LOL 53% WHITE WOMEN Gave Hillary the BIG middle finger and 94% of BW gave her the vote

Hispanic women gave Trump 26% of votes.

*for some reason I cannot upload the link to the CNN exit polls but you can find it on their site*


BW = 4% , BM = 13%, WM = 63% , WW = 54%, Latinas = 26%, Latino men = 33%


SURPRISE SURPRISE!! *SIGH* So much for the “sisterhood” and standing against outright misogyny eh? LMAO

If you were *EVER* under any impression that WW cared more abut their gender and “womanly rights” or “MISOGYNY” or “black people” and were eager to take down “the evil White male patriarchy” you have just been given INSIDE INFORMATION that, White women will always chose their white skin privilege and support their men who give them that, than gender ANYDAY.

WW are not victims, are not oppressed like they try to claim they are. While they are yelling about how White men make more on the dollar than they do (as women), they stay quiet about how they as WW make more on the dollar than EVERYONE ELSE (except WM). LOL They deep down support this system of oppression, racism and EVEN SEXISM just to keep that White privilege they have and to keep it in power.

So now can we stop with the “sisterhood” act, and move about the cabin accordingly now we have ACTUAL living proof they don’t *really* care as much for dismantling patriarchy as they claim?

If they voted against a BW running for President, I wouldn’t be so shocked. But DAYUM they voted against another *WHITE WOMAN*. LOL

I mean I aint mad at them for showing their true colors. Everyone is gonna do what is in their best interest right? Ok maybe not all people *cough* Black women *cough*.


The thing that irks me about this revelation is more so how certain BW continue to allow NON Black women to come into our spaces and *TRY* to make us believe “we are all in this together as women”. In many instances on social media etc., if BW are talking about issues that affect us as women, NON BW will jump in and try to turn the discussion into a “ALL WOMEN” discussion. The smarter of us already know its BS, but you still have a lot of BW who still play into that BS.

Anyway, moving forward, now BW have the actual receipts to show as to why we are not and never will be in the same boat as WW and why we need to stop allowing them to try and align themselves with us on gender issues. WW have the privilege to choose the ultimate benefit for their survival and this is their WHITENESS. And when that WHITENESS is threatened, they will put all other “concerns” (gender, kumbaya diversity loving, BLACK MAN SEX LOVING *ouch Neecy, that last one was petty and savage of you* ) stuff on the back burner.


Look at one point I did think about voting Trump. But then as I saw more and more of the types of people he was courting, I finalized that I couldn’t vote for him. I stood with him on immigration issues. That’s it. I started realizing that Trump was a beacon of hope for a very large amount of non Blacks (WHITES MAINLY) who deep down want things to go back to the way they were (i.e. the slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN) when they could do and say anything they wanted against minorities and women and suffer very little consequences, if any.

I think the course of the last several years has shown that, a great deal of Americans still are as racist as their ancestors. America has a very large swath of Non Blacks and Whites who want to be able to be freely racist without contempt, conscious or consequence. And I settled that a vote for TRUMP who epitomizes this, would be in support of that, which I could not bring myself to do.

I said I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary some months ago. At the end, I really wanted to vote Jill Stein the Independent party because I liked NEITHER Clinton nor Trump, but I still gave Hillary the vote more so to vote against what TRUMP supporters stand for.

I did my part in terms of voting against a bigot and a horrible misogynist.


While I do think BW partly voted less of evils in being the 94% to give her support, it still says a lot about *US* and loyalty.

I’m not saying whether its good or bad but it is what it is. And at the end of the day when all the shit hits the fan in regards to women’s rights and the disaster ahead that women face as a result of this election, BW can show the receipts that we *AT LEAST* tried to support another woman (even though we didn’t like her that much) but we stood in solidarity with a WOMAN over a bigot and sexist.

And when WW and Non Black women who gave a lot of their votes to a sexist, misogynist and bigot start complaining about the loss of women’s rights, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. They cannot claim “we are all in this together” because BW have receipts that they voted against a sexist and bigot while over half of them helped put him in office already knowing what he stood for.


Like minded BW should continue mobilizing. Just like most White Americans last night mobilized to keep White privilege in power, BW need to mobilize in the same way.

There is truth to the saying “together we stand, divided we fall”. It was Whites who made that statement and they live by it when they feel Whiteness and the privilege that come with it are being threatened.

BW can stand to take a page out of the book of those who *STAY* looking out for their best interest (yet giving BS lip service to make you think otherwise).


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