pedantic.

    Liked by 1 person


    • Neecy
      Sep 15, 2016 @ 14:45:50

      I’ll be sitting back with popcorn watching. Cause I damn sure ain’t going to be in the mess. I never thought I’d say this but I’m better off as a BW living, playing amongst other races than my own. That’s sad!



  13. Mimi
    Sep 14, 2016 @ 23:29:16

    Also, perhaps it is genetic (and then BW should really run for the exits, quickly)



    • Neecy
      Sep 15, 2016 @ 14:43:23

      @ MIMI

      WOOOOOWWWW! Very interesting indeed!

      Maybe there is something to the current crop of BW on Facebook telling BW to stop birthing them.


      I do know that the likelihood you pro create with a sociopathic criminal (which BW in the BC do at high rates) that those genes surely can pass into the child.

      Liked by 1 person


  14. cediblog
    Sep 16, 2016 @ 20:31:12

    I believe that genetic article was not fully accurate, I believe that environment has a lot to do with a lot of outcomes. I know individuals who have degenerate parents, who came up to be successful, because they were not raised by the degenerate parents, and had very little if any contact with the degenerate parent(s). So genes are just a small part of the equation, I do believe that environment has the larger part of the outcome.Also culture plays a big part,,culture can also be what people have accepted as part of their way of life. My view of Black in the US, Canada and the Caribbean is whatever tends to be dysfunctional in white culture, we seem to embrace it and make it our own, In my opinion BM are no more genetically violent than WM, I think that violence has been accepted more for blacks by blacks and whites. blacks accept violence, because many blacks are frustrated, lost, hate themselves , see no way out,angry, have low expectations of themselves and others who look like them.and have other pathologies common upon people who have nothing really to live for. Whites accept the violence we do to each other, because it helps to keep the system in place, which they benefit from supremely,

    Blacks did not always fill the prisons,it was whites, but far too manyblack people,ADOPTED a belief system of self hate and other pathologies, which lead to a criminal lifestyle and Voila this is what you get,mass incarceration. The same once can today that many BW are filling up the prisons.

    The other thing about genes and behaviors and charachterics, is that it can border on racism. I was told that I would never be able to do Math because of who I am, and what I am, I believed it , but then as a mature woman, I took math courses, scored no less than 90 % on all my courses. I work kpart time as a paid tutor for white teenagers taking calculus..

    This is just my view on the issue of violence, and you also have to be careful with scientific studies, because they like to refute things they put out.

    Let us concentrate more on providing healthy environments for ourselves.

    Liked by 2 people


  15. cediblog
    Sep 16, 2016 @ 20:50:42

    Oh another thing, even though far too many blacks, grew up in violent environments due to social conditioning, societal expectations, or what have you. There is no reason for BM to be violent toward BW, and vice versa. The sad thing is both BM and BW tend to be violent toward black children (who in my opinion are more unprotected than BW). This is one of the reasons I believe in birth control.
    Persons who do not love themselves, should never procreate. (Just my opinion anyways)

    Liked by 2 people


  16. Eji
    Sep 20, 2016 @ 10:27:36

    Every time I have this conversation with anyone, I always state this opinion. BM do not ever want to go up against WM. THEY FEAR THEM in the same way a child fears his bully. Financially, Intellectually and in just about every way in which men judge themselves, BM have been bullied out of the playground. That in my opinion, is why they cling so tightly to that whole mandigo thing, (physicality really, also see: sports, violence. It also explains the hyper-agression) it is the only arena where they feel sure that they can beat WM. So they let BW step up and fight for them and BW wanting to be loyal have done that for decades (centuries?). The problem is though, while BM relish whatever small victory BW are able to wrangle for them from WM:
    1/ The fact that their WOMEN are the ones doing the fighting for them makes them even more pathetic in the eyes of every other male (or female with a brain), as you have pointed out this is a patrichial society. They have to know this (unless they are just THAT oblivious) and so they resent us, in the same way that the bullied child resents his mom for calling the teacher or facing the bully on his behalf.
    2/ BM also resent the fact that in doing their fighting for them, BW have essentially emasculated them and masculinized (is that a word?) ourselves. Now, in order to get back any kind of collective respect in their manhood, BM first have to go through BW who have (lets face it) out-MANned them.
    They want us there to shelter them from the ‘evil WM’ and at the same time, hate us for sheltering them from the ‘evil WM’. They need to prove their manhood but the only collective they are willing or able to go against is BW because they know that we (collectively speaking) will allow ourselves to be bullied and beat down to help them feel like men. This escalating violence will not stop until BW get out of the way and allow BM to either get throughly beaten (figuratively speaking) or not, by the big bad world. Either way, until they can prove themselves by going up against other MEN, BM will continue to try and prove their masculinity by getting in pissing contests with BW. (Yes, I see the irony, will they?)
    But Yes, BW need to get to higher ground, jump the sinking ship, get out of the way and just plain old STOP!
    Ps: Sorry, I am not even sure if this ties into your post anymore! 



    • Neecy
      Sep 20, 2016 @ 19:39:08


      You hit it on the head with this post!!

      And the recent police killings continue to prove this.

      I see all over the internet BW with these hopes and dreams Bm will rise up and do something or that Black people are at their boiling point and are going to “rise up”.

      YEAH YEAH YEAH. BM are too busy killing each other and Black women to rise up and do anything. BM only fight those who will not fight them back.

      And all this rage and hurt and disbelief so many Black people are going on about , in terms f how invaluable our lives are in this country just irritates me! Black people will sit quiet as moses while BM run through their communities and neighborhoods killing any and every Black person in sight (women and children included) at such high rates. And the only time Black people care about a Black life being taken is when some cops take them out.

      Black people cannot connect the dots. BM have built a culture the last two to three decades on MURDER, CRIME, EXPLOITATION of its women. And we think that the world and racist people are supposed to suddenly GAF about out lives when we have done nothing but glorify murder in our music and such?


      Liked by 1 person


  17. Savannahblue
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 05:00:40

    I have been crying and telling my friends that this is happening. I am trying to get a person with a voice to put this story out there. This is ridiculous and frightening. I am going to take self defense classes. I might get a gun and that surveillance on my house but I am preparing for war in the time of peace. What is your email? I am going to use this piece and a couple written by Christelyn to send to a couple of people along with some of the hateful videos about bw. If this story is not be put out there, we will be sorry. Bw, I don’t know what is wrong with us. What happened to us? I think that collectively, the bwe could have gotten this story out there in the mainstream media but failed. I am linking three stories below that are interesting because two of the women were girlfriends of bm school principals and were killed by them and the other had a father who was an Olympic champion and was trying to become one. I am saving all of these articles because I am trying to get someone to bring it to light and I want everyone to know about it and I want black women to take care of themselves. Anyway, here are the stories and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS IMPORTANT ARTICLE!!!!! (sorry for large caps)

    Now, you know the response is going to be “and white women are killed by white men so whoever does this story will have to show how this is relative to our numbers…..smh



  18. Savannahblue
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 05:02:49

    And another thing, note that ALL of the women were going somewhere. Professional black women and an Olympian. These negroes are taking out bw who are doing things. Even Sandra Bland was educated and starting a new job….weird…



  19. Savannahblue
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 05:04:02

    By the way, this is not my real email so if we can connect, I will give you my info. Not comfortable putting my info out there.



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